Friday, August 5, 2011

mama said knock you out

... this will work wonders for next week tradings on the markets...

I could say "I told you so", but meh...

... good luck everyone. You´re gonna need it.

Downgrade # 1
(hidden away as a small note far back in papers)

Downgrade # 2
(late Friday after markets close. Go figure...)

U.S. is broke and in a depression. When will media pay attention?

Excuse me while I call my mother and tell her to buy sugar and coffee and guns for ALL her money during this weekend.

Seriously: you should do the same!

Mendacious non-progressional evolution theory

Yet another lie.

As my faithful readers probably know am not really a fan of conspiracy theories, but I am actually starting to wonder whether journalists (all of them) actually are willingly abiding decrees from above. How else can they miss every little obvious thing?

Yesterday I wrote the following:

“Later this week, possibly even today, we´ll get some “great news” in one regard or the other. Maybe some statistics (that later will be revised) saying that unemployment is shrinking or some such crap.”

Immediately after I´d posted the above ECB intervened on the market buying crap bonds to prevent a freefall. And today we´re reached with “fantastic” and “great” unemployment numbers from the U.S. or so media would have us believe. Of course this also got stock markets to halt their decline and turn upwards, or so they would like you to think.

Of course the brilliant investigators of the press miss that the average length of unemployment in the U.S. went up to a new ALL TIME HIGH of 40.4 weeks.

Oh and that Labour force participation rate dropped to 63.9% which is the lowest since 1984, have no meaning whatsoever. Correct?

Interestingly enough the U.S. needs to create + 150 000 jobs each month only to keep up with new labourer entering the market. A fact also ignored.

According to shadowstats the real unemployment number is today 22.7%. Even if they aren´t spot on, I´ve seen others claiming the same thing, so that number is by far more accurate than the lie of 9.1% our deceitful journalistic gnomes would like you to put your faith in.

You see good news was needed, and they delivered. First a government controlled entity throws out “positive” number and then the spin-doctors goes to work. In a few months from now they will revise this number down, as they´ve done with every statistic the latest years.

I could put on a tin-foil hat for less...

These two interventions together with more manipulations will calm things down slightly while inflation increase and more lies thrown out there is the consequence. In essence another week whereas the Greatest Depression is built upon. Ever heard the expression “The bigger they are, the harder they fall” ?

Obviously our money masters, politicos and fraudulent media haven´t.

Or... have they..?

Okay, time to leave the blogging for the rest of the day. Soon I´ll turn into another David Icke and see reptiles everywhere.

Time for vodka!

Come over to the dark side

I am one of the most horrible individuals on this planet. I truly belong on the dark side.

I have never own a car. Never. I’ve not own a TV in 13 years, and I’m a very unwilling participant of the x-mas hype, in fact I cannot remember the last time I bought a x-mas gift. My cell phone have so many years on it that default comes next. I work for a living. I give blood four times a year and once I helped to build a women shelter. I have volunteered so many times to help alcoholics and crime victims that the Vatican soon will take notice.

Still I am a horrible person because I belong to a group of people on this planet hated by almost everyone. Pretty much every problem on this planet is blamed on me and my fellow travellers.

If someone ask you what ideology you think is the most vile and despicable, what would you answer be? Fascism? Communism? NationalSocialism? Most people would choose one of these, but in reality and in actual action taken this isn’t so.

“By their action thou shall know them”

Say whatever you want, but all “normal” ideologies have the two things in common.

1) They put their trust in the state. They do so to different degrees and in different ways, but they all use, put their faith in and take advantage of the power that comes with government.

2) Spokesperson(s) of each ideology make very good use of their position. This can manifest itself in power-grabbing, high income or fame. In essence they have a mammoth reason to keep or expand government authority.

No matter if we’re talking conservatism, socialism or fascism these two traits exist. This means that all ‘normal’ ideologies will have a common enemy if a thought/ideology exist that threatens this core.

And so what philosophy will be the enemy of all of these political ideas?

The answer; Libertarianism.

This because anyone who says the state is inherently evil and cannot be trusted is automatically the enemy of anyone and everyone having political power and influence.

A libertarian believes that government is, at best, a zero sum actor. In other words, for one group of people to benefit, another group will be harmed either through taxation or regulation.

Such a philosophy lead to certain consequences; each one means less power for our Great Leaders and more power to the individual. For example in a libertarian society it would be impossible for the political class to build monuments and huge palaces.

Gun-rights is another example. A libertarian is a firm believer in people’s right to self-protection. Yet another example is the right to property. In combination this means that if a taxation agent comes by and claim you´re obliged to hand over your property and money you can ignore it and if they insists and threatens you with jail and violence, you have the right to defend yourself hence: a dead tax-collector.

Can you see why we Libertarians are so hated?

It´s not fascism they blame when a daycare centre close, it´s not socialism they blame when markets crash. Everything from tax-aversion to starving Africa´s can be blamed on libertarians. Only Manmade Global Warming get blamed for more misfortunes.

So why am I so evil and why do I want to be hated by virtually everyone?

I watch a cleaning lady walking by vacuuming today and it struck me that this is what it means to be a libertarian - walking around life trying to suck up the badness hiding in the dark corners of our existence.

As we all know it doesn’t matter how much you vacuum, sweep, and mop because there’s always another dust pile and another leftover bit of mouldy candy. You could wrap your entire house in plastic, throw out all furniture and never enter and still dust would come into existence. Cleaning is a endless Sisyphus task.

The same can be said about the fight for truth, liberty and justice – the fight never ends.

Actually we can probably never win. There will always be special interests, banksters, unions, and lobbyists fighting for their piece of the cake. And in contrast to us libertarians, socialists know they can “win” - it is easier, much, much easier, to convince people that they can get free stuff.

Socialism, statism, collectivism or whatever you want to call it have several big advantages. A socialist never need to explain anything, all they need is to promise a pink goldish shimmering existence and sell that notion with ‘feelings’. Even easier it is for them to thrash any opposition to their ideas because anyone arguing against poor people, the elderly, young and handicapped getting ´free stuff´ is per automatic ‘evil’.

Have you ever consider what libertarians guarantee voters? We’re only saying that if you work hard enough you might get rich, and in our world people would be free to explore their own potential and have free choices.

That’s pretty much it.

We don’t hand out promises of happiness, money, food, jobs, love or honour. We’re telling people that if they want those things they need to get it for themselves, work for it, sweat, and really put the effort in.

A leftie says he´ll fix it for us.

How can a libertarian compete with that? The sad truth is that we can’t.

So libertarians cannot win, but that’s not why we fight.

This world is a cesspool filled with selfish greedy beasts, and in it we live, we eat, we shit and then we die. It will always be filled with corruption, murders, rapes, dictators, and economic turmoil.

So why do we fight?

I see the libertarian quest as that of a watchdog. We try to make sure they don’t take it too far.

Occasionally we convince enough people to make a slim difference. Sometimes we manage to wake people up, maybe not convert them fully, but to temporary see the man behind the curtain.

So we don’t fight to win or to gain enough votes, we fight so people, countries and the world can go in the right direction. We fight because it is the right thing to do. As with cleaning. We know we cannot win against dirt and dust, but we still do it because we don’t want to live in filth.

Also you should know that the Dark Side allows you to predict our current financial crisis. You´ll know who did it, why and what happens next. You´ll also know how to fix it so not only our current mess would decrease in severity, but also to prevent it from ever happen again. You´ll know how to save millions in Africa from dying. You´ll know who´s been lying to you and why.

Just remember: if you join us, you´ll be hated and blamed for all things wrong in this world.

It´s worth it though. Come over.