Thursday, June 7, 2012

Depression procrastination or reality

Time to make a choice...

In order to see through the lies flying about at the moment you should note the following discrepancies about our currenct financial dilemma, so you know what is what.

Spending our way out:
the Keynesian/socialist notion claiming that borrowing and printing shitloads of money and spending them on useless things kick-starts the economy and get GDP rolling. This CAN (theoretically) send positive signals out to market and temporary get things going - that is if you can fool the people and if the actual problem(s) you´re trying to circumvent ARE NOT; too much debt; too much money-printing; and too many regulations. Also, since GDP is a scam to begin with and since printing more money increase inflation this is, in the best case scenario, a zero-sum game. Usually (always) however this means that we create bottle-necks in the economy, inflation goes up and we´ve indebted ourselves even further. Using this today with the problems we have is not only stupid, it's deliberate evilness. This is how they created The Greatest Depression, do you really want them to build upon it?

Fake "Austerity":
Doing what oily Greeks (and others) have been fooled and paid for to do; that is pulling back (slightly) government spending in the public realm but retaining the spending in the form of transferring the money saved through cutbacks and using money given through loans over to banksters. In essence they are spending as much as before but in another way. No longer on the people, oh no, not at all; it is to save banks. The very same banks that are behind the mess in the first place.

REAL  "Austerity":
Not really austerity, but rather it means that government and countries live within their means - a nation living within its means, i.e. spending less (or equal to) than what it confiscates in tax revenue. A weird concept today. Archaic even. This is what Sweden and Germany somewhat tries to do, and they get bullied for it although showing it works better then the alternative. But if you really want to see what happens when a country is sliding into depression and applies this simple formula, look at Estonia of today. Already out on the other side, already growing.
They did what elitists refuse to do, and it worked.

How many times in history has fake austerity or spending your way out worked?

Not  a single time.


How is that for a history lesson?

Now, go out and vote for and cheer on those deemed better as you always do. Just remember, if you read this post (and others) you know reality now and you know what works and what don´t.

The fattest lady in history is about to sing the highest note ever heard

"If it wasn't for its banks' continued support at auctions, Spain would be unable to sell its debt. Right now confidence in Spain is at an all-time low."

// Nicholas Spiro of Spiro Sovereign

Hahaha.... if you don´t understand the fun with above quote, go down and read my previous post... 

this is hilarious stuff!!!

And the Chinese have just decided to lower their interest rates in order to join in the mutual destruction game!! 


Bernie the Spender Bernanke is up! Let´s hope for QE3/4 here and we´re really off!! 

I cannot stop laughing and my co-workers are looking funny at me...  :)