Thursday, January 31, 2013

Only good defense is special interests

Yes I am scratching my weird looking head...

Sweden’s glorious prolonged-head Prime Mentalist has now issued a statement that clarifies why Sweden is utterly defenseless and have no intention whatsoever of defending the country or its inhabitants. Apparently the Swedish Army, Navy etc. are special interest and consequently should not be listened to.

In the Prime Mentalists divine opinion Sweden is not facing any threats for the forcible future and should NOT be able to defend anything against anyone.

This is the supreme leader of a party historically the most defense and military friendly but as with most other issues the former “conservative” Moderate Party has turned to the left for guidance.

Consequently this is not only a way to slowly sneak Sweden into the bloodthirsty alliance of NATO, but this really is the opinion of this traitor and his two-timing party.

After introducing the fascist surveillance society, abandoning all things conservative and celebrating both the power of Labor unions and stating that public ownership of corporations is a good idea, now it’s time to declare that Sweden should never be able to defend itself against any aggressor.

To me this is close to treason.

A government’s main purpose to even exist is to protect the populace from external and internal threats.

Internally the Swedish justice system is totally crap and the police - despite having more officers than ever before - have a crime solving rate that is so low that our neighbors are laughing. If you get raped, robbed, or beaten down the chance of getting the perpetrator is minimal and for minor crimes such as theft the chance is zero. People can be contained without a trial basically indefinitely; we have a history of extraditing Swedish citizens to be tortured by the CIA; and once at a trial you are not judged by a jury or by experts, instead the “judges” sentencing you are politically appointed misfits put there because they are not good enough to be in any other political position.

And now we have thrown in the towel comes to external threats as well.

Basically the main purpose of having a government is gone.

Personally I believe that an already defaulting justice system will become even crappier with sky-rocketing unemployment, crashing real-estate markets and a very trade dependent Sweden cannot find markets for goods anymore. And likewise the threat to Sweden is not less today than it was during the cold war; I honestly believe the threat is much larger today. Not at this very second, no, of course not, but looking into the future Yes. It takes time to build up defenses and get any form of decent military up and running – years even. When The Greatest Depression continues and worsen the coming decade(s) wars and civil wars will follow in its wake and we need to be able to handle such a volatile and dangerous situation.

We don’t have a military for fun. We do not have armed forces to be used as a budget regulator. It is an insurance policy and just as any insurance it will only be used in case of accidents or catastrophe. Our military is the peoples and the country’s insurance and to be calling that a “special interest” really shows the Swedish Prime Mentalist for the clueless chimp that he is.

Sweden’s military budget should at least be doubled, preferably tripled. In addition there is still time to sell off publically owned businesses to bring in around 250-300bn SEK and the second biggest receiver of that money should be our military for very necessary equipment and vehicle purchases.

Oh and of course if warmongering Israelis keep attacking Syria and the whole thing turns into a major war with Iran and so forth entering the fighting, Sweden should support Syria/Iran in their fight against both Israel and NATO.