Friday, April 2, 2010

The Christian scam of Easter

While the Catholic Church combats accusation thrown at their priests, who in true Swedish Minister of Justice Style, have been torturing and sexually molesting children, some people are celebrating Easter.

Why you may ask? Why do we celebrate Easter?

Well, there was this guy that was born around Dec 25th, born of a virgin that was impregnated by the Holy Ghost and his birth was followed by a star in the East. He was of royal descent. The birth was adorned by 3 kings; he became a teacher at 12, was baptised at 30 and had 12 disciples. He was called the light, and the son of God, and he performed miracles, among many walking of water. When he died he was 'crucified', dead for 3 days and then resurrected.

This is of course the Egyptian ‘Sun’/sky-God Horus.

We also use the pagan sign of a cross waved around just as many other religions and astrologists was doing long before any supposed son of a carpenter walked among men.

You see the Christian religion, just as most religions, are build upon other religions that came before. Almost the entire Old Testament is stolen directly from the Sumerians and Babylon. For example the Noa Story that can be found in many stories among the tribes and cultures that existed before, and the totally fictional Moses tale (of which there is no historical or archeological evidence for) that is stolen from the Sargon-myth mixed in with Misos of Egypt who carried stone tablets with the word of God around.

Most of the symbolism, items mentioned and stories about Jesus are stolen from Egypt mythology. Or, in some cases, from Persian, Roman or Greek fairy tales.

Even the 10 commandments are taken from Egypt’s Book of the Dead. Other interesting things that most likely comes from Egypt is; Baptism, afterlife, crucifixion, Great flood, Easter, Passover, virgin birth and much, much more.

This isn’t a secret, even religious people admits that there are many similarities. This is either explained by convenient way of adapting to pagan religions in order to convert them into the “correct” religion or the claim is that God have worked his way up through the ages trying to rely the message but only with Jesus and the Christian church things actually got right.

Some also claim that there are no similarities between Jesus and Horus saying that there’s no proof of Horus being born by a virgin. Such claims are nonsense, we know such stories from Egyptian mythology and it is just idiotic to ignore it.

And if Christianity, which is the bloodiest and most oppressive religion of all time, is the correct religion you just gotto throw a lot of profanities at God.

But even this bloodlust has its explanations from devotees of the plagiarized Jesus figure. Their religion was hijacked by evil men or Satan (another stolen entity from other religions). This I find particularly funny since most of the evil stuff being done in the name of God can be found in the bible. A bible that didn’t exist before circa 325AD just as Jesus wasn’t regarded as the son of God and part of the holy trinity before that date. You know what happen then don’t you? Well, some bishops and priests came together and VOTED on those issues.

Religion in general is a fraud; and Christianity in particular is a horrible scam. Probably the second biggest scam of all time, after the totally mad idea of Manmade Global warming.

Maybe you’re supposed to respect religions, but I don’t. I can respect individuals and their faith as their conviction, but that doesn’t mean they are less stupid. People who follow the mythological figure of Jesus are morons; plain and simple.

Frozen Arctic vodka mon ami. And make it a double!

For the first time since 2001, Arctic Sea ice will hit the “normal” line as defined by the National Snow and Ice Data Center (NSIDC) for this time of year. So March brought good news for the Polar Bears - a species that has been steadily growing for four decades. Instead of ice extent declining through March like it usually does, it continued to increase through the month and is now at the high (so far) for the year.

Me, I think it is highly stupid defining something ever changing that has been free from Ice several times and has had lots of more Ice than today as having a “normal” amount of ice. However, that’s how the paid for by big oil at NSIDC is seeing it…

But for me this is kind of strange actually. Contrary to popular belief when most of the world gets hotter, the Ice sheet in the arctics grows, not the other way around. This has to do with clouds, water vapor, and the normal state of affairs of this planet.

We’ve just had the coldest winter in the northern hemisphere in over a century and the Ice grows? I don’t know what real climatologists say about that one, but one thing is for sure, media will not pick up the story, not dooming and glooming enough.

The Bering Sea ice will melt this summer, it happens every year and has for millennia. Nothing strange about it, the winds and the summer warmth do it, but that will decrease the ice sheets during the summer and that will make the news, not this little report.

I find it very interesting that Mother Nature is screwing up this little icy theory of manmade climate change, as she usually does.

Remember how the members of the Church of Climatology were freezing their socks of last year during the Fraudenhagen talks? Or do you remember how the NOAA tried to call a press conference in Washington recently? The conference was supposed to be about “earlier snowmelt and extended ice-free seasons”, but it had to be postponed because of the heaviest snowfall in decades…

And now, just as Scientists in the US have presented one of the most dramatic forecasts yet for the disappearance of Arctic sea ice, then the Arctic is growing. Professor Wieslaw Maslowski told an American Geophysical Union meeting the other day that previous projections had underestimated the processes now driving ice loss claiming that by 2013 Arctic summers would be ice-free.

Being kind of intoxicated I feel the need to point out that right now I could probably come up with a story like this, but it is much better when the Earth and its normal functions do it for me.

I feel this crap is getting boring. Even regular people out there is starting to see through this scam, I don’t even need to get people drunk anymore before they want to slaughter some white bears.

Al Gore and the rest can probably still make millions (billions) out of this so they will continue to perpetrate the hoax for a while yet at the same time as governments impose more restrictions and taxes that never will be lifted - not even when even the mainstream pundits have left the asylum.

So the biggest scam in human history will continue for a couple of years more. Thank the lord of all that is unholy for the invention of vodka. How else could we sane survive?

The Savior

Getting drunk

I still have vodka that is calling out to me, will spend the rest of the day/night making friends with that bottle…

The US swindle continues

According to US Labor Department the American economy added 162,000 jobs in March, the biggest burst of hiring in three years. Of course this is “great news” to Wall Street that continues to add fake ‘value’ to the stock exchange. Media is applauding and the Pick-pocket in Chief is probably celebrating.

However, this, as almost everything being told lately, is a scam.

162,000 jobs they say eh?

Well, we can immediately withdraw the census workers at 48,000. Most prediction were a lot higher than that but we can assume that the 50,000 or so of these knuckleheads wasting tax dollars knocking on doors that are missing here will pop up next month…

162,000-48,000= 114,000

In reality these census types take their salary from the productive sector (taxes stolen from actual jobs) so they should be counted double, or, since they are mostly part time at least 50% i.e. 24,000 more. But let’s ignore that. The figures are horrific anyway so we can be generous.

Then we have the Birth-Death model that has added an additional 84,000 phantom jobs. This model isn’t easy to grasp. I need to admit, I don’t get it and I read about and check these things daily. It can be accurate, but it never has been before so many of those “jobs” most likely don’t exist, but let’s say many do (we are very generous today!). A reasonable assumption is probably that at least 34,000 of those don’t exist.

114,000-34,000= 80,000

But the figures show other Temporary help services added 40,000 jobs in March. Since September 2009, temporary help services employment has risen by 313,000. This is usually temporary positions hired by government to do some medial task or part-time jobs soon to be gone. (And again people that get their salaries from taxes for the most part...)

80,000-40,000= 40,000

The US work force consists of about 154 million and has a $15 trillion economy that apparently generated 40,000 new jobs. Wow…

There are 15+ million Americans out of work, roughly double the total before the recession began in December 2007. More Americans entered the work force last month, which prevented the increase in jobs from reducing the unemployment rate. Still at 9.7%.

However - and here comes the first fun part - according to the same government figures more Americans said they were working part-time even though they preferred full-time work. When they and discouraged workers who have given up searching for jobs are included, the "underemployment" rate ticked up to 16.9 percent from 16.8 percent.

Aha, so unemployment is actually going up? Oh, but wait, it gets better.

The number of long-term unemployed (those jobless for 27 weeks and over) in-creased by 414,000 over the month to 6.5 million. So not only is unemployment going up, those out of work for a long period of time are increasing in numbers.

Did you see that in any newspaper!?

Also, the average work week increased to 34 hours from 33.9, could be a positive sign. Most employers are likely to work current employees longer before they hire new workers. But…

…average hourly earnings fell by two cents to $22.47. That shows that high unemployment is enabling companies to hold down wages.

So people are working longer for less pay? So where those positive upwards going shopping figures come from? Well, funny enough, people are out borrowing money again from banks that are already insolvent. Isn’t that special?

But the picture isn’t complete until you understand two things. Firstly, these are government produced numbers. Independent sources point to much worse numbers.

Secondly, do you know what the American government will do next week? They will sell $82 billion in debt. This at the same time as 10 Year Tresury yields surged again. One year ago they were 2.77%. Today they are 3.92%. That is a 41% increase. Thank God there is no inflation...

Yes, okay, this isn’t as bad as it has been, but ‘good news’? Come on.

I would actually, looking at long term unemployment and the actual unemployment figures say this is bad news, but that you will not find in any news reporting.