Wednesday, December 9, 2009

The Goa'uld conspiring in Copenhagen!

We all know that the elitist agenda is to allocate power and rob us blind under the shameful disguise of manmade global warming. So far so appalling. However, if the latest news is correct, and it seems to be, we can start naming these otherworldly con-artists for what they really are.

The Guardian and several other media sources, apparently doing their job for once, have been reporting a political bomb of massive proportion released in Copenhagen. This newly leaked document - penned by various American, British, Danish, and other leftie übermench - was supposed to be the "draft agreement" to be agreed upon in Copenhagen. The document, which essentially implies keeping those pesky Negroes, Chinese and other sub-species under control, technology wise, have been revealed before the big puppet got into place.

To no surprise it seems that the savior of humankind, the pick-pocket in chief from America, was supposed to be brought in to sell this notion to the lesser beings. Until that was supposed to happen the behind-the-scenes tricksters were to paint the way for the Nobel winning messiah who is currently on his way to pick up the peace prize he won because of fighting several wars, torturing innocent people and destroying the world economy. But sadly for the elitists their plan got exposed.

For those of you with the nerd genome you are probably aware of the Sci-Fi show Stargate SG1. The first formidable enemy the heroes of the show encountered was a race known as the Goa'uld. Goa'uld symbiotes take control of a human body and rule like a dictator over other humans. One of their main traits was to never let any human world to develop to a degree that could mean a threat to Goa'uld system lords. Consequently these “snakeheads” destroy or enslave any world reaching our level of technology. Sound familiar?

What the powers that be, almost only consistent of white western power hungry elitists in suits, really is after is to keep the ‘others’ down while we in our privileged situation can continue on about the same level of living. In essence controlling the underdeveloped world by withholding the cheap and very adaptable fuel that has built most of our civilization. Or at least make carbon based things highly expensive so only the rich can afford it. With a few financial institutes and a couple of governments in control over release-rights the allocated power will become almost total. It may very well be that we are seeing is the emerge of the first global-dictatorship, something no conqueror has ever managed.

I’m hoping that Alky Ada & Friends will nuke Copenhagen during this shameful meeting as soon as the warmongering Obamination has arrived. But if not, we can now point out what sort of people they are, as if we couldn’t before. They are parasitical; they rule us and want even more power to rule with impunity, they openly lie about who they are and what intention they have, they want to keep the lesser beings down beneath them, and they use PR people and spin-doctors to sell their lies. All in all pretty much the same as the fictional Goa'uld.

Maybe we should start getting these people through MRI’s to check for symbiot presence?

Either way we, the people, will lose. The biggest scam to in human history, manmade global warming, is sold to you idiots so you will accept higher taxation, accept more control functions and more distribution of power in the hands of the few. You’ve been duped and if you don’t smell this and other hoaxes very soon you can kiss any form of decent life goodbye.