Tuesday, March 3, 2009

A pink dolphin? That would look good stuffed and dead

Some animals are great to kill, like tigers and elephants, just to prove you are better than they are. Others are great to kill because they are in the way, like polar bears. Others need to be put down because of their evilness like Koala Bears or those retched cows. But the biggest satisfaction might come from those rare finds, like a pink Dolphin for instance. I mean who wouldn’t love that thing dead and stuffed in your living room? The only thing I wondering about is if there is more of them or will one of these soon to be dead and stuffed things be the only example?

Soon at a funeral near you.

Oink oink again…

One youngster in Sweden has been convicted of saying “Nöff nöff” (Oink oink) to a couple of pigs… oh... sorry, police officers. His terrible sentence after being dragged to court and costing the tax payers a bundle is a fee of 200kr (around 18 pounds). The same 15y old can now go to school and call his fellow classmates hookers and pimps and he can even yell to the teacher and get nothing but maybe lower grades. This is completely absurd. Why did the prosecutor drag this to court? Didn’t the police officers have murderers or rapist to run after? And why should the tax payers pay for this crap?

I know that the police are the prolonged arm of the government and that they sometimes shoot and kill harmless citizen, but normally I actually have respect and some confidence in the police, but this is just ridiculous. Here you have some pictures (maybe I can cost some money to?):


Maybe you won’t die?

I don’t know how many of you that remembers the Ozone thingy in the 80’s. It was its times “Environmental disaster!” Apparently refrigerators, hairspray and greenhouse gases nibbled away at the ozone layer creating a hole that became bigger for each day you picked up the newspaper. Doomsday analysts like scientists, biologists and politicians spoke of “a new ice age” (or much hotter climate, depending on the day) and Cancer was going to be the biggest plague mankind had ever seen. Predictions about the future of humans and the cancer that were going to hit us all were gloomy at best. If those predictions had been right there would have been piles of people everywhere dead or dying from cancer. Suddenly I read in today’s paper that the ozone layer is getting thicker… what..? No death and Cancer epidemics? How come? Did the scientists, biologist’s politicians and Armageddon spokespersons get it wrong? That has never happen before…

How you know you are an idiot

There is lots of indication of your stupidity. Praying towards Mecca and contemplating to blow up an airplane in order to be hugged by some virgins is a pretty sure sign of idiocy. If you believed that the Bible should be read literary or that Obama will be good for America is other good signs of your insanity. I can count up several ways of measuring your low intelligence, but something that never fails is this question:

“Do you believe that the government can give you something?”

99, 9% of all people will answer yes to this and other follow up questions like: Can you get free education? Is healthcare free of charge? Can the government help you get a job? And so on. Consequently 99, 9% of all people on this planet are idiots. And there is really no end to this madness. People have thought and still believe that politicians can give them cheaper groceries, better theaters or even better sports teams. Trash collecting can be: “complimentary” and things like water and electricity can be: “on the house”, all we haft to do is: let politicians make the decisions and give us these things. In the traces of the resent financial crisis people believe that if the government increase spending and help us with some more money, it will be fixed. How did you all become so dense and without any sense of reality?

If you are one of the few people on this planet that know that the unnecessary roundabout of governments not only don’t make things “free” or “cheaper” but in reality actually does the complete opposite, than you have some grey matter working for you. Not that it helps, if you are anything like me you drink a lot, do drugs, and sleep with strangers or run away as much as possible from that annoying reality. Knowledge isn’t bliss people and maybe that’s the answer to why you all are so incredible stupid, you don’t want to know.