Friday, February 5, 2010

I understand Russia

In what the Russian president Medvedev calls "The New Russian Defence Doctrine", a program of sweeping reforms is set to be completed by 2020. While a massive modernization of Russia's nuclear strike capability is given headline treatment, the really significant changes affect other aspects of the military structure.
The new doctrine is prompted, at least in part, by three fears; none of which involves a hypothetical war with Nato. No one in Moscow believes such a war is even remotely probable (even though several Swedish papers are writing about it…).

Under the new doctrine, Russia's armed forces, now numbering almost two million, will be cut by almost half. Instead, there will be a massive increase in modern equipment.

As a Swede and consequently a part of the country that historically speaking been warring with Russia more than anyone else, you might assume I would regard this is a threat or ’changed’ form of threat, but then you would be wrong.

And yes, for those out there that don’t know it, Sweden and Russia are old adversaries and had fought many wars long before the US even was a country. Won some, lost some, over time pretty much a tie.

Anyway, I can see many advantages with this for Russia. They need to modernize their defenses, and who would be stupid enough to attack a nuclear country anyway? And both conscription and scorched earth tactics have to a large extent become obsolete.
So this is good for Russia, but I would also argue it is a good thing overall. Let me explain.

NATO have also played out its part, a reasonable thing would be to scrap that thing as well, but as long as American president insists in expanding the western war-machine I think it is good that someone is “in the way”, or dare to oppose it in some form. And you cannot blame Russia for feeling a bit threatened by the constant ever closing in NATO thingies. Especially since the only warring fraction in the world at the moment is mentioned defense pact.

For Sweden this should mean that we increase military spending slightly to be a step ahead of Russia and to keep ourselves far away from the American led coalition of warmongers. This will never happen of course, our politicians rather thrown our money at useless projects and give money to causes like the rehabilitation of murderers. And let’s not forget politician’s salaries and the hundreds of billions we give to banks. Much more important than to defend the country.

The only slightly worrisome part of this "The New Russian Defense Doctrine” is that Medvedev have spoken about pre-emptive war as an integral part of the new doctrine. From the US example we know what this could mean…

How the Enemy class explains fraud

Oh my, you need to watch this. Watch the whole thing; I rarely laugh this much, better than any comedy show. Fantastic!

Remember this is one of many tricksters. These guys should be very happy to be living in modern day UK… Not that it will soon, very soon, matter.

I see a beautiful sunset in the future. The sun going down while shimmering light over a lonely oak-tree with a rope dangling…

James Devine, a British Labour politician, who has been the Member of Parliament for Livingston since 2005.

Another example of idiotic journalism

Apparently 38 women were raped onboard ferries last year. The ferries mainly go between Sweden, Finland and Estonia.

A rape is a despicable act and only a single one is too many.

However, apparently media is screaming about this calling the boats for ‘floating party palaces’ filled with horrible acts that makes Sodom and Gomorra look peaceful and Presbyterian. Of course, as usual, they exaggerate things and scare people unnecessary.

Every boat is filled with somewhere around 1000-1500 people for each trip and since we have many boats going every day back and forth, we’re talking about 10 000 people each day. Many of these individuals drink and look to fornicate, that’s two of the main purposes of going.

So if thousands of people travel every day on boats, drinking themselves silly while looking for someone to fuck, then we can regard it as any medial sized town a Friday night. One rape every 10th Friday doesn’t seem too much, rather under ‘the norm’. Hence you could, with the statistics, argue that these party-boats are pretty safe. If parents are worried for their children, a ‘party-boat’ is safer than going downtown during the weekend.

This isn’t what journalists try to convince us of, but as usual a mainstream paper isn’t good for anything else then toilet visits or making Molotov-cocktail fuses with. The later may be a proper way of acknowledge this fact during a visit to any location of mentioned media…

Other examples of how Sweden loves its murderers

A 17 year old kicked, raped and murdered a 16 year old girl. Why? Well, apparently she said something…

So the Swedish court decided to punish this guy with 3 years of closed youth care.
How about that? This isn’t jail and the 3 years aren’t really actually 3 years, most of them get out much sooner. And since the normal thing within this system seem to be to send juveniles abroad to learn to hug each other, have a couple of sessions with a psychiatrist and play Nintendo, you cannot really call this a punishment.

In a ‘related’ case two teens, a 16 year old boy and a 16 year old girl, have been found guilty of having killed a 15 year old girl. The boy was found guilty of murder and the girl of instigation of murder. The court confirmed that the two teenagers should serve 20 months in institutional juvenile care.

This is scary shit. Well, not the murders although gruesome in their own right, no I’m talking about the so called sentences. The first case should render the death penalty, maybe also the second, but at least one could demand real punishments like reoccurring Waterboarding or being staked to a peg and having their skin on the back torn off in addition to having an executioner hammering a stake through the criminal’s lubricated anuses.

I do believe in giving people another chance, I do not, however, believe in cuddling murderers. This wasn’t someone hitting another in a bar or a temporarily insanity thingy, these are premeditated planned ghastly murders whereas the criminals known exactly what they were doing.

As long as real crimes aren’t punished, how the hell do we expect people to restrain from committing murders and such?

Friday revelations

As usual the powers that be wait to the end of the week (or for a longer holiday) to reveal bad news. Today, among other things, we are waiting for US unemployment numbers for January. And watch out for that one, they never give us the full account.

You know why they do this don’t you? Well if you don’t, just think for a moment about what’s normally not open during weekends…

Anyway, I’ve seen many news articles lately how we are closing in on a double-dip recession, how countries are facing harsh decisions and so forth. This is nonsense of course. They’ve been lying to us from the start and journalists, useless as always, never question a single thing.

The truth is that the recession never ended, in fact it has worsened. They can show how many GDP numbers they wish, the underlying foundation and the math tells the real story.

About ten years ago I wrote several letters to newspapers and argued within several political bodies that we were facing tough times. I also said back then that people should start buying gold, if anyone listened back then you would have quadrupled (or more) your investment by now. About 6 years ago I started to really look at the numbers and started to say that housing and stock markets were in big trouble in addition to saying that a deep recession was closing in. I also argued that after the first Q of 2010 the world would plummet down in darkness if we didn’t do anything about it.

Since then I’ve revised my prediction slightly because not even I thought that politicians would be as foolish as they’ve been. They did “save us” in the sense that all the stimulus, borrowing, printing and government interventions postponed the depression, but in doing so the situation have deteriorated into utter madness. The condition we find ourselves in now is worse than anything ever seen before.

We are facing a financial and political Armageddon, and that’s not an exaggeration.

Never before have so few done so much to destroy everything for so many.

We could still save most of our civilizations, if we did the right thing now. That is to say we cut government with 70-80% (or more), removed all obstacles including fascist internet regulations, and if we went back to sound money and crushed all forms of central banking. Sure it would still be bad - a couple of years of depression with lots of problems, but then it would be over and prosperity would flourish. The road we are on now however makes any talk about recovery idiotic at best.

The math doesn’t tell lies.

During about ten years now we’ve heard how manmade global warming will kill us all, it has all been revealed as a fraud over and over again. Only the really deeply religious tree-hugging fanatics, bought for ‘scientists’ and politicians still argue this case. How long can they keep the scam of financial recovery and Keynesianism going? Well, certainly not ten years, if they can manage ten more months I will be surprised.

Watch out for those scapegoats; Muslims, greed and capitalism. These are the things they already are blaming and it will only increase as the economies default more and more. Don’t buy that crap.

Journalists are highly to blame for not doing their job, cornflake economists should be blamed for not understanding 4th grade math, central banks should be blamed for causing the boom-and-bust cycles, and big business should be blamed for sleeping with all the rest of the enemy class. But the group you really should blame is politicians. They sit on the power, they made it all happen, and they have been lying to you. Sure a certain level of guilt is with you and how you vote, you are stupid, but when you get that rope and find that lamp-post, please string up those that do belong there.

Interesting times indeed…