Tuesday, September 7, 2010

The eye of the storm is about to pass

I haven’t been writing that much lately and there’s a reason for it. I have been waiting for the real mayhem to start, waiting for the next wave that will not and cannot be stopped. Basically I see no reason to repeat myself just to keep people reading my crap.

However, recent indications point to a crucial upheaval coming our way soon. The Japanese are throwing their 5487th stimulus package into the fire; the Obamination of the US is about to do the same. The American central bank, Federal Reserve, is continuing roaming around in dark shadows buying government bonds. And the war rhetoric has changed. Apparently Iraq is no longer a war-zone and the Afghan debacle is kept of the news while millions continue to starve, fleeing from and get murdered by the American war machine in Pakistan. Apparently they had a flooding so of course people are dying, not because of American imperialism, oh no, it’s because of the weather.

The continuous hunt after peaceful file sharing youngsters and the free independent online press is also mostly kept of the news. Today we learn that fascist thugs have taken control over and confiscated servers all over the place. Among others; Wikileaks severs. What are the odds eh..?

Add in that the Chinese scam of building cities no-one lives in to keep prices and their fake GDP up seem to have reached its peak. And we also need to add Eastern European countries facing another tumble and that our favorite PIGS are still in huge trouble.

There are a lot of other things that should be pointed out, but I’ve done so before and there are better writers out there if you want that kind of information.
To sum it all up, the end is closing in.

About ten years ago I predicted that the first signs of the crash would happen around x-mas of 2007, and it did. I also said that they could, with mad schemes and trickery, keep the scam rolling for another couple of years or so. Consequently I thought that the real crash, the mother of all depressions, would be here in the spring of 2010. Evidently that prediction didn’t pan out. I was too optimistic. Yes, really. I actually thought that once reality sunk in and our puppet masters knew that nothing they did could save the world from crashing things would unravel fast. That would have been a better scenario and although the following ten years of depression would have been horrid, that’s nothing to what’s install for us now.

You see I didn’t really understand back then that media is bought and paid for at 100% levels, and I partly missed how deep the rabbit hole goes. But my worst mistake was that I actually had some faith in the financial market.

In my mind, back then, markets has a built-in failsafe that would react and punish mad politicians and so, around now, nothing would work anymore. What I failed to realize is that most financial markets are controlled by certain shadowy groups and pure malevolent evilness (*cough* Goldman Sachs *cough*). This isn’t really a conspiracy, and mostly it’s not calculated evil either, but the end result, the actual consequence is about the same as any true tin-foil hat would argue.

The calm period is soon over but I don’t really dare to throw any predictions on the table at this moment. The depression is already here, been here all along, hiding behind the facade. The question is when will it surface and bring the world to its knees? It should have already happened.

And when it does, I hope you keep those four funny words ringing in your head…

I Told you So!