Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Oh no! It was the bank of England?

“Give A Man A Gun And He Can Rob A Bank. Give A Man A Bank And He Can Rob The World.”

Who would have ever guessed...

Now the banksters are going after each other as well as our hard worked for earnings. This just keeps getting better and better.

Oh, and by the way; 

when are you going to realize that this is the norm and take to the streets with pitchforks and torches!? 

The fall of civilization

This is not the "immorality" I am talking about... (and; Jey! Give me some!) 

As I´ve pointed out a few times now The Greatest Depression isn´t merely an economic catastrophe that will bring forth a meltdown of financial markets and wreak havoc through riots, constant change in leadership and create animosity between people. No, it’s also a moral crisis, a crisis of right versus wrong, a crisis of honesty versus deceit.

In some ways the moral crisis is even worse than facing economic Armageddon.

Defaulting economies we can deal with, it can be fixed; we can come out on the other side at least having learned something from the process. The Greatest Depression as an economic disaster with sky-high unemployment, failing businesses and crashing markets we can handle. Horrific as it may become, people are more resilient then I (and most of you) give them credit for.

It’s the immorality of all of these dealings and the lack of principles among the people that is making me shiver - it’s the deception society acknowledged by few and celebrated by many that is making me see fallout worse than anything seen before.

Think about it;

Do you live in a society where trading is done, partly or fully, by coercion and not by consent? Do you live in a society where in order to produce you need to get permissions and/or subsidies from those that do not produce and have stolen the money they hand over as subsidies to you from you? Do you live in a society where the money flows to the people who deal in favors? Do you live in a society where certain people are getting rich by duplicitous and shadowy deals rather than hard work? Do you live in a society wherein the duplicitous rich and the people dealing in favors are protected under the law from you and not the other way around? Do you live in a society where corruption and dishonestly is rewarded while honest hardworking folk are falling further behind?

I am sure many of you would agree to living in a society that share most or all of these qualities and I am also sure many would argue for more or worse traits then eluded to above.

The point is however that not only has a vast majority of you voted for, and keep voting for such a society, you also ignore the consequences of it.

In a way I can understand why.

From the very start we are bombarded with malicious rhetoric. Our schoolchildren are taught that inflation comes from the price/wage spiral and that government is a good entity helping the poor and saving the elderly. As teens we´re taught that all things that taste, smell and feels good is bad for us while it’s a great thing that government hinder us from such debauchery. As adults we´re told to vote, work and never break the law and that we, of course, live in a great society - it has its flaws but government can fix those. As senior citizens we´re told that public healthcare is what keeps us from rolling over and die and that government assign burial plots is the way to go.

Throughout our lives seemingly well educated people in nice ties bombastically declare war on poverty, war on drugs, war on inflation and war on obesity. They are there to save us. They are there to tell us what is what. Perpetrated by and continuously sold by media the mighty know-it-all´s offer us remedies to cure all sickness, whether it may be physical or economical.

Everyone, from teachers to politicians, from banksters to celebrities, tells us how great it is to live in a culture and a society that promotes and live by the creed of collectivism. Not that pure socialism is the way to go, oh no, we need a market economy to – a market economy built upon and around Fractional Reserve Banking and the debts that comes with.

 In such an upside down world the opposite game is played whereas the hardworking become moochers and the lazy incompetent becomes victim. In such a society the Orwellian saying; “war is peace. Freedom is slavery. Ignorance is strength.” becomes dogma and all opposing turns into extremists or even terrorists.

In this sense seeing you, the people, voting for and rooting for the system and its spokespersons isn´t so hard to understand. With a few exceptions, like dragging your kids to get inoculated against a harmless flu (which can never be excused!), or believing in the utter insanity of manmade global warming (which is so stupid it’s beyond asylum inmates) I can almost understand and almost forgive folk for being complete idiots.

But a populace lacking in guiding principles and a people listening to smug salespersons in expensive suits cannot turn a defaulting society around. We can survive the economic depression but we cannot survive a lack in morals.

As an obvious example we have the anti-war movement. However honest and correct they may be in promoting peace and love instead of waging war against other countries, they have no problem whatsoever indorsing violent behavior against their neighbor. Using weaponry against an armed adversary somewhere in the world is always ethically questionable, unless in self-defense, but using armed thugs (police, social services, tax collectors and other government entities) against unarmed citizens in order to force them to do something is equally – or worse – behavior from a moral standpoint.

Ethics also completely elude those looking for even more guidelines from above. How can it be morally correct to promote and cheer on more laws aimed to control our life decisions? It may be in order to curve homosexuality, stop us from drinking alcohol or force us to use government appointed healthcare, but regardless of the reason or the argument it can never be claimed to be morally correct.

Using violence, coercion and threats to force people into a certain behavior and to force them into straightly formed lines is atrocious - its utter destruction of individuality and hence immoral.

In essence those looking to regulate, control and monitor human activity are the very same people masterminding their own, and everyone else’s, destruction.

Not only because of lack of morals, but what that includes, what that leads to. Because if you don´t mind using force against neighbors, you are also much more receptacle to the idea of others doing the same. The step from using force against your neighbor to compel him/her to only use public healthcare to forcing the same neighbor to renounce his religion and humanity in the name of a swastika is much, much shorter then you may think.

This is why the world is in much more dire straits then a mere financial meltdown; people don’t have the morals to cope with a collapsing society by any other means then forceful collectivism.

And that’s why those Brown-shirts or black-shirts are growing in power at this very moment and why, when economic hell is turn lose during the coming years; most of you will turn towards those funny little hysterical men with hysterical solutions to solve hysterical problems of a decaying society. 
And this is why I see this in our near future; 
The Greatest Depression cannot be stopped anymore, but I wonder; can morality be re-invented and re-discovered before it’s too late?