Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Breaking the law

While the Swedish government does almost the right thing when it comes to economy, they instead impose some of the most fascists laws that even seen daylight. People sharing information and downloading from Internet is going to get hunted by Gestapo-like dogs with the only agenda to save bad businesses that have done nothing to increase profitability since Internet come to use. But also the main problem is that government itself have created this “problem” by imposing ridicules taxes which makes products so expensive that people don’t want to buy them anymore. So when the governments together with bad businesses see ordinary people sharing files and information over the internet without paying taxes, they need to do something, so they make millions of people outlaws and now they are going to hunt them. And you don’t even need to have committed a crime; you only need to be a suspect to get frightening letters (the old way) and get your property confiscated. Apparently the Swedish government doesn’t feel like there are enough criminals and that the justice system shouldn’t spend their time on murderers or rapists.

I really hope most Swedish people break these laws and start doing it on a massive scale so we can see old people getting dragged from their homes for downloading Madonna songs and have youngsters growing up detesting “justice”. In the end that can actually work as a good way of convincing people how stupid central power really is and maybe, just maybe, it can be a new way for people to realize that the government (any of them) is an evil institution build solely on the notion of taking things at gunpoint. Me, I never break any laws, but I am however willing to become a rat and sneak around and point out people so these newly formed fascists thingies can do their business more effectively. And there should be rewards for helping with getting people “trialed”, huge rewards. I think that’s should be the next step, rewarding those turning in their neighbors. And I am hoping they use tax money doing so.

Let the bad seeds die

Bad companies that cannot survive on the market shouldn’t. If they fall, let them. If they fail, let them. General Motors have a negative equity around 86 billion’s and have been losing money for years. I’m surprised they lasted this long. It’s a bad company that’s going to cost the American taxpayers stupid amounts of borrowed and newly printed money, let them die and one shouldn’t even spend time thinking about it.

OECD – the absurdity club

I got a bit intrigued by OECD’s latest “revelations” and the absurdity of it so I took a closer look at this Klaus Schmidt-Hebbel figure and lord and behold; I found a small little article from The Observer with an interview and collected some good pieces from this OECD Chief Economist. If one didn’t know who this guy is, you might think it is Barack Obama or some social democrat speaking.

It is likely that recovery will be slower than in recent economic downturns, but the actual pace of recovery will depend largely on how quickly financial markets resume transactions and lending, even if that lending remains relatively restricted, at least compared with 2002-2007

Aha, so borrowing more money and spending them is the answer to this crisis? Together with more restrictions? I wonder what got us into this mess in the first place… And the American lending spree was "free" without restrictions and no government involvement? You can almost see this guy reading Kafka and Marx alone under a dim light rubbing his hands together.

Of course, this is the worst financial crisis in decades, but a repeat of the 1930s Great Depression is highly unlikely, thanks in large part to those massive rescue plans now in place.

Hum… I wonder what they did back in the 20’s and 30’s? oh, that’s right, they had several massive rescue plans.
President Hoover set up National Credit Corporation (NCC). This government agency aimed to induce banks to pool $500 million to help save failing financial institutions. That followed by Finance Corporation (RFC) which had the War Finance Corporation (WFC), a government bailout fund set up to allow the government to shore up banks and other financial interests during the First World War, as guiding star. Anything of this that sounds familiar?

Yet the precise timing and intensity of future recessions are impossible to predict. In this particular case, neither economists nor market participants, nor indeed governments foresaw a financial crisis of the type and magnitude we have now.

Then how come so many, myself included, did see this coming several years ago? There are those who have predicted this month per month. This a-hole is lying!

Many countries lacked comprehensive and unified regulation of financial conglomerates and their market instruments, while capital regulation and accounting rules exacerbated pro-cyclical bank leveraging and lending. (…)We require better regulation, not just more regulation.

In short, countries wasn’t socialistic enough and we should have a new Comintern vis-à-vis Stalin

This is the guy who is going to save us all and present his suggestion to the g20 meeting with all the thieves and robbers assembled? Holy Polar Bears! I want to be at that meeting. It’s going to be fantastically funny!

Best off Peter Schiff

I like this guy, he is saying about the same thing as me. But I do think he is too positive, at least when it comes to the rest of the world.

Fantastic news from OECD

”The world economy is in its deepest and most synchronised recession in our lifetime.” / OECD’s cheif economist. Klaus Schmidt-Hebbel

According to a resent report the world economy will shrink this year and continue to do so next year. This is fantastic (or at least very funny) news to those working at Sandvik or other companies dependent on trade and production. And so long all is well, you can almost feel some intellect streaming from these OECD guys. But then they start mumbling about lower inflation (they are talking about prices – of course) and they call for additional governmental spending and more stimulus packages. These are the people with some of this world’s brightest minds when it comes to economy? Let me just throw some Polar Bears at them and then continue quoting from this report.

The numbers and conclusions they are presenting at the coming g20 meeting are dependent on the financial crisis slowing down during 2009, which they do admit might not happen – one brain cell working again. Let me here just state that most people, including the so called “experts” have no clue how deep in dodo we really are.

There are a lot of other things in this report that goes in the same direction. They present some numbers and add some different “ifs” to them. Unemployment will increase (duh) and trade deficits will grow (duhuu). They also recommend some stuff which – of course not- don’t include stop printing money or stop the borrowing and spending carrousel or let bad businesses fall, but mainly the complete opposite. So it’s kind of a mixture of good and terrible things. One "good" thing is that they speak out against protectionism, which is the only thing missing in this mess (and that is starting to grow here and there). But the final touch might after all be the most fun one. In a state of madness these people with intellect barely above the earliest primates concludes and suggests that there most be a tighter control of the financial markets with even more rules. This is great stuff; I might actually get that apocalypse after all.

Now, let me tell you all what really is going to happen.

First of all this recession will sooner or later become a depression. Before I thought it might take a while, a couple of years or so, because all these stimulus and so forth might trick people and hold the charade running for a while longer. Also trade is still going pretty strong, its falling and protectionism is starting to show its ugly face, but it is still pretty well off. But now I’m not so sure it will take that long. As I said protectionism is raising and idiots everywhere is screaming ever louder for their “free stuff” so all we really need is a catalyst, the US dollar dropping like a stone (which will happen); another war or a couple of big companies going bankrupt and then we are off. And since several countries have their focus on services and big spending with borrowed and newly printed money and since we are – for the most part – pretty rich today, this will be a hilarious event that will keep spinning itself in a never ending spiral of stupidity. This might even get funnier than WW II.

Second; The United States and Britain will drop the hardest at the start, together with some South American and some Asian countries. Most of Europe are actually pretty well of, despite all the madness. - I actually need to throw a little bit of praise to my birth nation of Sweden. The centre-right government there is pretty tight with money and have so far not listen to much to all the screams and if they keep that up, it might work out decently, at least until the real fun starts. Because in the end, it comes, the fun thing that really is to blame for this mess and the person who should be ashamed: you! The stupid populace will demand more and more things, more government spending and more stupidities. There are already several demonstrations and such going on, this will just get worse and worse and this pressure will make politicians everywhere to do the complete opposite of what they ought to be doing so from this comes the second fall.

This far, I’m very certain am right, this is going to happen. I have been right so far and see no reason why I shouldn’t be right now. But what happens next?

It all depends. I believe there is about 50/50 chance that one or several of those hysterical petite men will rise to power. Probably of the pure socialist kind since most people seems to think that’s the answer. And IF this happens, oh boy, the pure joy on my face. A couple of new Stalin’s and Hitler’s added to this mess of despair and gargantuan unemployment with nuclear weapons available to everyone with money? Yes! And then all we need to do is waiting for some or several of these guys to press that button.

Above is a bit simplified of course, I’m not even mentioning oil prices, water shortages, inflation or going into details, but most of you wouldn’t understand it or you would just ignore it anyways, so you go on with your business now and I’ll see you later at a demonstration were you will help with making things worse. Fun fun fun..