Monday, May 11, 2009

Mutilating babies is fun

I never got the apparently funny thing about cutting of some pieces from helpless children’s genetalia. Of course there are some cultures that frown upon females having a good time in bed and consequently some people (mostly males) feel it necessary to cut off some bits and pieces. And I also know there are some religious nut-jobs enjoying using a scalpel on a penis. But when people claiming to be for human rights condone this torture I kind of get upset. Advocating democracy at the same time as promoting communism is one thing, but claiming to be against waterboarding and ACTA but having no problems whatsoever with mutilation of children is something completely different. I have meet many that seemingly loves inflicting pain on suffering children and they mostly hide behind some religious stupidity. Others claim hygiene or culture as reasons for maiming their own flesh and blood. Afflicting pain has been one of mankind’s main occupations throughout the ages, so one is hardly surprised by this madness. Every mole, doctor or nurse participating in this act should get trialed for torture and get shoot, hanged, tortured. These a-holes are the worst kind of people in this world. And any politicians that is against protecting basic human rights and making the world a safer place for those that cannot protect themselves should be standing against the same wall.

If someone feels the urge to cut off a limb, prostitute themselves or jump off a bridge when they are old enough and rational enough to make that decision, let them. It should be every humans personal choice what they want to do with their body. I have still not really forgiven my mother for baptising me which is a huge violating of my own right of choice, if she had cut of some skin of my penis, I would probably not even talk to the woman or drag her to court for torturing me when I was young and helpless.

It should be hunting season on anyone performing this depraved act to another human. I do not care if such people where prison guards at Treblinka or doctors at the nearest hospital, the crimes are the same. Shoot the bastards!

More stupid economists

Cornflake-economists are seemingly growing on trees nowadays. Again some committee is declaring that Sweden’s finance minister and the government isn’t doing enough to avert the economic crisis. There are so many holes in their arguments that it’s hard to know where to start. But let’s ignore the basic math, the inflator policy they are advocating and the stupidity with wasting the government’s last resources and let’s go straight for two relevant questions.

Firstly, why the hell do these greedy and corrupt fiddlers of the enemy class think it is a good idea to “help” wasteful local politicians that have squandered every last penny? Is it a good thing supporting elected criminals in desperate need of a well-waved penis extension? If the government always throws money at every little wasteful bugger in the kingdom every time trouble arises, when will anyone ever get prudent and stop wasting? It is like saying that lavish spending and utter madness is a good thing. It is not the government’s fault that certain local political councils have the collective intellect of a single celled organism.

Secondly, in a very export dependent country like Sweden that more or less stands and falls with the global economy, why is it that important to waste money on “stimulus”? Does a couple of billions more of the peoples stolen money uselessly spent on the same people it was stolen from really increase living standards so much that this is a good idea? Will there be some magical effects from extra Keynesianism that will lead to higher productivity?

It’s not that hard to believe that people (very loosely use of the word “people”) going to government founded universities with more or less governmentally controlled curriculums that then goes to work for the government are promoters of socialism, but still sometimes one speculates were the brain-cells actually goes. At least one item taken from their perversion belt should be rational and a reflection of some understanding, but nah.

Again I must urge you all to take notice that these brainless chimps are nothing but stooges of the enemy class and what they are saying, which the Swedish government sooner or later will adjust to, is the complete opposite of what ought to be done and that they are the ones you really should focus your resentment on in the future. When that famous shit really hits the man-driven fan, do not blame some CEO or a capitalist jumping out the window; blame these a-holes and their followers.