Thursday, June 21, 2012

New World Order conspiracy believer I now am

The Gordon is a part of it!

New World Order (NWO) is a conspiracy theory that sometimes goes into the extreme. It has been argued that lizard people living off the energy of human emotions plot to bring forth world war III and so take over the world (again). I´ve also seen Aliens, alien abductions and planet X linked to the idea of world governance.

Other stories include the illuminati, the crusades and the Knight Templars as well as Stonecutters… oh, sorry, the Freemasons plotting the demise of everyone except for 500 million as seen on the Georgian Guide stones.
I could go on but the idea of a New world order (NWO) certainly brings forth a lot of crazy theories and ideas.

What I have come to believe however is that the idea of a world bank, a world currency and a world government is now THE agenda of many within the elitist sphere. You don´t haft to check out clip like this one or this one or this one to see that something is brewing way up high.


Conspiracies are fun yes, and more often than you may think they come true, but it is very hard imagining a bunch of Bilderberg´s or Illuminati sitting around scheming in dark rooms in order to form the world according to their wishes. Not that I would put it past them, but those kinds of people are not stupid. Malevolent thieves yes, evil soul-munching murderers of course, but not stupid. They know they cannot control all countries or the market, because the market will always win in the end.

No one has ever been able to control and govern all the everyday dealings and transaction taking place every second. This is one of the main reasons why socialism never worked and never will work. Millions of people going about their everyday life cannot be organized into orderly lines that always do what they are told. It´s impossible. People always find a way to work around, outside or even with the system.

The worst most oppressive regimes in history with seemingly total control have tried it, they all failed. Mainly because in the long run the alternative; letting people be free, always provide better results, but also because certain things/items/goods will be exchanged, bought, grown and sold no matter what. Stalin, a conspiracy nut in his own right, ruling one of the most tyrannical systems ever seen, tried to ban his fellow Russian from drinking vodka with the penalty of death and Gulag camps. The result? They drank more than ever before or since.

The examples of total failure from totalitarian regimes in this regard are endless and this also points out the futile attempt to control, tax and survey the Internet. It cannot be done.

Of course you can here argue that since the real power structure and those pulling the strings know this it is precisely why they want to start WW III or spread diseases; to diminish the population. That this knowledge is exactly why they send subliminal messages through our TV´s and why they dumb down our schools; to form a more manageable populace; a more subservient bunch of zombies just cleaver enough to run the machines but stupid enough to never check behind the curtain.

Arguing this case isn´t hard and it is easy to see the point.

But even IF this is The Powers That Be´s scheme, they cannot control us all; they cannot indoctrinate, govern and steal everything. There will always be alternatives.

Except, perhaps - at least in theory - if we have a world bank, a world currency, a world police and a world government.

I mean, where are you supposed to go if you don´t agree? No single area would be able to resist a world police with the full backing of a world government and a world bank. And the few resistance fighters (terrorists) in existence would only fuel the powers, not hurt them.

You can of course think up lots of objections, but they can actually all be argued against.

How about TV- and radio stations? Surely they cannot control them all, they never could before. Yes, sort of true, but first of all; look at media today. They are already (all of them) owned, controlled by and get their news from the very same sources. The only alternative today is internet and alternative news, and you can be damn sure that’s exactly why those in power hate the internet. But with a world (everything) in place, does it really matter if a few dissidents think the high and mighty are evil incarnate? Nope. Not at all.

What about nuclear weapons? All I can say is; so? What about them? You gonna kill a few million? So what? Perfect for those in charge. Less people to worry about and another terrorist attack they can use as an excuse to grasp for more power.

So what about people starving, rioting and in all thinkable ways oppose world governance? Again; so what? Where are they going to go? With what weapons can they fight millions of thugs making up the world police? And even if enough people awake from their slumber and get hold of weapons and break free from the world structure, will constant war and constant propaganda campaigns just go away? Will progressive ideas suddenly dissipate? And even if all that can be circumvented; will a dissident area/country have enough room, food and natural resources to survive? And if those problems can be solved; so what? A few million in one corner of the globe outside of world governance control? Pfff… they can live with that…

A single country or a coalition of countries with a certain view can through threats, military might and economic power enforce a lot yes, but never total control. No system or ideology can achieve total control. Not as long as there are alternatives and not as long as the market rule supreme. But a world government with a world police and a world bank with one single world currency could almost achieve it, especially if the people are given a certain level of freedom comes to the market. Think China and think of that system as being global and you understand what I mean.

And in such a system it doesn’t matter if there are a few rebellions, a few terrorists or whatnot, because; what’s the alternative? There is nowhere to hide. And knock down a few of those above, how many wouldn´t stand in line to take their place?

You can also be damn sure that they will implement this worldwide system with your consent. You voted for it, isn´t that democracy? You cheered them on, isn´t that part of the democratic process? You are a member of one of many political parties that wanted this, that is the very essence of democracy isn´t it?

So I have concluded that this is the end game. My conclusion has nothing to do with aliens or reptilian elitists, it is not based on any idea about planet X or illuminati, it is not something I thought up after listening to Dave Icke or Alex Jones. World governance is simply the “logical” next step for our masters. This is their ultimate end-game.

For a politician, what would be bigger, more fantastic and grander than ruling the world?

Of course a world government is in the cards, of course a world currency and a world bank is being talked about, of course a world police force is needed. It’s so obvious.

 I hope, really, really hope that this is the World Police Force...

That´s where this is going.

The only thing really standing in their way at the moment is a defaulting world economy. Yes it is sort of working in their favor to, but if a crashing European Union does not work, why would the same work on a global scale? They will think of a work-around of course, but this is their only obstacle at the moment. That and the fact that so many people are starting to wake up.

This means that they need to change the name of the game – and soon. Very soon. Before more wake up and before economic troubles hinder their master plan.

IF the “real” conspiracy is correct, except a large war (or a similar huge event) very soon. But even if not, the UN and other world bodies like the World Bank (yes, we already have one…) and the IMF will get more power, and more, and then even more. Expect the Europhile turn into worldophiles. Expect media and large papers keep pushing the agenda and arguing that a world government is needed to curve conflicts and battle inflation. Of course our economic problems could have been avoided with a world bank and a world currency with a world government. Of course…

Sadly I think many will fall for the scam.

Like sheep herded to the slaughter most of you idiots out there will happily walk towards a global totalitarian nightmare.

So, can we do anything to both stop this development and The Greatest Depression? Yes, we can. Iceland has almost done the right thing. I would have loved to see a middle finger towards the IMF, a few more trials and they should have cut much more and lowered taxes much more, but other than that, they showed us the way.

We need to prosecute banksters and politicians. We need real austerity measures. We need to slim down government to its minimal functions. We need to abolish the Fractional Reserve Banking system. And we need to take away all the regulations and obstacles people face on the market every day. If so, we can both minimize The Greatest Depression and get rid of any totalitarian system whether it is on a national or on a worldwide scale.
Time to make a choice people. Better do it fast…