Friday, March 12, 2010

The beginning of the end

As far as I’m concern the Euro is about to get its deathblow if EU were to reach an agreement on a multi-billion euro bail-out for Greece.

Once you start down this path with bailing out miserable and badly kept countries there’s no end to it. The EU cannot bail out Greece and then not do the same for Italy, Spain, Portugal, Ireland or any other member. In effect such ‘aid’ to one country will automatically, sooner or later, lead to the same ‘help’ sent to another country, and then another…

And then we have the fact that such an idea is actually against the Monetary Unions own rules. A deal would have to be constructed to get around rules governing the euro currency which prohibit a bail-out for a country. What does this say about the Euro-zone when the rules are firstly not kept by countries and then all the rest circumvent the rules to help the country that didn’t follow the rules?

Initially it is said that any bail-out will come with no contribution from Britain, Sweden and other non-euro countries, but you don’t need to be a genius to figure out that this will sooner or later change. If they bend and go around a couple of rules, what’s not to say they will do the same with others?

European Union rules state that no nation in the euro bloc should have an annual budget deficit which is higher than 3% of its gross domestic product. Hardly a single country is following this rule; they are all spending like crazies. Already 3% is too much, a real commitment would be to never have deficits unless in times of war.

So why do it? Why protect any country so deeply troubled with no regards for the rules?

The reason is simple, it’s about fear.

Not really fear for the crisis to spread, rather it’s about protecting their precious Central Bank and the scams perpetrated by having a fiat currency. But even more so fear that the civil unrest will spread. People are angry and our elitist four-winged soul-killers need to nip this before the situation worsens.

I don’t see how they will manage this though. Greece has pledged to reduce its deficit from 12.7% to 8.7% during 2010 which they are about halfway to manage. Read that again, halfway to manage a small reduction and they are already nearing in on armed rebellion. They need to do more, much more. Greece long-term deficit-cutting plan aims to cut the budget shortfall drastically, to less than 3% by 2012. The smallish, petite, tiny little cuts they’ve done so far aren’t even close to what is necessary.

So if a small portion of the cuts leads to this much in-house problems with pesky inhabitants, what will happen when they actually do start to save and cut on the level required?

So of course the other elitists are nervous and will come to the rescue and WHEN they do, that will be the beginning of the end of for the Euro.

My only question is if whether or not the European central bank will conjure up the bail-out money out of thin air and so increase inflation. This is the most likely solution. It is hard to see German and French taxpayers be happy over paying higher taxes or increase their deficit to bail out Greece. But if they do print the money, it will require breaking yet another rule.

They should just give up their elitist dreams and stop spreading their socialist ideas and realize that capitalism is the only way out, but that will never happen.

We have fun times ahead people, better stock up with popcorn and vodka, this is going to be hilarious.

100 000 morons

My texts do attract much more people than I ever intended and since I don’t really try to get readers and even tell people to fuck off now and again I do recon I can be pretty pleased with the turnout.

Yeah, yeah, I know many just stop by or happen to stumble upon my little corner of the internet while looking for porn, still…

…here’s to the optimistic thought that some of you sheople out there actually understand my ramblings.

A small tribute to conservatism

I do consider myself to be a libertarian, at least more so than anything else. However I was a member of the supposed conservative party in Sweden for 15 years and I still have a couple of conservative opinions that I think is getting forgotten in politics as well as in our modern societies.

What I am mainly thinking about is the celebratory feeling and love that comes with tradition and history.

Lefties as well as many libertarians for that matter confuse this conservative trait with nationalism and sometimes even racism. That is not what I am talking about.

What binds people together isn’t their blood or color of their skin, it is tradition and a history going back generations. That what has formed us and our society to what it is. From our ancestors to our parents in the past handed down to us and from us handed along to our children and grandchildren of the future - it is history that binds us together.

Sometimes our history is something to celebrate, most of the time it is not, but that has no barring - it is still history. From wars to religious madness, from migration to ancient rituals, from persecutions to songs, from anecdotes to inventions, it is all a part of us, who we are.

Libertarians are very open-minded, future-oriented and often love technology and progress. It is not uncommon that libertarians are a sci-fi fans or technology-geeks. Building things faster, better, taller and to a lower cost with less effort is a big part of the libertarian conciseness. Not for economic reasons primarily as our opponents argue, but rather for the sake of progress, to not stand still, to evolve. Reach for the stars and dream, be what you can be and go forward.

Since the first and foremost enemy of progress and the main obstacle in the way of people’s dreams is government, it automatically concludes that libertarians don’t like government.

I am all for that, and I agree, government is the enemy, or at least the main enemy. But in that process and with progress we shouldn’t forget who we are, what brought us here and what came before.

What I am saying is that we should run towards the finish line but also check out the scenery, maybe take an extra breath now and again to contemplate who we are.
My conviction that this is important, not only for myself but for all humans, is one of the reasons why I headed into politics in the first place. Sadly I soon discovered that the so called conservatives had the same agenda as everyone else in politics, to gain power, to rule. If they could use traditions or history to prove a point or win voters, fine, otherwise it was yet another nuisance on the way towards power.

Another problem with ‘conservative’ movements is that they sometimes take tradition or religion too far. And too often they cross over the line to prove lefties right about having close to racist and nationalist ideas.

I think it is sad that the conservative idea that we should sometimes take a step back to truly understand and see how great we’ve become because of generations of trial-and-errors, have today been forgotten.

Avatar and Our future

Watched the Avatar movie yesterday and I’m both impressed and very pissed off. Also, I do have questions relevant for the future.

Firstly, the pissed off part. I always get angry when moviemakers put in a lot of political mumbo jumbo in movies. If I ever watch a movie, which isn’t that often, I want to be entertained. It may be a romantic story, a sci-fi flick or some brainless shoot-em-all Rambo idiocy, but the point is to make the mind wander, to excape reality and be entertained for a while.

I do like the political aspect as well, but not that in the face ‘the natives are pure and always right’ crap which this movie is all about. It seems that whenever a movie is made that brings up civilization versus savages the later always are so damn righteous that it only pisses me off. I want to see native smoking; drinking and being alive damn it, not some glorified mambipambi boohooing virtuous loving all animals’ madness that has no basis in any kind of reality.

I’m not saying cutting down trees and to mine for a profit always is the right thing to do, but the opposite isn’t true either. Also, some of the worst atrocities ever made have been carried out by not so civilized people. Indigenous aren’t saints and any movie set out to say that is automatically lying.

On the other hand the visuals are near perfection and the storyline, despite the obvious all life is sacred crap, is a good one. Also very good acting and a movie worth watching.

Questions I also do have. Like when will actors be obsolete? I can see a future not very far off that demands nothing more from actors other than to supply their voice to some character made in a computer. And then the next step, ordinary people being able to do movies on their laptop equal to that of any movie studio today.

What will they then do about property rights? Piratebay? The fascist laws they are imposing will within a couple of decades be totally obsolete if this prediction is true, so what do you think they will do with them then? Scrap em? Not a chance.

Interesting thought nevertheless. All the big corporations and executives now protecting their obsolete industry would be gone. What a shame…

Is this what they see? Is this thought why they break down doors and trial grandmas and youngsters?


Trying to squeeze the last pennies out and keep the technology back as long as possible.

The same goes for media. Blogs and alternative news are already taking market shares for each day that passes and the old media needs to adapt or die out. Are they afraid too? Probably.

And politicians, what will such a changed earth do to their occupation?

Well, I can hardly wait.