Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Garlic smuggling – the scourge of Europe

In Europe hackers, terrorists, pedophiles and demonstrators demanding banksters to be jailed now have competition as what is the most heinous criminal entity in society.

The growing problem of Garlic smuggling has been ignored far too long, and the police are way undermanned to be able to handle such foes.

Evil doers of garlic smuggling has been a problem since early antiquity, but has been largely ignored, presumably to enable Gallic frog nibbling.

Victims of this criminal activity have been littering our countryside for too long and we all know of the breath of these addicts. The death penalty is to kind!

I hereby demand that the Swedish Government and the European Union take immediate action! 

What if…

… all women of this world could, potentially, say the same thing as above pic?

Of course a vast majority of women on this planet cannot protect themselves. They are not allowed to.

Kind of weird that the one tool and the single most important way of equalizing the strength of a man (or several men) with the strength of a woman is outlawed. Especially since so many feminists scream about rape every change they get.

There are, if you listen to most feminists, rapists behind every corner. Every single man out there is a rapist waiting to strike. Men are victims of their animal urges and all men fully support the patriarchal structure that has kept women down for millennia.

Of course this is nonsense, but if true, how come feminists are not out in force arguing for women to be able to protect themselves?

Regardless of what you see on TV a woman is seriously out-muscled by almost any man. Even if she is highly trained, as a black belt and is carrying pepper spray, a man can with one blow knock her out. And even if she can defend herself against one man, how about two? Three? How about one man with a weapon?

There is only one way that even the tiniest of women can say “fuck you” towards the biggest man on the planet; by letting him stare into the barrel of a gun.

As long as feminists refuse to acknowledge this, they are impossible to take serious.