Thursday, May 21, 2009

The screw factor

Some girl has sold her virginity again and some idiot businessman has bought his right to penetrate her pedo-catcher. I don’t mind girls doing this here and there, it is actually very smart. Getting kind of rich having sex; two birds with one stone. But I do have a problem with those men paying for it, how stupid are these guys!? You can get a bunch of tiny Lolita’s for that amount of money or travel the world picking up virgins everywhere. So this is just very bad business. Girls smart, men stupid.

But of course there is always something roaming around screwing all gender without the benefit of orgasms or getting paid for it. Instead you pay it and you get the nice pleasure of bureaucracy being smashed down your throat. This arse penetration by an enormous political apparatus without any kind of preparation or lubrication is of course courtesy of the government. The German government might be claiming this girl for 50% in taxes. Isn't that nice? When are we going to stand up to these people? They create a world-wide crisis, they tax us to death and they rule our lives. How many more inches can we take? I’m screaming since many years and I’m hoping the rest of you join the falsetto because it will soon be too late.