Friday, October 9, 2009

The only thing that can save us now

There are three things that might turn things around, two of those are very unlikely and consequently can be ignored. Those two are; Alien Invasion and a complete awakening among the world populace.

Aliens, if existing and being able to fly here and wanting to save us, may make a difference. However, such notion belongs in science fiction, not in real life. And even if such creatures exists and are walking among us, why the hell would they “save us”? Nah, that won’t happen.

Some thousands or rather millions of people needed to turn around this ship before it hits the iceberg, will not come to grasp with reality, probably never, and definitely not in time. So we will crash, things will turn very ugly, and when they do it is hard not to think of apocalyptic scenarios. At the very best we will end up in a future rivaling that of Ayn Rand’s novels or those Terminator movies.

That leaves the third thing – a fantastic invention. Let’s imagine that we tomorrow get an unlimited supply of energy, an abundant amount of food, fresh water for everyone and so on. This wouldn’t really eliminate the imposing fascism and our future totalitarian societies, rather strengthen it, but it would mean an unprecedented increase in productivity and billions would leave the poverty line. And, thinking of myself, I could continue living without eagerly awaiting a pending nuclear war with popcorn in my right hand and a bottle of vodka in the left.

Well, there is one thing more, but this means we first need to crash, I mean really crash, down to hell and back kind of a crash. The survivors, IF learned something from the experience, could restart a brave new world. This is also more of a science fiction painted picture, and I have no hope for the idiots of this world to ever learn.

There you have it, I’m off getting myself some vodka and a bag of popcorn now…

What’s the agenda?

It’s impossible to grasp the news of Barack Obama getting the Nobel Peace Prize. It is so way beyond all intellectual capacity, even though I had foreseen such an appointment (my money was on the less racist, and less warmongering Muslim smurf Ahmadinejad). There is not a single reason for this shameful insanity, or?

The Nobel Committee said he won it for "his extraordinary efforts to strengthen international diplomacy and co-operation between peoples".

Yeah, riiiiight. Like when he entices racism and accusing police officers doing their jobs for being racists? Or is it how he continues to accuse Iran for getting tha “bomb”? Maybe it’s the destruction of the world economy or the eminent collapse of the USD they refer to?

The committee highlighted Mr Obama's efforts to support international bodies and promote nuclear disarmament.

Mmkay… I wonder which president that hasn’t “promoted nuclear disarmament”? And US could eliminate a thousand nukes and still have enough of those phallus shaped rockets to destroy the world. Or are they referring to the sword-rattling towards North Korea and Iran? Or is it a thanks for NOT closing down Guantanamo? Is this a ‘thank you’ for continuing to kidnap and torturing supposed “terrorists”?

Within this I also think the main reason for this madness can be found. “To support international bodies” – is the key phrasing. At the very least we can soon expect one or two Norwegians getting appointed to high seats within NATO or IMF. Quid pro quo.

But this is actually the benign interpretation of this scam. I think there is a much more sinister reason. The expanding talks about the New World Order have gain momentum lately. More of the high and mighty is arguing for a world currency, a world government and much more unilateral agreements within the same outlines, and the American President is at the top of this hill, he’s a shame, a puppet, but he is there and brings “hope” to the idiots.

Kissinger once won this prize (1973), so there is no real surprise that his protégé with the strings attached gets the same one. Also, when this excuse of a front figure and head representative of our enemies goes out to impose even more fascism, start new wars or urge us to take the vaccine, this makes it slightly harder to argue against the guy.

Oh, and the total scam of global warming - remember the lying bastard Al Gore that also won the Peace Prize? Well, this makes it easier for them to enforce their global scheme of taxation, and since, among others, Evil incorporated, Goldman Sachs owns lots of release rights, they can, again, steal billions from easily duped sheople.

The agenda seems all too clear now, very scary future we are heading for.

I’m wondering, is this a wake-up call for some of you? It’s time to get out of that slumber now, time to shrug of that shroud they have put over your eyes. Look around you. How much more evidence do you idiots need?


This is the funniest thing ever: The Obamination wins the Nobel Peace Prize!!

So the destroyer of the American economy joins the father of terrorism, a couple of fascists, and countless of lying deceitful bastards that has won this prize before.

The pick-pocket in Chief is waging several wars at the moment, very peaceful he is indeed. And even funnier, he is sending more troops, expanding the war efforts and the only positive number during this year within the American economy compared to last year, is an increase in military shipments and military material!! He’s a worse warmongering President than the hairless chimp before him!!

And this person hasn’t even been president for a year yet, and the crazy Norwegians give him the Peace prize!!

I wonder what they say when he starts the next war and/or expand the current ones?

I cannot stop laughing… It’s un-phantomable… This goes beyond comprehension, it’s fictional, unbelievable. I’m actually lost for words, although one should have seen this coming... oh, wait... I did...

I’m going to hell – oh yeah!

Joined a long discussion last night regarding a video that depicted young kids, around 8-9-10y old, in some African or South American country dancing in a very sexual way, eagerly cheered on by their “teachers”. The adult teachers later joined in and danced with them in true rap-video fashion.

Now this was kind of explicit, but as anyone that has travelled around knows, such things go on here and there and aren’t necessarily directly sexually linked. It can have fertility connections, or just be an ancient ritual. It can be the way religiosity is shown, or it can be the way people have fun. All you haft to do is to watch some kids training for a carnival watch some good-luck dancing in Central Africa or even take a look at some cheerleader practice, and you find similar expressions. This I happened to point out, not as a defense, but rather a way of offer an alternative explanation to the very harsh condemnations in that discussion. This discussion happen to be mainly for US citizens of the more deeply Christian belief, you know, bible-thumping people with very clear opinions.

So, needless to say, I got accused of being a leftie, a pedophile, I loved Obama and his killing-babies policy. All in all, very hilarious, but the real fun didn’t start until some person said I should heed the word of God, because then I happened to mentioned I’m a atheist and couldn’t care less what some fictional character might think. Oh, how fun it was.

One person said I was going to hell, and I agreed, if there is such a place, I’m going there for sure. With the exception for murder I have broken all of the commandments. Well, I’m a bit unsure about the adultery part, does it count if you never been unfaithful but fucked a lot of girls that have been? I love sadomizing, I hold mammon as the true God, and I have done pretty much every “immoral” thing those religious nut-jobs claim is horrid.

But, even worse still, I have happily broken commandments and not only one time, no, several times over. No remorse, no regrets about it, and I hold it very plausible that I'll continue breaking those religious rules.

Also, if there is a God and he really is omnipotent, then he already knows what I think of him and his stupidities. And if he doesn’t, I’ll make sure to tell him if I ever get the chance. That stupid cloud-dwelling bastard should be spit at by everyone ever suffered in this or any other world.

So I’m going to hell, if there is such a place. And who would like to go to a happy, tranquil place filled with know-it-all people anyway? I rather go to that big BBQ cavern filled with journalists, politicians and lawyers. Hopefully Satan acknowledges my marketing skills and gives me a job within that department.