Sunday, August 23, 2009

What Jewish papers write

Have spent the morning reading several articles and stories in Israeli newspapers and its really funny reading. Among other things I picked up a couple of stories in The Jerusalem Post. One quoted former Sweden residents, saying, among other things: “the anti-Semitism in Sweden is so deep-rooted that the people don't even know they're anti-Semitic." In the same paper you can read a story supposedly written by the former wife of the former Israeli ambassador in Sweden. This woman claims Sweden “abuses its freedom of speech” and recites a couple of incidents in this regard. I could go on and tell you about more stories like these, but you really should go and read them yourself.

Anyway, the stories have one common dominator; demonize Sweden and Swedes as anti-Semitic and further enhance the feeling of “us against them”. In doing so, really achieving the same level of stupidity they are accusing Sweden and the Swedish paper of having. I’m not saying all of the claims are wrong, of course not. There are lots of leftie idiots in Sweden, especially among journalists, which explain why they never do their job. There is anti-Israeli demonstration every year and it’s hard to walk down the street without bumping into a girl wearing a Palestinian keffiyeh. It is also true that there is a large Muslim population in Sweden wherein some elements are hard-line haters of Judaism. However, there are two facts that should be told. Firstly I would say that a vast majority of Swedes, at least in asked to chose a side between Israel or its Arabic neighbours, will side with Israel. Secondly, and this is important, nothing of this has anything to do with this diplomatic debacle. Nothing. It’s about freedom of speech, period.

It does not matter how many articles or stories the Jewish propaganda machine spits out, it does not change the fact that this was one journalist in one Swedish paper. I personally don’t care if the man is a Communist-Nazi and celebrate the Holocaust each year, it’s still his right to say or write whatever as long as its not pure threats. Why should the Swedish government, in effect the Swedish people, apologize or condemn one idiot’s ramblings in a paper no one with intellect cares about?

And again I need to question the lack of grey matter among the ruling elite in Israel. If the purpose is to try to stop the “anti-Semitic” ways in certain countries, then this is an utter failure of epic proportions. If the purpose is to strengthen the lefties propaganda and give more power to those who truly are Israel’s enemies, congratulations, it’s a success. Already we have seen several Swedish articles about other “side-issues” that tries to label Israel as a crocked racist state, and one can almost hear the chuckle in locked basement filled with skinheads wearing huge combat boots.

Once upon a time I walked into an anti-Israeli demonstration with a collect-box together with some similar minded friends and collected several hundreds from stupid lefties. On the box you could openly, and clearly, read: “collecting for the Israeli Army”. The money was later sent, if I remember correctly, to a Jewish foundation for war-victims. As a response for this and many similar actions I received venomous death-threats. I believe Israel has the right to exist and in many cases, although not all, I support the Jewish state. However, this issue is about free speech and even if Sweden is in no way perfect in this regard (fascist laws in regards to Internet for one), we who are believers in human right will always side with the freedom of expression. Even if this means we indirectly support a horrifying leftie journalist with a clear agenda of hatred towards Israel.

This is what it means to fight for freedom and democracy, even when it hurts and you really don’t want to, the basic rights most come first. For me, this goes all the way through regarding all rights, for others not so much. But for once the Swedish populace is almost in total agreement and this Israel needs to acknowledge before they do more damage on a issue that could easily been handled in a much better way.

Debunking more lies

A couple articles in Swedish newspapers today is talking about the current depression and how things are “turning around”. As usual without any sense of reality or basic understanding of math, so lets debunk those shall we?

1. Germany and France are out of the ‘recession’
Not true. You can read how I already have revealed that lie here. Basically what have been done are three things: One is that those governments have thrown billions at the car industry and since all that cornflake economists are looking for is higher GDP, they have succeeded. Not taking into account that this is a fictive run or that this means that people that soon might have bought a car anyway now wont. Another reason is that trade surpluses can be shown which makes up almost half of both countries GDP plusses. The third is lots of different useless government projects, mainly on borrowed money, that also increases GDP. All of these numbers are consequently manufactured, not actual increases in wealth. And what will happen when those government programs runs out? Although, granted, France and Germany is in better shape than many other countries, one cannot say they are out of the wood, that’s a lie.

2. Japan is out of the ‘recession’
Japan is living almost entirely on trade surpluses, mainly to China that, as mentioned, is living in a fictive world of boom and bust. You can read about my earlier debunking of that travesty here.

3. A fall in Real-Estate prices in the US
I don’t really know what they got those numbers from, although true that the prices has fallen slightly lately the levels are still way to high and as foreclosures and defaulting is reaching the highest levels in history at the same time as new developments never before have been this low it is hard to see the positives. You can read more about this lie here.
Also, as mentioned in that link, the commercial real-estate bubble is about to burst. With interest rates at zero and lots of cheap fiat money available the real prices are much much lower.

4. The psychological financial climate has changed
This is partly true. With trillions of freshly printed dollars in circulation the financial institutes are doing insider trading, and gambling on a rising stock market for future gains. Many banks are also showing profits for the first time in a year which further increases the madness. Here you need to know that many banks, almost all of the important US ones, are double-dealing and lying about their numbers. Every time a fallen bank has gone bankrupt, the value is written down 25%-30%-40% and even over 50% which means that ITS ALL A LIE! If there is this much overvalue in many banks, not just American ones, we have enormous bubbles developing. The entire situation is totally absurd. Almost all that money that governments and central banks have thrown into the system is going to financial institutes whom then (as before and during the crisis) fictively increase their own value and put much of that money to use at the stock market that increases stocks even further. This is the mother of all bubbles and if we were to crash from these levels down to depression numbers, which we in all likelihood will, it will make the “Great Depression” look like a walk in the park.

5. The credit crunch is easing off and people are borrowing.
This is crazy at so many levels its hard to know where to begin. First of all the total debts levels are reaching such heights its ridiculous. Many countries have total debts of well over 300% of GDP! Never before in history have such debt accumulation been seen. Not even if you put the first and second world war together we reach up to our current levels. Can you imagine that? If you really comprehend this madness you are probably laughing as uncontrollable as I am.
But, of course, it doesn’t stop there. Because most of the money we borrow is already borrowed and indebted since it comes from *drum roll* the printing machine! Looking at history, not even Zimbabwe started with these levels of printing. But even this isn’t enough. We have also the fun fact that interest rates are already desperately needed at much higher levels. In a real market economy the rates would be around 5-10% now depending on which country we are talking about. So what do you think is going to happen when interest rates eventually goes up if you look at all those suckers that has borrowed indebted money to buy things they in reality cannot afford? This scenario might be frightening and should make you start piling up dried-up food packages, but add to this equation what I wrote about banks further up and you will start to realize what I and many others have; we are soooo screwed that it dwarfs anything from human history. We have never been in this much trouble - things have never before looked this bad.

6. We can recover despite high unemployment
Some politicians have claim we have a jobless recovery. Wtf!? So unemployment levels in double digits aren’t a problem? People having no income in addition to further increases on welfare expenditures aren’t a problem? People not able to pay back their loans or mortgages are a good thing? More demonstrations or even civil unrest is fantastic? What world do these people live in? Idiots!

The final things you need to worry about are those things that haven’t happened yet. What I mean is what if oil-producing Venezuela ends up in a war with Columbia or USA’s military attacks oil-producing Iran? What if China has a real rebellion? What if a terrorist attack by nuclear or chemical weapons strikes London? What if Russia starts cleaning house among the old Soviet states? The possibilities for such events are endless and mark my words, one or several of the mentioned or similar ones are in the works at the very time you read this. And if such an event takes place, what will that do to the world economy?

Please take notes. Every journalists writing this crap and every economists that is trying to fool you should be on you future hit list. All our politicians, with very few exceptions, from left to right, are liable and should be hold accountable. There is no recovery, it cannot happen. Even if fictive numbers and temporarily gains can be shown - it’s all a lie! We cannot recover until we have changed the way we live and throw out the old order as well as the coming new order. We need a fresh start and that will not come from above, its up to you, the average man, you are the one that might turn this around. I don’t think you will because there are no heroes left in the world, but if you don’t, there will be no end to this madness.

Eating a none Israeli orange

It has been a very long time since one could have a sense of pride in regards to a Swedish government, but honor those that deserve it.

The current Swedish administration has been imposing fascist laws regarding the free media, heighten taxes on gasoline and tobacco, they have not cut expenditures enough and that stupid central bank is keeping interest rates so low it will ruin the economy, but still, I need to praise the Swedish government when they actually deserve it and now they do. Apparently those Israeli idiots keep quarrelling for a condemnation and apology from Sweden for what one journalist wrote in one leftie paper. Both the Swedish foreign minister and the prime minister have told the Jewish idiots that they are not the publisher of that paper and that there is such a thing as freedom of speech. Halləluya.

And it is very hard to figure out why Sweden, the Swedish populace or the government should apologize. It was one journalist in one newspaper, what have the rest done? Bought the paper? Not rooted enough for new settlements in occupied territories? Those Israeli idiots need to get real and smell their own stupidity. And what about those allegations? Surly they can be disproven? We all know that things happens in a war and it is likely that one or the other soldier have raped, shoot a kid or stolen some organs, it happens. Nothing really strange about it so say that if that’s the case, otherwise just disprove those claims and we can start ridiculing the paper and the journalist.

What the Israelis should do is to call for a boycott of that paper that, most likely, is spreading lies. That is also something people can do in a democracy, refuse to buy crap. But no, Israeli politicians are still posturing and arguing for a case they cannot win. It doesn’t matter even if the Swedish government eventually caves in; the only looser in this debacle is Israel. The winner? Of course leftie morons of the red, brown and black color that gets a real argument for a change.

But I need to admit, this is entertainment. So while am nibbling on a orange that is of the none-Israeli variety I’m hoping some Swedish politician lose it and start with the same name-calling as the Israeli idiots does. Or, better yet, puts a stretched and thin Challah on the middle finger and wave it up in the air in the Israeli faces. Fun fun fun…