Saturday, March 14, 2009

The game of power

With a big Yawn I read today’s Swedish newspapers and see that the government is increasing its popularity. Sure they are not as horrible in comparison with if the communists would rule, but the difference between the ruling idiots and the opposition’s idiots is minimal. And a poll today with well over a year until election time says nothing. I would guess that the financial crisis will have taken several big steps forward in that time so the question becomes if the Swedish citizens blame the ruling parties or if they are a safe hand to hold on to.

Sweden is very depended on what’s going on around the world with much of the country’s economy in trade and in productions sold to other countries; so Sweden is one of those places that soon will start to suffer more than others. During those tuff times you need a strong leadership and maybe that’s what the populace indirectly feels and between the ruling center-right and the opposition’s leaders there is a big difference. The Social democrats leader, Mona Sahlin who doesn’t really live on her good looks, is nobody you would even stand to be in the same room with, so seeing her as ruler will probably not attract that many voters. Me I’m swinging between not voting, which is the morally correct thing to do, and voting for the communists; only the worst is good enough…

G20 – the idiot conference

Several leading finance ministers and heads of central banks assured us today that they are going to take further action in regards to monetary policy, regulatory reforms and stimulus packages. These actions are going to be taken the coming months. So are they going to cut spending, stop printing monopoly money or fire themselves? No, of course not.

The US treasury secretary, Tim Geithner stated, according to Financial Times, the following: “I’m seeing the world move together at a speed and on a scale without precedent in modern times”. No shit! This is a classical quote in my book. When those four horsemen comes galloping I will wave a sign with this statement on it. Absolutely brilliant.

They also pledged, again, to help up-and-coming and developing economies to handle with the loss of international capital flows. How? I cannot really find this information about how they are going to do this. They speak about the International Financial Institution (IFI) and some mumbo jumbo of supporting this or that. But it seems a bit contradictionary doesn’t it? I mean capital flows goes down but somehow this will be compensated with other forms of capital? Or is it regulations and such they are talking about? They have mentioned it several times, but without an explanation. Well, my guess is that we are talking about tax money, but shush… it’s a secret…

So while Obama is dreaming of Rio’s beaches the prelude to the coming summit was pretty funny. I’m just hoping the “real” meeting in April holds even funnier things. Maybe they can agree on fighting against the hoax of manmade global warming with even more billions? Or maybe they can make statement about how everyone most help out except themselves? Maybe they can even promise to borrow more money between them?

Be careful what you insert or steal

A woman in Southern Maryland ended up in hospital with some… well… not so nice injuries. Apparently this woman and her lover were testing something new and attached a sex toy to a saber saw blade. The saw then cut through the plastic toy and created some wounds. The woman was later released from the hospital and is currently recovering from her injuries.

a sextoy?

In related news Adam Rosberg, 24, was fined £310 for breaking into a sex shop in Cairns, Australia, and stealing blow-up dolls. He stole three rubber dolls from the adult shop as well as bottles of lubricant, magazines and other items, taking the dolls outside where he ripped holes in them with his teeth.

Obama less popular than George W Bush

Yes it’s true. According to a poll made published in the Wall Street journal shows that Obama's approval rating is dropping and is below where George W. Bush was in an analogous period in 2001. Apparently Obama the melanoma are having some way to go. I wonder how popular this very terrifying man and his socialist views are going to be after his stimulus falls flat and people still is in desperate need of work and money.

The poll also shows that eighty-two percent of Americans say they are worried about the amount of money being added to the deficit. Seventy-eight percent are worried about inflation growing, and 69% say they are worried about the increasing role of the government in the U.S. economy.

Maybe there is some hope after all? Bless America and please get rid of that Vladimir Iljitj Uljanov wannabe

Madoff shows us how governments work

Bernard Madoff pleaded guilty to a $50bn (£35bn) fraud and was sent to jail to await sentencing in June. Madoff has pleaded guilty to 11 charges - four counts of fraud, three counts of money laundering, making false statements, perjury, making a false filing to the US financial watchdog, and theft from an employee benefit plan. He ran a Ponzi scheme, whereby early investors were paid off with the money of new clients and as long as he could get new clients, he could keep up the charade.

Now this sounds vaguely familiar doesn’t it?

A Ponzi scheme is the favorite activity of every government that has ever existed. They do this in two ways, both of which is very popular all over the world, recently also a way to cope with the recent financial crisis which has been created by the same thing they are doing to stop it. Meanwhile they are talking about the elusive animal “The Market” as a way to cover up their little plot. But lets do a recap first.

A politician knows he cannot get elected without promising to spend people’s money. And while in office he needs to fulfill this promise and even surpass it in order to get reelected. So the politician take on the cape of righteousness and solemnly declarers that he/she is going to help the poor or that we (always “we” not, “I”) need extra funds to build a school, a hospital or to better the highways. Humans, low in intelligence as they all are, says: “Duh! Of course we need to help the poor, the children or the sick. Please take my money so you can give it back to me!”. And the politician gladly accepts your offer. But governments can only do so much and people, even if most of them are dumber then a cactus, cannot be fooled to pay taxes that are too high. There is a limit. So the politician, that have to keep the spending travesty up in order to keep his constituency happy, needs to magically get more money. So off he goes to borrow it. It can be from the people themselves but normally it is from other governments. The security for those loans are the country itself, after all, there is unlimited supply of idiots in the future who pay taxes. So on the backbone of today’s children the politician borrows money to keep the theater going another act. Bernard Madoff isn’t even close to the amounts we are talking about here. He is an amateur when it comes to politicians.

But it doesn’t stop there. Politicians have another ace up their sleeve, the God of all politicians, the printing machine! With this ingenious invention politicians can print money and spread them around to people without them even detecting that this is both an indirect way of taxing them and a way to increase loans even further. With more money in their pocket officials can keep spending it on “free” stuff like subways or homes for the elderly. Ponzi shouldn’t have got the dubious honor of naming this madness, it should be called ‘the politicians scheme’.

This is what caused today’s financial crisis together with other idiotic governmental designs like “subsidiaries”. And what is the answer to this crisis according to all the economy “experts”, journalists and politicians? We do it again! Let’s borrow more money, and let’s print some too! Let’s inject the world with more of the same stupidity that gave us this crisis, but let’s do it at a higher speed and with lots more money than before! Maybe we can keep us going for one act longer and if it doesn’t work; blame the market! And let’s also blame those rich sons of bitches that keeps getting richer despite us taxing them more and more.

Sooner or later this ends. Not even governments and countries can keep doing this forever. I think the time is almost here, maybe they can keep tricking you idiots out there for some more years, but we are heading for a fall and our children will need to pay up. And this is when that oh so funny apocalypse comes in. Because the idiots of this world will not see the truth even when people are dying from hunger, instead they will turn to dictatorship and more socialism. That’s how people work. And you wonder why I keep calling you all idiots. Idiots.

Some great news from around the world

Australia's second largest investment bank, Babcock & Brown, has gone into administration after it was unable to deal with its massive debt levels.

German factory output fell by a record 7.5% in January, its biggest drop since reunification in 1990.

US Federal Reserve chief Ben Bernanke says the world is suffering from the worst financial crisis since the 1930s.

Brazil suffered its biggest quarterly decline in economic output for more than a decade in the final three months of last year, official figures show

China is ready to introduce new economic stimulus measures "at any time", Premier Wen Jiabao has said. He also said there was enough "ammunition" to add to the 4tn yuan ($586bn; £421bn) package already announced.

China is also worried over the US being able to repay their huge loans taking by Obama going on a little spending spree.

The world economy is likely to shrink for the first time in decades this year, the head of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) has warned.

And what do people do? They organize demonstrations and complain to governments. Not over the using the printing machine to make money and then spending it together with massive loans. No. And they are not complaining over governments imposing an ever increasing bunch of laws and getting countries more and more socialistic. No. They don’t even protest over subsidiaries to banks that loans money to people so they can buy things they really cannot afford. No. People want more of the same! They want more governmental programs, more money printed and more loans taken. Idiots.