Thursday, September 10, 2009

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The terrorists are winning

Today is 9/11 and in remembrance of the victims of the World Trade Center we are today much less free, more under control and heading towards total autocracy. In reverence of those onboard the planes more wars have been fought, more regulations been passed and travel restrictions are tighter than ever. To the memory of the police and firemen that died at ground zero, new taxes have been imposed; surveillance is closing in on total, and governments everywhere is monitoring everything the people does. We evoke the memory of victims of terror by hindering and stopping humankind’s most fantastic invention, the internet.

Millions of people have died in the aftermath of 9/11, the terrorists resolve has undoubtedly been strengthen, and there is no shortage of new recruits to kill more innocent people. We have given up much of our democratic rights, and hardly any of our basic freedom remains. In effect, one can say, with absolute certainly, that the terrorists are winning.

There are a lot of people believing that 9/11 was a staged attack, possibly by the American government, some powerful banking people or the CIA. I don’t really believe that, the risk would be too great, too many people would know about it, and there is too much evidence showing this was not the case. However, George W Chimp had falling approval rating, and those in power got the perfect excuse to impose a fascist’s wet dream. So in either case, normal people and democracy, as a whole, ended up losing.

The terrorists are beating us. We are losing the war.

America has done what the terrorists wanted. It has become less free. Only the patriot act is a violation of unprecedented degree, and the US are becoming more and more like the police state that we are being told terrorists like. Similar draconian laws are being passed in Europe and it seems like anything can be excused as long as it is disguised as a “war on terror”. Already totalitarian states like China or Iran is claiming “terrorism” as soon as any opposition against the ruling elite pops up, and who can blame them? We almost handed over this argument and if democratic states can do it, why not a dictatorship?

The efforts to make our countries more secure by taking away our privacy rights will not protect us. What will terrorists do if every transaction with an electronic record is tracked? Do you think it will stop them? If we strip-search everyone passing the boarder, have thousands of supercomputers roaming every bit of information, impose restrictions regarding anything remotely dangerous and bomb everyone around us, will that stop terrorists?

One other “war” going on is the war on drugs. Despite dogs and boarder-guards, travel restrictions, constant surveillance, massive media campaigns, and harsh penalties drugs still flow across the boarders without any problem. And if the police happens to catch a couple of bad guys and throw them into jail with steel cages, surrounded by barbed wire, watched by armed guards, getting them drug-tested, strip-searched, X-rayed, and videotaped –they still manage to get in, sell and do drugs. So how can we possibly stop the flow of drugs to an entire nation? We can’t, it’s impossible, and so is stopping a well planed terrorist attack.

There is no problem getting old of a gun, and building a bomb - a kid can do that. Chemical and biological weapons are available for the highest bidder and it’s only a matter of time before the next attack. Terrorism isn’t something new, it’s been around for as long as there has been civilization, so there is nothing new about it either.

Governments everywhere are creating central databases with all of our information in it. And because of this they think they can catch more terrorists. They are wrong. They already had enough information to stop several of the 9/11 terrorists before they committed their terrible acts but they ignored it, or didn’t connect it with other important information. Now they will have hundreds (maybe thousands) of times as much information to sift through. Instead of looking for a needle in a haystack, they will be looking for the same needle in a thousand haystacks. It’s not going to work. The only thing they are doing is crushing what little liberty we have left.

I have always wondered why the American Administration doesn't just blow up the National Archives. None of them pay any attention to the Constitution any way. And we Europeans aren’t any better, and we are more used to being under control, we have it in our blood, and none of the European countries have anything like the US constitution to refer to, we just have laws decreed from above. All a European ruler needs to do is to fool enough people, with the help of the media and other elitists that a certain way of action is prudent, and we are in a dictatorship. This is the road we are on.

So, the terrorists are winning, what can we do about it? Basically nothing except for exchanging rulers, either by election or by revolt. But voting will only put another ruler of the same caliber in place and a rebellion will just make all coup-makers into “terrorists”.

Thankfully, our economies are deteriorating and we are living within the confines of a depression, even if our enemies do their very best to argue the opposite. In the end this may lead to something good, if people finally realize who to blame and what to do.

What we need is more freedom, not less. Smaller governments, not bigger. But what we really need is to fully understand the concept of violence. Most people are against wars wherein armed people face other armed people, but very few are against armed police and military striking down at unarmed citizens. Many people are against aggressive attacks on foreign land, but the very same people have no qualms about the government using the same violence or threat of violence against their own populace. As long as you do not look into the mirror and admit to yourself that you, in fact, are pro-violence and that you want the government to use force against its own people, including against yourself, we can never stop terrorism or wars coming to be. If you don’t see this, ask yourself the following questions. What happens if you stop paying taxes? If you refuse the draft? What will they do to you if you build a house in a certain style, with a certain color at a certain place without the government’s permission? The only way a government can act is through violence or threat of violence. Let me repeat that, you need to understand, the ONLY power a government has is the power of force. As long as you don’t recognize this fact, you are always going to be pro-violence, pro-war and, in affect; pro-terrorism. And this is why the terrorists are winning.

And I hope that more of you realize what they are doing to the free media. Even if you support the war on terror or most of the stuff the government does, don’t you wanna have access to instantaneous information from independent sources just in case? Don’t you want to feel you can read hundreds of papers online instead of being dependent of a few? Please people; don’t let them stop the signal.

European funnies

As most educated, intelligent and well informed people know, the madness and evildoing exists pretty much everywhere. Our entire species is just a bunch of sheople waiting for our masters to shave of our wool, feed us and in other ways take care of us. And as the saying goes, some at the farm are a bit more equal than others.

One of these a-bit-more-equal ones is the froggy leader, in this story called Sarky. Sarky have decided that families on his part of the farm will pay an extra tax for the trucks bringing food, seed and other useful products. This is because of Sarky’s unrelenting thirst for power and a desperate need for more money to his court. Since this authority figure and his jesters always seem to run out of founds, and since they cannot overtax sheople directly on the work they do on the farm, that would be to obvious, they have instead needed to invent a scheme to hide their greed. Thankfully, almost all other communities within the farm and the UA (United Animals) have tricked most flocks that the fumes from the truck are dangerous. During campaigns such as “let the horse pull the wagon again” and the wonderful “fertilizer can be used as fuel”, they have used professor CooCooshit and his employed staff of equally greedy students, to sell this notion. The tax – initially set at €17 per tonne of carbon dioxide emissions – will be levied on each animal and businesses for fossil fuel consumption within the farm. It’s all a scam, of course, but once implemented it will bring in mucho green to Sarky and all of those of stature to successfully pay for a manor or two and leave money over for more height increasing apparatuses. The latter to bring Sarky, and others of unfair lower heights, up to normal sized animals.

Bordering to Sarky’s kingdom, is the former arch enemy of the froggies, the wiener loving cows. Their supreme leader Mrs Merkuul and her marry band of bandits have decided to re-ratify The Farm’s Lisbonbon Treaty. This in a masterful move of deceit and power play in order to get those pesky leprecon’s a bit further away to finally cave in under pressure and approve this treaty on their 58th attempt to vote about it. All 58 times before those stupid leprecons have voted no, but that does not stop the European Farm Union’s elitists to push for another referendum, those island living leprecons are bound to make the correct decision sooner or later. Just give them enough chances.

A bit south on the Farm is the home of Mr. Berluscones . He’s the leader of the pasta and wine community consistent of goats. Mr. Berluscones have recently been revealed as a sex crazed old goat. As the owner of several farm-pamphlets he has tried to avoid the exposure, but when it was found out that he has lots of buttered up phallus-shaped loafs of very stale bread at his mansion, a mansion that often got visits from well-shaped professional hens, his secret came out. Most of the other elitists envy this old goat for getting erected at his age, but a total of 30 young hens were alleged to have attended 18 dinner parties at Mr. Berluscones lavish residence over a five month period, with five allegedly paid 1,000 Euros each to spend the night and offer the aged goat services like “tickle me with feathers” and “that’s not where the eggs comes out”. And such events cannot go by without being the talk of the farm.

And finally, all over the farm there has been a big crisis. Crops are withering, the farmhouse is falling apart, the barn is losing its paint and the water is drying up. Also the high payouts to animals doing nothing has grown so much that hardly anyone works anymore. But, most importantly, the sinister crows, that handles all the money, have swindled away most riches, lend out a lot that no one can pay back and also stolen what little glimmering metals there are.

Now, however, the elitists from all animals and kingdoms have got together and borrowed from other farms, and among themselves, to pay for cute little rip-offs.

They have used their printing machines to paper over all the holes in the farmhouse, and with red paper glued to the barn it looks brand new again. In the fields they have put out plastic crops to fill in the gaps of the ones failing, and the water has been rationed. All leftover riches, and most of the borrowed ones, have gone to the crows, they are sure to do a better job this time around – propping up stocks and creating fake values in the farm with all this borrowed and newly printed money.

Thanks to the elitists of the farm, the crows have also managed to trick several farm animals to borrow money for themselves again, buying new homes they actually don’t need and getting so in debt they hardly can feed their young.

And now when the farm is looking quite good again, the farm newsletter, own by the crows, is shrieking out that the crisis is over.

So now all is well, let’s just hope that tornado at the horizon doesn’t strike the farm. Also we can put trust in that that strange looking noisy mountain with that shiny stuff pouring out of it isn’t up to any mischief.

Yapp, all is well…

Ever seen a Girl Scout flying past during a hurrican?

WASHINGTON (AFP) – The United States wants to enlist its 3.4 million Girl Scouts in the effort to combat hurricanes, pandemics, terror attacks and other disasters.

How fun? Isn’t it?

With the promise of a new patch if they pitch in and undergo training, many young girls are likely to sign up. The patch will be available alongside existing Girls Are Great, Girl Scouts Against Smoking, Media Know-How and Read to Lead patches, and, of course, the Cookie Sale Activity Pin.

I’m still trying to rap my head around the “combat hurricane” –scenario. How exactly is this going to work? I do guess that the main idea is to have these pedocatchers helping out with debris, helping the sick, distribute food and such, but is a hurricane stricken area really the sort of place for young girls? Riots, lootings, injured and desperate people with lots of mayhem and destruction doesn’t really sound like selling cookies. And pandemics? Will they help out holding down babies so they don’t squiggle too much during vaccination? And terrorist attacks? There is probably no real catching-the-bad-guy training involved, but what then? Picking up body-parts? Searching our computers? Reassuring adults that everything is going to be okay?

During World War II, Girl Scouts operated bicycle courier services, invested more than 48,000 hours in Farm Aid projects, collected fat and scrap metal. As the end of the second millennium neared and computers around the world were expected to be stricken with a debilitating bug, Girl Scouts were enlisted in some parts of the country to hand out advice about the threat poised by Y2K. After the September 11, 2001 attacks scouts hosted remembrance ceremonies and wrote thank-you letters to rescuer workers.

Aha, okay, that answers some questions, they are going to act as an extra free working unite spreading “information”, writing letters and otherwise being helpful. However, some of my questions above still remains, and doesn’t this sound more like forming more government stooges? And sure enough…:

The unveiling of the patch marks a partnership between the scouts and Citizen Corps, a community-based initiative under the DHS's Federal Emergency Management Agency.

This kind of works well together with a decision from 18 of March 2009 made by the House in the US, when they voted yes to the Generations Invigorating Volunteerism and Education (GIVE) Act. This made it possible to dramatically increase funding for AmeriCorps, with a goal of expanding from 75,000 volunteers to 250,000 (nowadays apparently there are even more of them). Obama has also called on all citizens to “serve America” requiring somewhere in-between 50-150 hours of community service. Under this plan, all Americans between the ages of eighteen and twenty-five will be asked to serve their country by going through three months of basic training, civil defense preparation and community service.” These people also get fun things like uniforms, staying at campuses for their training and get paid for this voluntary service.

Ever considered bringing home those millions of soldiers deployed all over the world? But nah, that might lower GDP, and we cannot have that.

Yeah, this will turn out very well…

Probably not really applicable, I just like the picture…

Some more voices on the USD

And then a new World currency...

The madness continues II – the UK example

It is also reported that House Prices in the UK rose for the second successive month in August. House prices rose 0.8 per cent in August, on top of a 1.2 per cent rise in July.

From FT: Martin Ellis, economist at Halifax, said: “Demand for housing has increased since the start of the year due to better affordability and low interest rates. This, together with low levels of property available for sale, has boosted house prices over the last few months.”

This evildoer is partly right, low interest rates and low levels of property for sale has boosted sales somewhat. But do you know what? Britain’s taxpayer-owned banks are actually also selling repossessed property assets to their own subsidiaries to avoid billions of pounds of losses that would be incurred by selling them in the open market. Not sure what this means? Let me explain.

A bank gets themselves another bank, a lending institute, or just starts one. Then they make this institution buy homes from the bigger and more sinister counterpart at “market value” which makes the books look nicer. So why don’t put it out on the open market? To keep the price up because the market is not willing to buy at that price, and higher prices and more incoming revenue make the master-bank look solvent. All in all, making prices go up. Isn’t this a nice little move?

The same thing is going on in the US, which is the main reason why any closed bank gone bankrupt is written down 20-30-40% and sometimes over 50% in value. These giant losses being raked up can ONLY be dealt with if prices continue up in addition to people getting back to work and wealth accumulation takes off again. If this doesn’t happen… well… let’s just say bon voyage…

Read more in this times article

The madness continues

The cost of purchasing an apartment continues upwards in Sweden. Unemployment is still going up; the government is running a SEK 200 billion deficits, several banks still have huge loses to cope with, trade is way down and the fundamentals in the economy is shaky at best, but people are still buying homes. The total accumulated Swedish debt is now 150% of GDP and rising, but people are still borrowing and buying apartments. Now, what’s the very definition of a bubble again?

There are two reasons for prices going up. Firstly, with a lesser impact, are the low level of construction and a scarcity of homes in general. If there isn’t enough on the markets, prices will go up. The government has seen to this through massive regulations, sky-high taxes and few competitors. Secondly, and most important, interest rates from the central bank (Riksbanken) is actually on minus, in affect paying lending institutes to take hundreds of billions. With this free money and very low interest rates, people feel the urge to out borrowing and spend, further raking up a debt. This is, of course, pure madness.

We are repeating the mistakes made in the 80’s when the real-estate and housing markets in Sweden crashed, making several banks going bankrupt. But this time around it’s even worse. Worse because of how the world markets and several fundaments in several important economies look. The Chinese government is urging its citizens to buy Gold and Silver, ever wondered why that is?

People should not be buying anything right now, and least of all, housing. Such a big investments means that lots of money get tied up in a fixed way, and if there is a mortgage attached to it, those idiots are trapped when the real mayhem starts. So lots of capital is getting ensnared within homes, capital that is much needed elsewhere, and will be even more wanted in the future. We stake up more debt and will build a huge bubble. Together with all the rest of the economy this spells complete disaster.

The central bank people and the Swedish government should all be stringed up. But you, the idiots, you are also to blame. If you listen to cornflake economists, deceitful elected frauds and pundits that never got a single thing right, then you deserve whatever you get