Thursday, December 31, 2009

Predictions for 2010 – Part III

Let’s see what the coming year have installed for us shall we.

During next year we already know more banksters and medical researchers will end up “committing suicide”. Probably a new record year. But we will also see a couple of high-up dignitaries get killed by (according to media; maniacs) some heroes finally doing something for peace and prosperity. One or two ‘good’ politicians will also end up dead, these, however, murdered by the elitist agenda.

An upswing in religiosity
Bad economy, more wars going on, terrorist organizations growing, 2012 approaching and a general feeling of slouching ethics among people will make more people move towards religion. However, this depends a bit where you live.

These guys will continue with the lying, they will continue to cover up the manmade global warming scam and they will continue to be good little spin-doctors to the elitists.

Going postal becomes ‘normal’
I’ve said this before, but it is necessary for you all to understand that the number of madmen going beserk and start shooting up some mall, office or whatever will increase during 2010. Normally we hear about one of these a month, I, the oracle, predict that we will see at least a 100% increase in such events.

Soon Friday

Just for your information, the clock will turn around midnight and Thursday becomes Friday. Oh, so exciting it is…

The worst idiots of 2009

This is a very easy noble price to hand out. During this year we’ve seen more lying, more deceit, more growling for their masters than any time before. It’s hard to find a more complacent useless cluster fuck than these guys. I am of course talking about mainstream media.

Sometimes journalists are mere morons, but mostly they deliberately hide facts and maliciously cover up the truth. Do I even need to mention the scam of manmade global warming? It’s not only that they actually know that there’s not a single evidence supporting the alarmist’s claims; they also ignore all the real science and when such a humongous scandal as climategate strikes, they hardly bring it up. This is the biggest hoax of all time, and everything is open to everyone to read, but not to media. Instead they report how our elected frauds argue for a world government and how deeply screwed we are if the elitists cannot tax us to death.

I could also mention the economy and how they don’t check a single fact, not even questioning the simplest things. We never left the recession, the math doesn’t lie, but media do lie. Or we could discuss how media hide what’s really going on with all the tens of millions starving in Africa. Or how about all the “terrorists” lurking behind every corner? Or the pedophiles that apparently owns and run the Internet? The Wars going on?

The very people, the industry and occupation set to investigate those in power, do nothing but supporting the powers that be. It’s hard to mention a single journalist actually doing investigating work or any kind of job that can be regarded as journalism. Can you mention one?

But one event in particular have been etched in my mind, that of the Honduran situation. All the facts are available, the Honduran law is very clear on the subject, the dictator wannabe Zelaya have been very open with his totalitarian intentions, and the vast majority of Hondurans as well as all their democratic institutions say the same thing, but that truth has been completely ignored by the mainstream idiots of media. I’ve personally handed over and emailed all the necessary facts to the biggest news stations in Sweden and the UK, not a single thing have reached their reporting. If there ever was a chain of events that really, truly, reveal how anti-democratic and pro-establishment the elitists within media are, look no further than to Honduras. Anyone that knows the fact in this regard can never listen to or believe anything any of the mainstream journalists say ever again.

So there you have it, far in front of any dictator, suicide bomber or warmongering president, these guys take the price, no question about it.

Second place goes to mainstream cornflake economists. Third place I need to put sheople in general, morons as usual.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

a forbearer of future events…

I just woke up after having a bad dream, a very bad, bad dream.

In it I saw a bunch of people, badly dressed, about twenty or so of them of all ages, one, a woman, carrying a child in her arms. They were upset over something, angry and battered the walls and door of a store. In my dream this store was very old and held some kind of significance for the inhabitants of the town my dream played out in. The town, old style with stones making up the street, was covered in grayish colors, it started to be nighttime and it was raining.

I didn’t feel like the small group posed a threat, but it was still a concern for those inside the store whom looked the place up and called out for help. Apparently I and some other folks heard the outcry and rushed from somewhere pretty far away to assist. The feeling was that something was wrong here in several ways and the fear wasn’t so much for the people inside, but more of a general anxiety, a doomsday feeling. With my heart pumping more out of this uneasy feeling then the running towards the distant store, I knew something was terribly wrong.

Coming out from a side-street 'we' reached the outside of the store were there still was a gathering of people, but in silence they stood and watched nothing. With empty eyes they stood in silence seemingly apprehensive and chocked over something. In the entrance to the store stood the owner, letting out from behind him what seemed to be the only light in the area. As the only one with apparent silhouette I walked up to him, instinctively knowing the gathering outside wasn’t the same upset bunch of people that had, just moments ago, tried to make their voices heard and furiously banged on the door.

He, the man standing there in the doorway, slouching and with hanging shoulders looked terrified but raised his head and looked at me with teary eyes, tried to speak, but no words came out. I opened my mouth to say something but he shook his head and nodded in a direction behind me. Turning around I noticed another crowd further away, these were more exited for some reason and I immediately noticed two young men standing further away from the rest, throwing stones downward at something. For some reason I knew what they were doing and rushed over. In an alley between low built houses the street where they stood sort of ended in a downward leaning wooded area. The town sort of stopped and went over in a forest. The two young men almost tipping over the edge for every throw. Still everything was like in a black-and-white movie, the rain not so much pouring but rather dripping down. More of a mist then rainfall.

With tears in my eyes and a big knot in my stomach I reached the young men, crying towards them to stop. One young man turned and looked at me angry and said something that I couldn’t really hear. Something I loved. He spitted it out with hatred and made a move to again throw a stone down in-between the trees. I shot him in the leg with a gun I apparently had in my hand. I then turned towards the rest of the angry mob screaming that I would kill anyone trying to do anything threatening. The people standing there in a cluster looked both surprised and angry and some moved a bit in my direction so I pointed the gun at them and screamed that they shouldn’t try me. They stopped, now looking confused and the angry hatful feeling slowly faded away. I couldn’t make out any faces other than that of the young man I just shot. They felt more like a cluster of darkness banded together. Some companions of mine reached the area pointing their firearms at the dark, grayish mass of people standing there in the rain. I turned around facing the descending wooded area with raindrops and tears streaming down my face, mixed together.

Down a slope I did see the contours of people laying in a pile, mixed together so you didn’t know where one started and the next ended. A grayish mass of bodies, no one moving.

For some reason I now knew what had happened. The people laying there some meters from me, not moving, had had enough. They had been bullied, attacked and unjustly accused for everything that was wrong in the world. And then an incident at the store had made them band together in a last effort to wake people up. They had not been threatening towards the store owner and his costumers, rather been trying to say something, get something across. But the mob of towners wanted nothing of the sort; instead they beat them, kicked them and kicked them again until no one was moving. Then they shuffled all of the lifeless bodies together and rolled them over down into the outskirt. But some didn’t feel that was enough, spitting at the corpses and throwing stones at them in disgust. I turned my head away from the bloody mess of the no more living and noticed the other young man screaming something at me, apparently upset over me stopping their fun and angry that I’d shot his friend. He rushed towards me with his hand raised and I shot him, again, and again, and again. Walking towards him and emptying my gun into his body.

Not caring what anyone thought or did I turned around again facing the bodies below. I slide down the muddy hillside, went down on my knees and felt helpless. The woman that had been carrying her child was still clutching to the small bundle of what used to be the love of her life.

I didn’t really know who the dead had been, but in my dream I could feel they were a minority, like a small group of Jews in a German town 70 years earlier or Romani in modern day Hungary. Here I woke up and felt it necessary to write about this dream.

I feel like this dream was not a look into the past, rather approaching future events…

The predictions of 2009 – The oracle speaks about the past year

During this year that has just passed I’ve made several very accurate predictions. Among those how the Swedish banks would perform, the mess of the automaker SAAB, what the tricksters in power would do and say throughout the year, how the oil-price would fluctuate and I’ve almost predicted the price of Gold to a dollar. It wasn’t hard to see what would happen during the Copenhagen climate madness or how the Obamination would continue to wage wars and become the most warmongering American president of all time. The rally on the stock-markets and how people in Africa would move closer towards starvation was also easy to see coming. The escalation of Pirate attacks, the huge unemployment numbers and the continuous lying comes to manmade global warming; Honduras and many other events around the globe came as no chock either. And that funny Swiney Flu? Oh my, I could I’ve been the author, commentator and inventor of the whole spectacle. I don’t think I missed a single prediction.

I could go on with many other spot on forecasts, however, I did the same mistake as many other economists and pundits have done, I was thinking rationally comes to the economy. As I should know by now, nothing government, state-employed cornflake economists and big business do has anything to do with rational thinking. I was also a bit too hasty stating how the economy would decline, well it has gone to hell even more than I thought, but the actual crashes I did see coming, didn’t emerge. In this sense the printing press, the extremely ridiculously low interest rates and the borrowing Keynesian style have sort of worked. They have managed to yet again inflate the bubble and this time to heights I thought would not be possible. Mainly they have managed to do so with behind-the-scenes trickery. Many markets that should have crashed didn’t because of shadowy deals and manipulation of commodity prices etc. In a way this makes it even funnier, when the year begun my persona built on apocalyptical scenarios was half a joke, now however I’m not so sure it is anymore…

In light of above my earlier stead-fast prediction of the real crash-and-burn around April next year may not be realized. It can still happen because there’s so many things going on at the same time and at any moment some terrorist may blow up London or a large company like GE can go bankrupt, but the risk of a big blow-out after the 1st Q of 2010 isn’t very likely. Instead I’ve come to believe, as most other economists out there that did see this crisis a mile away, namely that we will stumble on for another year or so before this, the mother of all bubbles, bursts.

And when I say “the mother of all bubbles” I really mean that and it’s imperative that you truly understand what predicament we’re really in. . Nothing before in history comes even close, we are so deep imbedded in crap, so truly screwed that anything goes comes to the future.

The biggest spending spree in history with the biggest debt-accumulating in the shortest amount of time in history has just passed us by. So also did the biggest bank heist of all time and most of the crocks are still out there, now fueled with bail-outs and newly printed money, buying up things for the future. The growing resentment and animosity towards internet from the powers that be was also easy to see. Put all of this together and never before in history, not even during the 1920’s and 30’s, have so many people lost so much freedom in so little time. 2009 is without a doubt one of humanities worst years ever.

I would rate myself with an 8 out of 10 for how spot-on I’ve been during 2009. Maybe even a 9 would be okay, but I did miss a couple of things and the crash during the Autumn I thought could be a reality comes to America didn’t happen, and so I cannot give myself a higher rating then an eight. I also think my English have improved significantly. I still miss now and again and my sentences are not perfect in any way, but I’ve gone from a proficient Swede to a fluent writer. Those last couple of misses and structural mistakes will be corrected with time. I have also pissed off a lot of journalists whom very often now delete any comments I make on their papers website and sometimes delete linkage to my blog. And since I’ve had several authorities from several countries visiting my little corner of the soon overregulated internet, I know I’ve made some headway. But most of all I had fun, did meet some strange fucked up people that I love and hereby send a thought of appreciation to.

Have a fucked up very messy and economically disastrous 2010 everyone! Now I’m going to get drunk, that’s the future for me - drinking vodka and watch the idiots of this world plunge down in the deepest abyss of misery ever seen will be fantastic entertainment.

Monday, December 28, 2009

Predictions for 2010 – Part II

Let’s see what the coming year have installed for us shall we.

As anyone with half a brain already have figured out Internet is doomed, at least for most ordinary users. We already know there will be more restrictions, more additional legislation and that surveillance will creep into everything.
A pedophile used Facebook? Oh my lord! Time to wind up the thought police another notch, right Timmy?

Terrorists sent one email, grandma wished to read about Hitler, some kids wanted to play the latest game, ordinary citizen downloading Gangbang Girl 69, some bloggers are writing the truth about global warming, an information site have been dishing the flu shoot, and let’s not forget all the racists right-wing gun-toting maniacs that hate Oduma and wants to marry their own cousin. Any excuse will do and no matter what the thing we can all be absolutely sure about for the coming years is that more restrictions, more surveillance, more control functions, more departments and so on will emerge comes to internet.

For some reason there’s still people out there asking ‘why’. Idiots. How can mainstream media, big business, government and all the elitists run their scams if the real information and truth is available for every smuck with a computer? Well, they still can with massive information campaigns and miss-information spread around, but still it’s too much of a liability. People may be educated, find out that they have been lied to, or actually start to think for themselves. Now that’s scary, people actually reading, researching and drawing own conclusions? Uhuh… that we cannot have.

Of course this is not all bad. The Pirate Party may grow in strength, and entire generations of youngsters will start to detest government. Hopefully some hacker will destroy the financial system, erase all the ones and zeroes keeping the stock markets alive and delete all history from all treasury computers. Now that would be funny. It will not save internet from being overrun by fascist creeps, but at least we would get a good laugh out of it.

Well, nothing that big will happen, but one or two will hack into some defense system during next year, quite possible on orders from government, knock out some traffic-lights or piss off some bureaucrat which of course leads to even more fascist laws that the government need to invent to stop such acts from happening again.

Predictions for 2010 – Part I

Let’s see what the coming year have installed for us shall we.

One tingling sensation emanating from my well-shaved balls that has grown stronger over the latest year or so and is now reaching Spiderman-grip levels is the imminent threat of an terrorist attack.

There are many signs pointing in this direction. We have economic and socioeconomically reasons to believe such acts are being planned right now. Different political structures and such events as the Swish vote to ban minarets or the recent burning of a Mosque in West Midlands, UK, seem to imply a growing tension. We’ve also seen demonstrations, a mounting support for anti-immigrant policies and many other funnies. However, the thing that will, without a doubt, force a reaction is the warring going on in the Middle East.

How many hundreds of thousands of refugees and immigrants from Afghanistan, Iraq, or Pakistan do we not have in our western countries? Do you think that all these people are alone and have no living relative still in their home country suffering and dying right now? How reasonable is it to say that bombing Muslim villages and murdering thousands of women and children will not awoke anti-western feelings among Muslims? Even those out there stating and believing in the wars cannot with a straight face argue that retaliations aren’t expected.

Millions are refugees in Pakistan roaming the countryside starving and getting bombed by US military, there’s a civil war going on in Yemen, we have the sable-rattling between Iran and the US and so many other hilarious pranks being played out right now that I’m absolutely sure that soon, very soon, we will experience an terror act of unprecedented size and horror. As I’ve said before the most likely target is pretty large mid-western cities like Oklahoma were the security is lower. However, I would say it is far more likely that a country like Denmark, Switzerland or France get hit rather than the US. Why? More a feeling than anything else really. And if we listen to the doomsters and tin-foil hats London is the next target.

But whatever the place we can be sure of four things. Firstly it will have a unifying negative effect among the elitists. Their plans to impose super-restrictions on airports and total lock-down of internet can be implemented without any larger opposition. They get a scape-goat to blame when the economy crashes, which they can sell as an unfortunate consequence of such terrorism (they cannot themselves be blamed for financial calamities, oh no…), and people wanting to bring home the troops will get fewer or at least get less heard. Secondly it will be a huge boost in approval ratings for most, if not all, sitting governments. We tend to hold on to those in charge when things like wars and large terrorist attacks happen. Even the worst government in modern history led by Gorgon Brownie in the UK may actually survive another term if they get an external enemy to fight. People get afraid, are already afraid today. Not very strangely then, with this in mind, that so many suspect Georgi W Chimp for the 9/11 attacks. I’m not one of those, but such desperate measures have been taken by governments before and why not again.

Lastly I will laugh and say ‘I told you so’.

The magical tale of depression

Oh, hello, there, gentle readers. You caught me catching up on old favorites. It's wonderful to get lost in a story, isn't it? Adventure and heroics and discovery: don't they just take you away? Come with me now, if you will, gentle readers. Join me on a new voyage of the mind. A little tale I like to call: how we destroyed our way of life.

Our story begins, not very surprising, with a bank.

This bank was central for the righteous planners. It had appointed virtuous men guarding its secrets and no ordinary citizen were allowed any insights into its affairs. Whenever a problem within the kingdom come to pass, the virtuous well educated manly men within the bank acknowledged this problem and acted accordingly - they embarked on mystic tales of adventures spreading the good notes of wisdom. These notes, magical in their existence, came in abundant supply and could easily be spread around the kingdom with a press of a button. The notes held no inherent value, but oh so fun our heroes at the bank had when they handed them out. With colors, numbers and the occasional hero of the past printed on them - what could anyone do other than love such notes? And whatever the problem may have been, new notes were printed to extinguish any predicament.

Our brave and noble champions of the bank also had another way of quenching any cultural quandary; they could fictionally increase or decrease how the ordinary inhabitants of the kingdom acted comes to purchases. With yet another press of an enchanted button numbers rose or fell according to whatever the powers that be wanted. With these means at their disposal the market was supposed to adjust itself accordingly.

But as with any tale in stepped the villain – the horrid common man. Oh, what a vile and loathsome creature of pure evil he was. Wanting what’s best of himself and his family he mostly ignored what the heroes of bank wanted. How can anyone not detest such a scoundrel? And as if the private choices of the common man weren’t enough, he sometimes even saved money when he should spend it or vice versa.

So our heroes called for the power that be whom, sitting at their enchanted castle, couldn’t stand idly by while this horrible monster worked outside the goodness of what was right and true. And so they issued several decrees stating that the common man was the enemy of the kingdom and so should be taxed, controlled and be tied down with magical chains. And if this despicable one wouldn’t comply the powers built dungeons to hold him for crimes against those deemed better.

Our virtuous heroes could now press buttons all the time, throwing notes around like there’s no tomorrow. Heighten or lower any numbers they wanted in order to keep the divine plan running.

But the common man had yet another sinister idea; he could hide his earnings in another kingdom or, worse, could work less. Both options would lower the amount of wealth pouring into the pockets of those above hence the powers handed out another decree of righteousness said to be the most helpful act of benevolence in history. This because the decree made it illegal to store too much wealth, since it, of course, belonged to those ruling the kingdom. The decree also clearly stated it was a crime to have any personal interests and to express an own opinion through the grapevine should hence forward be known as acts of terror.

And again our virtuous heroes could press buttons and have fun, again throw notes around, and again heighten or lower any numbers they wanted in order to keep the divine plan running. They could also, together with the high and mighty, employ more of their kind to further bring in stability and control.

The common man, now deemed evil, prosecuted, beaten down and kept within righteous rules first reacted as he should, complying with the order of things, but as time went by he once more resorted to his sinister ways. Apparently sinful to his bones and without shame he again started to ignore the rules, started a new way of earning his own money and seemed unwilling to use the magical notes or follow the magical numbers of the honorable bank.

Again the powers together with the bank issued new laws, printed more notes and handed out more numbers for everyone to follow. Creating more wonderful rollercoaster’s of finance. And again they could employ more of their kind to further bring in stability and control.

And so the story goes on and on until either the common man brings forth pitchforks and torches to storm the castle or the kingdom plunges into war and financial disaster.

Oh, I cannot wait to see how our story ends. Can you?

Sunday, December 27, 2009

The heroes of 2009

There are very few people during one of the worst years in the history of mankind that deserves the epithet of hero. But some stand out a bit from the sheople of the world. I could mention the economists and bloggers out there that actually do their best to bring some light into a very dark world, and I could mention the mothers and fathers of the world trying to make the best of what they got, but this is my list and as such I’ve picked what I regard as the best of 2009.

I hope to see much more of these during 2010, but I’m not keeping my breath. The coming years of financial depression, wars and other funnies will probably see less and less of true heroes, there’s hardly any heroes left in the world. In either case I know that next year will be even funnier.

The Heroes of 2009:

We have of course the Iranian people (most of them) that continue to rally, oppose and complain despite summary executions, hundreds thrown in jail and threats issued daily from the totalitarian regime. These are the ones to follow; this is what we all should be doing. You may think things aren’t so bad in your country, but really, how big is the difference? And have you seen what direction we’re heading? Fuck! What a bunch of namby pamby boohooing lazy twits people of this world are. The Iranians opposition has my full support and let’s hope that the warmongering Oduma don’t mess things up with more wars in the region. Iran may very well be on the verge towards better times, so the pick-pocket in chief better stay away.

Oh, and some of the most beautiful women of the world comes from Iran, they seem to have a very sultry and sexy cluster of x-chromosomes in that part of the world. So please throw out those religious nut-jobs so we can see more naked people from Persia!!

Heather Brooke
The political elite and labour fascists in particular probably have this lady on several hit-lists by now, which says it all. Read more at Old Holborn. I see a statue in the future…

The people of rural Kentucky
When you find a census collector hanged from a tree near a Kentucky cemetery that had the word "fed" scrawled on his chest, and we see an increase in violence against authority figures in the area souring with 500% since 1996, we know we have lots of true heroes gathered in the same area. If more parts of America were like Kentucky the city of Washington would be burned down to the ground by now. I don’t know how many from that area that read this blog, but if any of you do, you have my deepest respect.

John Landers

This guy is by no means alone; there are others that have managed to perform similar heroism. However, he’s my pick for a general salutation all around to those of you out there that protect yourselves as well as your fellow man. John Landers shot and killed a masked robber trying to rob Burger King in Miami. I just wish everyone own and carried a gun and maybe robbers wouldn’t even consider their occupation. But of course most governments have conveniently outlawed self-defense. Armed with a 9mm Glock 19 Mr. Landers is a true hero.

If I were to pick one set of heroes, a country that has against overwhelming pressure stand up for what is right; Honduras and its people must be it. Despite having every media company in the world as well as all the leftie crazies and most politicians condemning them, they stood their ground, they kept their democracy and they won victory after victory by refusing to comply with fascists and socialists. They had the right, the law, democracy, freedom and every form of decency on their side from the start, but it’s easy to buckle under pressure when the totalitarian idiots of the UN and all the authoritarian forces of the EU and US are throwing everything at you except armed soldiers.

The only shining beacon of light of 2009, the only country in the world really heading in the right direction and apparently the only people of the world that wants democracy, freedom and justice.

It will take a decade or so to bring the high crime-rates and poverty under control, but the future of Honduras is very bright. I’m seriously considering moving there. If they can keep this up for a long time I suggest you all to consider investing in Honduras and moving there.

Anna Odell
This is probably a surprise for many, but this woman really deserves to be on this list. For you non-Swedes out there, this girly pretended to be mentally ill, “tried” to jump of a bridge, and got herself locked up and, apparently, did hurt some nurses in the process. According to some rumors she even tossed feces at the nurses. Then, whoopedido, she was sane again and could graduate from her art-class with this art-work as her exam, everything paid for by the tax payers. And yes, this little move is regarded as “art” by some morons within the Swedish publicly run school system.

This little cutie has shown us all where our tax-money really goes; down the black hole of government. With her little scam she did more to wake people up than anything during 2009, or any other year for that matter. And since she wasn’t alone, some other Art-student thrashed a subway-cart and filmed it as his exam; many among the general public got a wake-up call. I’m not saying this will change anything, most of you morons out there still don’t get it, but this is a big step towards enlightenment for many and so Anna Odell should be on this list.

The Italian insano’r’us
Both Silvio and the Poop(e) got some of the beating they deserve. Of course both of these totalitarian fucks should get locked away in a dungeon tortured for all eternity, but the little things in life need to be acknowledges and celebrated and cheered on whenever they happen. Apparently both of attackers have been labeled ‘insane’. I would rather regard anyone out there that don’t want to do the same thing and isn’t laughing at such events as the real madmen.


So there you have it people. And let’s end in a high-note with this little classical tune that everyone should be humming to by now.

“…more regulations is their only answer.” Truly poetic…

Saturday, December 26, 2009

The future of Obamination

Detroit shows us the future of the US. This is one of those most see thingies...

Me, I'm wondering why the people of Detroit haven't gone totally postal and started to bomb federal buildings and string up politicians. That's what they should be doing. Well, hopefully some 'terrorists' will emerge from this mess and knock of some of our enemies.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

And then the depression kicked in

In US history few, if any, day’s came with the same blackness and sadness as yesterday x-mas Eve. As usual when bad news is to be brought forward by the elitist mobsters they do so just before a public holiday or weekend because that means several days of quiet, the market have time to adjust to the thought of bad news and the general public, that spend any leisure time watching useless soaps and drinking themselves silly, have the attention span of a single-celled organism and so remain oblivious of anything less than a Asteroid destroying the planet.

I thought ObamaCare was bad enough, then I heard that ACORN (the Marxist lobby organization that helps pedophiles smuggle preteens and is rotten to the core) will get state-founding to cover any expenses their criminal activities need.

But then came the Crème de la Crème when the U.S. Treasury Department announced that they will remove the caps on aid to Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac for the next three years. For those of you who don’t understand what this means it means that these two horrible government institutions can now basically stack up losses to whatever heights they prefer. And they are already insolvent several times over.

And just to rub a stale mustard-covered ham into an open wound we also learn that the government has approved a multimillion-dollar compensation packages for top executives at Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. The top 12 executives at the two firms are in line to receive up to $42 million in 2009 alone. How about that? Two of the worst kept institutions in history that also share the blame for the financial dilemma the US (and the world) is in, can give their figureheads millions of tax money while ordinary citizens are losing their jobs, homes and future.

Congrats and merry x-mas to all you Americans out there. You have great years ahead of you.


Just to make things more interesting, I’ve started a poll to ask for your opinion in regards to when the US plummet down into that funny abyss of despair we all love so much.

Here are the likely dates:

After the first Q of 2010 –
my prediction all along that this would be the end date. This is based on the fact that commercial real-estate is about to crash soon and will probably reach climax around that time. It is also very probable that the first quarter numbers will be bearer of slightly disastrous news, and I’m also convinced that another terrorist attack is eminent. And, the US Treasury are having problems with bond-sales, already, and the rest of the world will soon start to escalate their dollar-sales, so 3-4-5 months into the future seems to be the end of the line.

Turn of the year 2010/2011 – I’ve seen some economists saying that when the x-mas sales of 2010 ticks in and the year of 2010 have passed with growing debts and more horrible decisions things are bound to collapse. I do agree with this sentiment, even though I still hang on to what I’ve been saying for many years above.

Summer of 2011 – It seems that many of those with brains, the ones that predicted our current crisis and have got everything right so far, appear to aim at the summer of 2011 as the end. They seem to think that the government can paper over the worst crashes for that long with the printing-press and aid from abroad. This may very well be true, the US should move into foreclosure today, but as with any country they do have the limitless pockets of the tax payers and borrowing to conjure money from, and this is the biggest economy of the world, so they should be able to keep up appearances 1.5-2 years into the future. However, this is contingent on that nothing out of the ordinary happens. The USD is doomed and the massive debt the Obamination and his cronies are stacking up cannot be paid back, so Gutenberg’s invention should run very hot the coming years. Also, as mentioned, terrorist attacks, another war and other wild-cards can be played at any moment so I would be surprised if the American economy lasts this long, although you cannot rule it out either.

What all of us “doomsayers” seem to agree upon, however, is that 2012 will be a disastrous year and then decades of economic calamities awaits. Most also agree that we’re already in a depression, it’s just halted, temporarily. The schemes to keep that fraudulent GDP up, the massive printing of money all over the world and the lying numbers the press tries to sell to us have been working their magic. The Keynesian plot has postponed the real mayhem for the time being, increasing the problems and worsened the depression in the process. And then I (we) don’t talk about the US alone; the world is going down the tube in unison.

I suggest you start to prepare. As mentioned before, short-wave radios, oil, dried-up food packages, cans, guns and amo, and many other useful items should be on your x-mas list as well as be the first priority of any future purchases.

The worst timing of all time award goes to…

On Monday, the fascist Majority Leader Harry Reid in the American Senate decided that he would make it virtually impossible for the American people to overcome the horrible ObamaCare madness. Harry Reid (D-NV) wrote an amendment to ObamaCare Section 3403 that states “it shall not be in order in the Senate or the House of Representatives to consider any bill, resolution, amendment, or conference report that would repeal or otherwise change this subsection.”

This means that it gets very hard, almost impossible to abolish this hellish thing in the future.

So yet another nail in the coffin of freedom, and this got approved on x-mas. The already highly socialistic US healthcare is now going into a communist idiocy.

Congrats America, you’re now going into the future with massive debts, humongous problems, and a growing fascism with hardly any freedom left, and now this.

If you Americans want to keep anything resembling a republic, it's time for 'Off with their heads' now. Soon it will be too late...

Murphy's Law

Murphy's Law is basically stated as: "Anything that can go wrong will go wrong." Often it’s used in a sarcastic manor to shrug off some bad news or in a way to prepare for what’s to come. What most of you out there don’t know is that Murphy’s Law is a factual, it exists as a constant and this it does in relation to government. Since politicians always lie and government always look to itself the likelihood of bad occurrences are given high probability.

Politicians make a bad judgment hence violence or other hilarious stuff ensues. In steps politicians with the remedy to fix the problem they created and the circle starts all over again. A department that was supposed to cure some problem in society fails, and so the department either gets more money or gets to be dissolved into a new department with the same mission-statement.

Recent events in regards to a certain movie star with the same name may trigger some associations, and the analogy isn’t that far off. A young beautiful and talented actress that seems to have reached an untimely death because of lack of groceries and too many remedies is equivalent to what’s going on in the world. We dope up our minds with processed food, pharmaceuticals, and a very indoctrinating media. We play the part of obedient followers, taking orders from elevated directors and whatever happens the wheel keep going around. We vote, we complain, we vote again, but nothing really changes. I promise you all if we could fly in people from ancient times to our time they would say the problems and the solutions are about the same as back then. People never learn, and so Murphy's Law stays as the constant.

One group, however, have learned their lesson. The lying politicians have figured out that the old ways don’t work; they need to comply and work with Murphy's Law, not try to fix it. Hide the facts, cover up the truth. Historically speaking when things turns south, politicians have resorted to wars, higher taxation, increased inflation, price-stop on commodities and other schemes that have been pretty easy to see through hence people have been doing uprisings and overthrown their oppressors. Modern day officials have the same answers, but they sell it in packages that are much more easily bought by the sheople of the general public.

There are many examples of this. If a government need extra money to build a road, bail-out banksters or grease voters, they cannot outright say they take the money from the same people they are set out to help. Instead they raise VAT, impose road-taxation or they increase inflation. Inflation don’t have the same meaning as it used to, thanks to spin-doctors and constant bombardments of lies, inflation means higher taxation as well as lower purchasing power something the elitists don’t want you to know about.

Another example of the newly packaged absolutism is manmade global warming. Here is a con that suits all totalitarian ideas. Everyone likes and wants to save the environment, and who doesn’t love cuddly bears? It’s hard to find anything else that has people so united. And so when a bunch of paid for scientists, several fraudulent governmental bodies, pundits and big business come together to sell this deception very few react with the egg-throwing-at-politicians-and-burning-down-the-parliament as they should. And the lies, oh my, so big and so many. Manmade global warming isn’t only the biggest hoax of all time; it is also very easy to see through. Polar Bears are actually growing in numbers, but, of course, instead we’re told they cannot swim (they are great swimmers), they eat each other because of lack of food (which they always have done), they need our support (these things actually actively hunt and kill humans), and I’ve ever read that Polar Bear are having a hard time finding Penguins to eat…

Manmade global warming is perfect in oh so many ways; they can use it to increase taxation and if anyone complains over higher taxes such a person hate animals. They can use it to regulate our lives, control what cars we use, how we do our laundry, what things to buy and so on. And anyone arguing against this is deemed evil. Pretty much everything, any little part of their agenda can be sold with the environment-argument. Often enough any such statement coincide with the “won’t someone think of the children”-argument, just to reinforce how righteous the global elitists are and how horrible any deniers are.

And when the lies get exposed by real scientists or bloggers, the powers that be react with banishment, internet control in cooperation with the name-calling. If you’re a scientist and denier you’ll not only be denied founding for your research, you’ll also become a lackey to the oil-industry, a hater of Polar Bears and the enemy of children. Such extreme pressure is put on the science community as well as on anyone else who oppose this malicious agenda.

Many of the so called deniers have been happy over the break-down of the Fraudenhagen-talks recently. But me, I see that as yet another step towards global governance because they know that the only way their scam of manmade global warming will truly work is if it becomes not only a global problem but also get a global solution. So any break-down creates outcries all over to reach a consensus, they need to act, not think, not listen to reason, no, to act is the important thing. We’re all dying - how can they not act!? Polar Bears are dying, our planet is doomed! How can they not act!?

Again, Murphy's Law comes into effect. One step back towards rationality is in reality two steps towards totalitarianism. Any action taken will have bad consequences or even have the opposite effect to what was intended. Already we’ve seen how they close down a steal-factory in one country, which they get billions from environment-friendly-founds for doing, then they move the plant to another country in the third world that is exempted from any environment-agreement. We’ve also seen how malicious pranksters and robbers like Goldman Sachs have invested billions of dollars in release-rights and are now pushing to impose the scheme so they can make trillions in profit. From your pocket to the already rich and powerful. This is the very essence of the carbon-trading fraud and the manmade global warming hoax.

And they all do it, they all try to sell this because no matter if they are truly evil totalitarians, liberals, socialists or whatnot, they can use this scam to impose whatever get’s them going. And the funny thing is that even if they get found out and the general public finally catches on, they can still stand their ground and use the money for something else. So once this plot has been implemented, we’ll never get rid of it. Because even if they don’t need the money to save bears or stop ice-sheets from falling, they still need the money to save the poor or help the elderly. And so whatever happens Murphy's Law comes into effect.

Yet another scam they have going is the different “wars” they are fighting. We have the war against drugs, which creates lots of more problems than any drug ever could. We have the war against poverty, which means they give billions to dictators so they can buy guns and create more poverty. We have the war against terrorism, which is only a way to impose internet-restrictions and keep the sheople occupied with Muslims instead of real issues. And then we have the real wars wherein they murder families, force millions into becoming refugees and consequently create even more enemies so they have someone to fight in the future. Murphy's Law cannot be circumvented, not when it comes to government.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

A sorry excuse for a capitalist?

A stereotype exists in the world of men, a stereotype describing the people arguing for, rooting for and believing in capitalism. According to this myth anyone evil enough to have this persuasion needs to be rich, loathes unions, hate black people and is materialistic to the bones. Sure I’ve meet one or two people that sort of fit that description but mostly it has nothing to do with reality.

The same thing goes for those who live for the leftie point of view. Such a person should be kind of poor, oppressed, loves culture thingies and nits sweaters to the homeless. I have never encountered such an individual.

People comes in all kinds of sizes, colors, income, and stature and a true believer in capitalism will always say this, know this and argue from this fact.

And I don’t need to look far to see the absolute opposite of the general opinion how a spokesperson of capitalism should act and be, I only need to look in a mirror. I have never own a car, never. I’ve not own a TV in 11 years, and I’m a very unwilling participant of the x-mas hype. In fact I cannot remember the last time I bought a x-mas gift. For me this time of year is about family and eating, and, well, vodka too. That material stuff can go to a fiery place.

Sure I have had a couple of well-paid jobs, but most of the work I’ve done has been of the low stature kind. Once I left a promising career within politics because I refused to bow down to the stupidity of the system. I left a well-paid job as head of marketing just to do something different and see the world. I’ve never cared about money or status other than a way to pay for the next drink.

I’m a firm believer in life, experiences and to see what’s behind the next door. I don’t think there’s a life after this one, consequently I recon I’ll better do the best I can with what I got during my 80 or so years on this planet. This is what made me into a true believer of capitalism – made me an advocate of life. To truly have a chance to make the best out of your life you need to be allowed to do so. Capitalism lets you, as the only ideology or belief in the world, to live as you wish. It doesn’t matter if you’re poor, old, female, black or whatever, if you have free range to do whatever with the life you have that’s what really matters. At least to me. Socialism, Fascism, communism, and all the other –isms of the world cannot and, most importantly, will not let people live their lives as they want.

This is why I don’t vote, why I regard most people as idiots, why all the political parties and things generally regarded as “capitalist” disgust me. This because all the other –isms that people follow and believe in are hinders, they are in the way, and they don’t let you experience the full potential of your own life. Why do so many of you morons want to live with all this crap controlling you?

How many laws, regulations, restrictions, departments or social structures do exist to keep you and your life-choices down? Countless? A billion? Well, take a pick really. Don’t speak on the phone while driving, don’t drink, don’t smoke, and don’t eat fat, suger, candy, meat or a million other things. Any drug, flue, dog, wolf, or too many mini pizzas will kill you. Stay away from cell-phones, computers, TV’s, Radios, microwaves, and all other things generating electrical fields, they may kill you. Don’t swim after eating; don’t eat fifty-five eggs each morning because it increases your chance of getting cancer by 0.01%. Speaking of cancer, stay away from all the things mention as well as solariums, the sun, any fabric softener and crisps.

Can anyone mention a single thing that’s not regulated, restricted or outlawed in our entire existence? I can’t.

This goes against the core of my very being, if we cannot enjoy things, what’s the point?

I’m not an anarchist, that’s not what capitalism is. Capitalism is built on the premise that you can do whatever you want until you encounter another individual that has the same right. A capitalist, or, if you wish, a libertarian society demands structure and rules, however, they are few, everyone knows what the rules are and the punishment for breaking the rules are as clear as day. Today, no matter what country you live in, not even the judges, the lawyers or even the legislator knows or acknowledge a fraction of the rules and consequences of breaking them.

I like my plan better. Get up, get out, get drunk, repeat as needed. It's just more elegant.

So x-mas to me is the very essence of anti-capitalism. We drink, eat, and buy gifts to prop up greedy businessmen, and it’s all to support the idea of some supposed divine carpenter that lived thousands of years ago that apparently didn’t come to life at that time. Christians just adjusted the timing in order to steal some pagan date. Deceit, gluttony, greed, and all the rest of the deadly sins and it’s all to cover up some stupid woman that couldn’t admit she had sex outside of wedlock. It’s hard to find a more anti-capitalist view of things.

Of course the lefties, the righteous elitists and the powers that be want you to believe differently, but really, take a look at capitalism, read what it is, understand its core and think again. Can you really say x-mas has anything to do with free thinking? Adult people? Rationality?

As said, I like my plan better. Get up, get out, get drunk, repeat as needed.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

The giant scandal

If you haven’t heard of Climategate, it’s time you check it out. Media tries it very best to either ignore or keep this humongous scandal down, which is very strange - this is the story of the decade.

To make a long story short basically a bunch of scientists have been found out fiddling numbers, they have been caught changing things to suit their agenda. Thousands of emails and research data have been made open thanks to a true hero that stole that material and made it public for all to see. Media have been focusing on a few sentences and words that taken out of context can mean anything. They want us to think that the “deniers” are focusing on those, which is complete nonsense. Sure some of those sentences and words can be construed as bad in their own right; however, the real interesting stuff comes when you really go through all this information.

Ever heard of a tree called YADO61? Dubbed “the most influential tree in history” this is something you really should read about and check out. Basically a single tree somewhere out in Siberia is the very basis of the hockey-stick theory Al Gore tries to sell in his doomsday scenarios. Why this tree? You may ask, simple, it was the only tree supporting the fearmongering agenda. Lots of other trees contradicted partly or wholly the claim of manmade global warming, so they picked the one single lonely tree that didn’t. How about that? Read more in this fantastic article in the Telegraph.

Now this tree, the deliberate lying and those sentences the elitists are talking about would alone be enough to throw many of these people in jail. This is fraud, its economic crimes and since the conclusion reached by these and other scams actually leads to suffering and deaths, I’m not exaggerating that these people should stand trial for crimes against humanity.

But of course this scandal doesn’t stop here.

Someone you should take notice of is the U.K. scientist and Green Party activist William Connolley. This man, if we can call him that, has been a very busy beaver indeed. Heard of Wikipedia? Oh, that’s this particular person's own little playground. Connolley rewrote Wikipedia’s articles on global warming, on the greenhouse effect, on the instrumental temperature record, on the urban heat island, on climate models, on global cooling. On Feb. 14, he began to erase the Little Ice Age; on Aug.11, the Medieval Warm Period. In October, he turned his attention to the hockey stick graph.

He rewrote articles on the politics of global warming and on the scientists who were skeptical of the band. Richard Lindzen and Fred Singer, two of the world’s most distinguished climate scientists, were among his early targets, followed by others that the band especially hated, such as Willie Soon and Sallie Baliunas of the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics, authorities on the Medieval Warm Period.

All told, Connolley created or rewrote 5,428 unique Wikipedia articles. His control over Wikipedia was greater still, however, through the role he obtained at Wikipedia as a website administrator, which allowed him to act with virtual impunity. When Connolley didn’t like the subject of a certain article, he removed it — more than 500 articles of various descriptions disappeared at his hand!. When he disapproved of the arguments that others were making, he often had them barred — over 2,000 Wikipedia contributors who ran afoul of him found themselves blocked from making further contributions. In these ways, Connolley turned Wikipedia into the missionary wing of the global warming movement.

Now this is documented facts, this guy basically tried to re-write history, changed facts to fiction and cut out any opposition. He should be facing the guillotine, but is working still, openly lying to you.

I could go on for a very long time. Russian scientists revealed more just the other day, blaming these pranksters for other lies. We have NASA that has been recently exposed for lying. We have research-stations that have been moved from one area to another in order to show the “correct data”, Polar Bears are actually growing in numbers and so on and so on. The only question left is whether these people have told a single thing that is true.

Put this all together and we have what hast to be one of the biggest scandals of all time. Just think of all the billions in tax-money these people have got because of these scams. And media says nothing…

Pssst... have you checked out the weather lately? Global warming eh?

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Volcanoes, blizzards and climate fools

At the same time as the scam in Fraudenhagen ended in an anti-climax for the idiots believing in manmade climate change, the eastern United States is preparing for a major winter storm moving up the Atlantic coast. Also, in Sweden as well as most of Europe we’re seemingly facing one of the coldest X-mases for many years. In my recollection only the year I was in the military can measure up for the cold we’ve seen the latest week. Granted I’ve been living in other countries for many years, but I’m usually home over the holidays. Several football matches have been canceled and people in south of Europe is freezing to death. Warmer climate eh?

I wish for a couple of degrees warmer, that would benefit humankind and as back in the middle ages we could grow grapes in Sweden again. However, the signs recently seem to indicate we’re heading for colder times. I’m only waiting for the New World Order alarmists to start warning for a new Ice-age.

Anyway, the second worst ‘pollutant’ we have in the world, far worse than all the factories, planes and ships put together, have shown its face again. Of course this foe was, and is, ignored by the scheming tricksters in Fraudenhagen, but people of the island Tongatapu, Tonga, has first class tickets. The volcanic activity in that area has recently put up a magnificent spectacle that should scare the living daylights of any climatologist. However, such eruptions throwing out hundred times more carbondioxid than any country are not as fun to blame as mankind. Humans can be controlled, be told how many kids to have and what cars to drive, it’s slightly harder to tell a volcano to: “stop polluting so we can own you”.

The insanity our elected masters and bought for scientists tries to sell us have been found out many times over. It’s not only climategate or thirty thousand plus scientists suing Al Gore; it’s not only Russian investigators saying how it is or NASA being found out lying, it’s so much more. And what about common sense? Since there’s not a single evidence for the manmade global warming hoax and since we actually know - scientifically proven - that the sun runs our climate almost alone, how can anyone out there actually listen to the alarmists’ claims?

140 and still going strong

Regulators have closed 140 U.S. banks this year.

Anyone want to bet that next year will be a lot worse?

Friday, December 18, 2009


Swedish carmaker Saab is to be shut down by General Motors after the collapse of a last-ditch attempt to sell it to Dutch sports car manufacturer Spyker.
GM announced today that with "regret" it was starting an orderly wind-down of 62-year-old Saab's operations.

One cannot really be sad over this; the company had one profitable year in the last 25 and with no prospect of turning the tides this is the logical thing to do, to scrap the stupid thing.

However, there’s two things here to understand.

Firstly this means that yet another manufacturing firm in Sweden goes bye bye. The slowly deteriorating producing capacity of Sweden is far more dangerous than any current crisis or deficit. The future will not hold any good cards for my birth-nation if this continues. Remember, wealth needs to be created by producing. Bureaucrats, politicians and different useless service occupations are only a cost that at the very most can help us with everyday things which may save us time, they don’t, however, create value. SAAB, though being a worthless company that should be scraped, still produces more value than all government bodies put together and in this sense this is a loss.

Secondly, one of the car-companies that actually is in worse shape than SAAB is the owner General Motors. GM got billions in bail-outs, and is now more or less run by the fascist American administration that, among other things, have fired management that didn’t fit the profile the masters wanted. And GM hasn’t only fucked up their own products, they've messed up the Saab brand; they messed up Pontiac and they're currently in the process of messing up Chevrolet, to mention a few screw ups.

Kudos to the Swedish leftie government for once doing the right thing and letting this idiocy go down the toilet. Too bad the same cannot be said about GM and the US.

Oh, and marry X-mas!

Something I read...

Commie A: Let’s impose world communism at the point of a gun.
Commie B: No, we tried that and we didn’t get many countries under our influence.
Commie A: Well, we have some countries. Let’s show the world how great communism is by displaying how well the countries we do have operate economically and socially.
Commie B: No, that won’t work either. Every country we ever ran turned into a cesspool of filth where sloth and indolence was the rule.
Commie A: I know, instead of imposing communism directly, let’s impose it indirectly by inventing some impending catastrophe that can only be remedied by a massive redistribution of wealth from those that earned the wealth to those that didn’t. We can base the ruse on the environment. No one will object to remedies that are supposed to help the environment. And if they do, we will defame them in the media and make them look like heartless evil capitalists. Let’s think of a gas that we can put limits on that will give us immense power to regulate and bleed money away from the evil capitalists.
Commie B: What about water vapor? That’s one of the strongest greenhouse gasses.
Commie A: That’s true, but we need a gas that is generated by all of industry and all of the public. It’s got to be carbon dioxide. All people exhale it, all cars and machines that burn fossil fuel generate it, and all farm animals emit it. That’s it. We’ll make everyone have to pay money to emit carbon dioxide.
Commie B: But won’t people complain.
Commie A: No, people are sheep. The bulk of them will believe anything we tell them in the schools and through media. We’ll just publicly shame the rest into submission.
Commie B: Comrade, you’re one smart commie.

Lalalala... climategate never happend... lalala

The final days of Western democracy

This post need to be read. I’ve gone past this sort of despair many years ago. When you reach the conclusion this blog-post has, which is an obvious one for any thinking adult, you’ve really only tree ways to go; you go apathy, shrugs and hope that things turns out in a good way, maybe move away or try to live the best you can. Or you go ape-shit, start to plan assassinations and feel an urge to go postal. Or, as I did, you laugh at the misery and madness.

Read more here:

Hear ye, hear ye!

We are now broadcasting live, from Copenhagen, how the leaders of what used to be called the free world are applauding long rants held by dictators and killers, bowing to the might of the empoverishing tyrants, asking forgiveness for being successful capitalists. Watch the westerner bend over backwards, leading his people straight into the flourishing wealth of countries such as Venezuela and Zimbabwe. Watch the smug grins on the quasi-intellectual climate “scientists”, as their shock troops of green/red fascist-communist take the streets of Copenhagen.

Let this be a moment, forever inprinted in the mind of those now watching. Let it be remembered, that on this very day, the western world lost whatever remained of its dignity, and kneeled to kiss the stinking hands of brutal monsters, crying tears of desperation over their imagined destruction of the atmosphere. Watch as people move through the streets in mass delusion – how the weakest and whiniest morons get chants and applause by a catatonic public. Watch how the science settled neatly in time to sell us as slaves into the arms of greedy politicians, and the end of your liberty and rights. Watch how the free man says goodbye to his life, liberty and pursuit of happiness.

Watch how freedom dies. ….All hail Climate Change! Kill the rich! Climate debt! Repent! Force! Damn the wealthy! Distribution! Power! Progress! All adhere to the green revolution! Kill the dissenters! To arms, comrades – to arms!…

…I’m not playing this game anymore. I no longer accept the premise of the socialist state as anything but a glorified dictatorship. This kind of democracy has no legitimacy at all. None. Zero. I’m out.

The messiah has arrived

The Obamination can now be found among the rest of the thieves in Fraudenhagen, apparently there to tie the knot and get things going.

What if the warmongering pick-pocket in chief fixes this? Just imagine that for a moment. I don't think he will, but think of the implications of having this guy coming in and saving the day.

Media and the elitists have put up a show so far, and they want us to be afraid they cannot come to some agreement. But if it’s really is a theatre, it needs a conclusion. I earlier said that nothing will come out of this meeting, and it shouldn’t, they are so far apart in opinions that any agreement is impossible. But what if the puppet from the White house can fix this? Uhuh…

Maybe not completely, but partly and the next meeting within a year or so they can present an earth-saving proposition, all hail the Chief…

Thursday, December 17, 2009

New World Order

Global Fascism confirmed by EU president. Tin-foil hats on people, it's going to be a very bumpy ride...

The show most go on

As I wrote, among other places, in this post before the Fraudenhagen jamboree the whole thing is unfolding just as predicted. Like any thriller the suspense is built through showmanship, fake statements, pretend animosity and spin-doctors selling the drama.

Haven’t you seen the build-up? Before they throw platitudes and lies about to create an atmosphere of slight anticipation, just like a trailer. Then they say how much that’s at stake; the planet is in danger! huhu! Polar Bears are dying! Oh no… People are starving! Nooo! And journalists play their part - shamefully they spread the lies of climategate and write editorials that demand action taken. Throughout media report from desolate islands and small villages were people are suffering for some reason, crying interview-subjects make claims about climate and demand that politicians do something.

And then the real show starts. In steps the bureaucrats and fraudulent politicians having meetings in-between cocktails and fancy foods, all paid for by the working man. Of course some of them need to ‘storm out’ in anger over some decision or lack thereof, all to build the tension. Imagine if our saviors in suits cannot get along to save us all from certain destruction!? The planet is facing imminent destruction and they cannot get along!? Oh the humanity! How will it end?

Outside the elitists loyal followers are rallying in mock-demonstrations demanding that their masters do more than promised. Of course the storm-troopers go in to quell those pesky ones, seemingly knocking down peaceful people whom only wanting to save the planet, as an effect the easily duped populace feel sorry for those wanting more regulations, even higher taxes and lots more envirofascism. Meanwhile the puppet masters inside drink and eat even more while they conjure up more conflicts, media continues to spread some more BS, and pundits comment on the whole spectacle.

Only the popcorn and something to drink is missing, I’m stacked up with that though so I’m fine. How about you?

Anyway, what’s next you think? Well, of course they will come up with some kind of end-statement, not any new document or real unison agreement, but probably some decree saying they will meet again within a year or so. And the pick-pocket in chief and his counterparts in various nations haven’t yet made their divine appearance, so we have not seen the last of the cryptic political statements that will make the headlines yet. In any case we know that the end result, if it comes now (most likely not) or at the next meeting don’t really matter, the whole thing is a scam. From the basic assumption to this meeting and to whatever comes next, it’s a scam. The result will be higher taxes, more money thrown at useless idiocies and the re-founding of various dictators, and more stories played out in the media to keep the morons of the general public in the dark. oh, and we cannot forget the emerging New World Order.

No matter what you may think, I find this hilarious. It’s a tragic comedy and most of the actor’s deserve an Oscar for their lying alone.

And just so there’s nothing confusing you; there’s no evidence for manmade global warming whatsoever, not a single one, zip, zilch, nada. Whatever you hear is either insanity or outright lies.

Judge, jury, and executioner

Well, since the Russians now have decided to reveal some more of the Climategate scams, it seems like it’s only a matter of time before indictments and trials against these IPCC and UN criminals begin. However, if you think that you’ll be disappointed. Remember, these are the very same people not only creating the schemes, but upholding them, strengthening them, selling them and most important of all, they sit on all the power. How can you bring such people to justice when the entire system is behind them? You can’t.

Media, bought and paid for, are busy lying to us. Try to name one single journalist actually doing his job. Now that’s like looking for a needle in a smelly haystack. Politicians, deviant as ever, have no interest in bringing their pals to justice. Besides, who stands more to gain from the fearmongering then the political elite?

The high and mighty are occupied with adjusting to the scams - selling new environmentally friendly products and looking for those government hand-outs. So why should they care? Not long ago big business was afraid that oil-taxation and more restrictions would cramp their style, but they soon realized that tax-payer money comes in abundant, so what better way to dot the books than go to the nearest bribable elected fraud for some extra cash? And the general public eats it all up, all you really need to do is to have cuddly bear on the package or mention how many hundreds you give to solar-panel research each year and you’re golden.

And the so called scientists, oh my. If you could ask Copernicus how he felt, he would have told you the same story as the ones out there trying to keep science alive. If you stand with the enemies of the people, you get founding pouring down on you. A university or researcher in need of extra cash only needs to invent some reason to save the planet and they get as much money they can handle. Climate-research has become one of the world’s most profitable areas.

They create a hoax, they then determine how viable the scam is, after that they sell the story to the spin-doctors and as soon as big business tags along for the ride, then it doesn’t matter how high we scream it’s a lie. And if anyone question this situation that person gets the Witch treatment, guilty no matter what, guilty of being in bed with big-oil, guilty of wanting to murder children and poor people, and guilty of Polar Bearocide. And if you want to buy tortured-hen eggs or get a fuel- devouring SUV, oh boy you’re gonna get it then.

The game is rigged, the end result already clear. This even “deniers” haven’t figured out. Even if we manage to reach through the thick skull of the ordinary citizen or twist the lies around somehow, the next scam is just around the corner. They never quit. If we aren’t heading for a new ice-age or the ozone layer is about to kill us, then its mad-cow, bird-flu or Y2K. And when this manmade global warming hoax get revealed (which will happen sooner or later) they move on to murderess cosmic rays, asteroids hurling towards earth or alien abductions. And if that for some reason don’t work, there’s always wars, terrorism and starving in Africa. They conjure up schemes undreamed of and the endgame is to move money and power from the poor and the middle class to a few elitists so they can control the rest of us. And so why do you think they want to control and monitor the free waves of internet?

Have you seen the protesters in Fraudenhagen? Mainly peaceful people, idiots granted, but still mostly harmless. Locked up, circled by police and manhandled for no apparent reason. This is how they react when their little shindig is being protested to, and bear in mind, these protesters are on the elitist’s side. The only thing those idiots wants is more of the same scams, more trickery and more taxes. They need not to worry, the powers that be are rubbing their hands together at every rally, exactly according to plan. So imagine when real people with real issues try to do the same? Ever wondered what the thought police and the righteous elite will do then? And so why do you think they want to control and monitor the free waves of internet?

And when the scandal of this hoax really has hit the populace, do you really think politicians and whatnot will cut the taxes and regulations again? Put them back to more reasonable levels? Pfff… Not a chance. The money can always be used for something. They will, of course, claim to keep the money to support the elderly, build schools in Uganda or ship transistor radios to Colombia, but in reality they will use some or all of it to tighten their grip further. Don’t we need another anti-terrorist organization? Another surveillance-department? Some more secret agencies watching the Internet for pedophiles? Of course we do, and when the climate-scam is gone, they can replenish their supply of private jets without worry.

The good news is that if you get this it’s easy to adjust and lick some serious butts. To make a career within the power structure isn’t hard once you figured out how things work. Or you can become an outcast tin-foil hat that’s ridiculed by a corrupt media. Whatever rocks you boat.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

How many IPCC members does it take to change a light bulb?

While mainstream media tries it very best to ignore Climategate, the truth is unfolding day after day. We now know that a single three in Siberia is responsible for half the hysteria, the other half seem to come from climatologists feeding the lies with more lies. The whole thing stinks and is as impure as the driven yellow snow.

They move reading-stations to get the desired reading, and when that doesn’t work they fiddle with the numbers or sweep any contradictory fact under the linoleum floorboard. Anyone questioning this sort of “science” get bullied, fired, loses founding or get to be called an average run-of-the-mill lunatic. And when they get find out, as with the emails, NASA’s deceptions or Chinese tricksters, it get ignored. Media focuses on some poor island sinking into the sea, like that never happened before. Maybe fires ravish the Australian countryside or rain falls over the ever growing opium-gardens in Afghanistan, and it’s all because of us driving SUV’s.

As seen in this article from The Telegraph, US lawyers are going after some of the hoaxters, which should be kind of fun. And at least the limos, private jets and the dining in Fraudenhagen for taxpayer money seem to have wakened some slumbering idiots, but the swindle keep gaining momentum anyway. Oh, and rest assured, his saintliness Gorgon Brownie have arrived and made some declarations that may calm some locked-up and beaten peaceful demonstrators. And, as with any con, the key-element is to take the opposite side’s best arguments and turn them around. If there’s not a single evidence for manmade global warming, then, of course, there’s a consensus and no need for further debate. And if people are starving because of lack of cheap energy and a financial crisis the elitists have created, well then the famine pictures from those dusty countries becomes evidence of changes in weather.

They are beyond sin you know, the elitists and their agenda. Beyond death, they are the thing that darkness fears, never seen, everywhere around us, creeping into our thoughts feeding our hatred for ourselves. And so we, all of us, seem to inherit the weaknesses of human nature, our mortal sins that makes us automatically guilty for anything nature produces. The righteous elitists power structure tells us that to smoke a cigarette is to kill your neighbor, driving a car is murdering the young, drinking automatically leads to rapes, sharing information outside government control is the same as terrorism, washing clothes makes black people starve, shining light-bulbs implies immorality, and any form of carbon emission creates hurricanes, tornadoes, land-slides and whatnot. People are bad, evil, not having a single thought that is good. We need to be brought under control, taxed and regulated for our own good, we’re not aware that we are killing ourselves.

And that growing sentiment of us being too many. Read about that one? Many respected scientists are arguing the earth is overpopulated; we need stop fucking or use more condoms. This is a re-occurring opinion that pops up now and again. Apparently the Chinese have it right, ban people from getting more than one child. Oh, those totalitarian ideas never seem to die do they? The solution comes automatically since we’re all evil, we, the people, are the ones murdering ourselves. Why shouldn’t the elitists generate population-control? I’m not saying those craziest tin-foil hats that claim that any vaccination or additive in our water supply is a way for those in power to get rid of some pesky humans, but you gotto wonder how else they are going to keep our numbers down.

How amazingly screwed up this entire situation is. I mean, really, really screwed up in a monumental fashion. The biggest lie of all time being crammed down our throats by our benevolent leaders while they declare how evil we are. Journalists are feeding the lies with nonsense propaganda while our taxes go to pay for windmills no one uses. Tens of billions are being thrown at researches that only need to argue, without any proof, that gasoline causes ice-sheets to fall and then they get even more billions.

This is an abomination of science, creating an unaccountable new world governing body - corrupt from birth, and it’s an massive transfer of wealth from the poor in the developed world to the thugs, crooks and cleptocrats of the UN and other similar scams run by politicians and bought for scientists. Tens of millions of people stand to die, not from any made-up climate change but because they are being blocked from using cheap energy and kept down in poverty by corrupt regimes and financial roller-coasters created to fill the vaults of the already wealthy.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, this is the ultimate test of you synapses. Any intelligent being with an IQ over the number of toes cannot believe a word of what the powers that be say when it comes to manmade global warming. It’s a hoax; it’s a scam with no evidence proving their madness, none whatsoever. Many times have they been found out lying to us, climategate is only the most recent, but for some reason they continue building upon the lies which only goes to tell ya what I’ve been saying all along, you’re all idiots.