Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Voting Pirate?

I have decided to support the Pirate Party a tad more, probably not going to vote for them, but otherwise they have my support. Before I tell you why, I want to argue the case why I haven’t been completely supportive and why I feel a bit uneasy about this one-movement party.

I’ve been supporting the Pirate-notion indirectly, so far, because I don’t vote and I don’t really like all the people representing that party. Besides, I’m still a bit concern over that “maybe” when it comes to supporting or working with communists and other anti-human movements. It is possible that the Pirates in Sweden becomes the deciding factor in regards to which coalition will rule after the next elections, and since the main purpose of the Pirate Party is integrity and the right to not be under constant surveillance, it is likely that the leftie alternative will cave in the most and consequently we’ll see communists and tree-hugging maniacs ruling Sweden in about a year’s time, curtsey of the pirates.

From the frying-pan into the fire, so to say.

I don’t care whether or not the communists claim to oppose these fascist internet laws or not, they can argue such throughout, I’ll still never buy it. Such laws fits perfectly into the communist brain, it can be used to track down dissidents, control the populace and to form opinions and coalitions online. It’s a communist wet dream come true. Right now there are people in red skirts drooling over the prospect of gaining power and having this control-grid at their fingertips. The very people that brought us STASI, Gulag, the Cultural Revolution, and Pol Pot has more blood on their hands than any other belief, maybe with the exception for religion. So I know that these people, secretly, love this totalitarian development.

I also have very huge concerns about having the Social Democrats leader, Mona Sahlin, as Prime Mentalist. She is the ugliest female around with a mellow but shrieky voice, and she is an idiot, she is dumb even by leftie standard. Such an ugly sociopath with massive personality disorder should never be allowed to become Prime Mentalist. And the rest of the mindless chimps ruling the Social Democrats are a mixture of a horror-show and a freak-show, so the prospect of having these people in charge shills the bones.

And then we have “the Green party”. I actually have a basic liking to the tree-huggers. Most of them are honest a about things, well, more than the rest of the ruling elitists anyway. Many of their thoughts and policies are not that bad and they even have a couple libertarian-minded people, people that, although brainwashed with the environment crap, can form coherent thinking once in a while. The Greens also have some basic ideas that are hard to find elsewhere, like limited terms for leaders and MPs, and they do love the environment and animals, which I also do. However, these are also the people that are helping out destroying things the most, because they are firm believers in and the most dedicated advocates of the fight against manmade global warming, the biggest scam in the history of mankind. The complete loony notion of manmade global warming is yet another piece of the puzzle our enemies have conjured up, it’s on the same level as fascist internet laws, and consequently another piece that needs to be revealed. This is the test that decides how stupid you really are. If you believe in what the alarmists and Al Gore tells ya, then you should be lucky you’re able to breathe. Breathing takes some brain-processing. There is not a single evidence supporting this idiocy, not a single scientific fact, nada argument holds out, but for some reason many people takes this crap seriously, and the tree-huggers goes the furthest.

Here I also need to clearly state I don’t feel any love towards the ruling parties either. I almost regard the “center-right” parties being as bad as the opposition, and as any frequent reader of my ramblings know I hardly see any difference between one grouping within the elitist agenda from the other. It’s all the same. The only two things in favor of the ruling parties is that their representatives are not as ugly as the opposition people, you can even find one or two good looking elected frauds within the current government. The other difference is that, unlike the communists, they don’t want to massacre a big part of the populace. Otherwise, what’s the diff.

All this is needed to be outlined partly because I know I’m not the only one having these kinds of feelings and partly so you voters out there know the seriousness of our situation, because when even a none-voter and none-Pirate as myself that would hate a leftie government is considering to actually support them, I’ll hope you realize how dire our situation really is.

So why vote Pirate?

I can find two very good reasons.

Firstly the Pirate Party is still an outsider, they haven’t been infected with power, and they are not as spoiled or as built into the power structure yet. Consequently they are a breath of fresh air, and they will be a huge pain in the collective arses of the elitists. One of the biggest fears of the political cream of the crop is to lose a seat, lose some of the privileges they are so used to. And let’s face it, the very name, the colors and the nerdy, young, and in-your-face attitude is fun. The Pirate Party has the image of radical anarchism (thanks to idiot journalists), but is only, in reality, true fighters for democracy and privacy. That is a winning combination. And as said, those sitting on power are just sitting there consolidating and ruling with impunity, some new ones rocking the boat, kicking the elitist ass-holes down a couple of notches would be both fun and necessary.

Secondly, comes to the imposing fascism, they might make a slight difference, something that is desperately needed. The last bastion of freedom and what I regard as mankind’s biggest and most important invention of all time, the Internet, is in serious jeopardy. If this elitist agenda with more and more laws are allowed to continue, it will soon be so horrifying it boggles the imagination. We cannot let them stop or even try to stop the signal. This is the biggest fight for democratic rights we have ever seen in Sweden (and one of the biggest fights of all time) - much larger than suffrage. I would go so far to say that if this battle is lost, any kind of freedom for our future will only be whispers in the wind, as an elusive distant memory in the minds of slaves. So for those of the elderly generation, if you ever want to prove your love for your children and grand children, this is the way to do it.

And I also want to point out an article in today’s DN (in Swedish) that is a good a reason as any to vote Pirate.

I’m still not convinced enough to give my vote to these buccaneers, I’m against the whole idea of voting, it’s immoral to take part in a ballot. And, frankly, my support to their cause might actually be a negative factor. I’m not really the most popular guy among certain groups, but they do have my full cooperation in the fight for liberty, justice and freedom.

NWO - The drinking game

Played a newly invented game today, it’s called NWO-snapsaton.

Basically you drink every time you suspect a conspiracy or you see any signs or mentioning of the New World Order. Very hilarious stuff and you get to be kind of drunk.