Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Pictures say more then words


And just to be absolutely clear. You should own a gun, or lots of them. Regardless of where you live or in what time. Why? Not because you also need to protect yourself from a rapist, a robber or a burglar, but the main reason, the key reason and the reason why all politicians, all pundits, journalists and everyone aspiring for power will always hate guns; is that you should be able to protect yourself from Government. Regardless of what the law says, get armed. If a rapist tries to rape you, kill him. If government wants to take away all your freedoms and lock you away if you resists, start a guerrilla and fight back.

And yes, only by reading this you are probably put on a watch-list, and that actually do tell you all you need to know about government. 

2013 starts with lots of “news”

Please don´t think! Its not your place! Ignorance is strength.

Eyebrows were certainly raised and heads turned and probably a lot of coffee was coughed out with the latest bunch of “news” we got in regards to state of affairs in both the U.S. and in Europe.

Apparently the so called “fiscal cliff” was temporary avoided when the main slaughterer of kids in the world and the DemoPublican Party sort of got an agreement in place. Of course a bunch of politicians working together to save their own jobs and look like they are doing something has never got an agreement in place before, so imagine the huge surprise when that happen this time. The minimal changes now and in the near future will leave the deficit running at circa -7% /year levels and nothing has really changed other than they´ve now kicked the famous can down the road another few months.

However media focus on this non-issue and the constant crying over the pending “financial cliff” and this pointless “agreement” now reached leave us all in amazement, and of course nothing of this could have been predicted.

Also, in the category of duh-announcements; the Red Cross has now warned that millions of more unemployed and hungry inhabitants in Europe can, eventually, start more riots or even outright rebellions if nothing is done. This is of course another shock totally impossible to predict.

In the meanwhile the famine warning signals from Africa increase while our Great Leaders stay on the same path as before. Our Bankster paradise and fabulous global debt serf system works its magic, just as before.

Yepp, our beloved Media continue to do a marvelous job also during 2013. The Show must go on!

I cannot wait for the next amazing proclamation. Perhaps next time they will tell us that Spanish banks are defaulting again, or that the ECB is buying bonds like crazy, or that unemployment continue to rise. Never know - it’s a world filled with wonders no one can see before media announce it.