Monday, January 28, 2013

Monkey business

To boldly go where no Iranian monkey has been before! 

Apparently launching a monkey out in Space is against UN rules if you are Iranian. Of course the warmongering U.S. vast no time condemning monkey takeoff´s and also keep nagging about how the Iranian leadership continuously postpone nuclear talks.

Meanwhile most of the western world has nuclear plants and/or is protected by nuclear weapons while sending rockets into space all the time. Although it was some time ago since monkeys was the main cargo, perhaps that’s why Iranians are so horrible? Animal cruelty?

Regardless I see no reason whatsoever why Iran shouldn’t have nuclear plants, nuclear weapons or their own space program. And even if you can find a shadowy reason to try to stop them, by sanctions or even military intervention, then the same set of rules should apply for other nations. Israel for example has plenty of nuclear weapons and refuses to even let UN inspectors in to their country. The Chinese have plenty of all of those things, so does Russia, the U.S. and most of Europe. Japan, India, Pakistan are other countries to add to the list.

Why should we have one set of rules for one country, but not for the rest? Iran is a dictatorship you say? Perhaps, but so is China and Pakistan. Iran oppresses women you say? Pfff, so does most of the world, and several countries under the U.S. umbrella, such as Saudi Arabia, are far worse.

Iran threatens Israel you say? First of all, historically and looking at the region as a whole, this is not strange at all. Secondly, they are not the only ones. Thirdly, most of the stuff we read about and see in the news are exaggerated and usually taken out of context – media wants the conflict, sells papers, U.S. wants the conflict, will make GDP look better and so on and so forth. And fourthly and most importantly, Iranians are not suicidal. Why would they ever attack Israel? To get flattened by Israel and their ally USA? However dangerous you might think the little smurf Ahmadinejad is, do you really think he would risk his own life and his entire country in order to kill a few Jews?

Although the hairless chimp W Bush no longer is the pickpocket in chief, make no mistake; his successor has no problem hitting his chest before sending drones to slaughter toddlers. No American president has ever spent so much on military as Barack Osama, and he has already murdered more kids then all school shootings combined and started a few more wars. Also the U.S. cannot stop waging wars, how would that look for their GDP numbers? Consequently the Obamination can always be counted on to start new wars.

Why not start a war over a monkey? Stranger things have happen and at least it would be “a reason” and not any fictive weapons of mass destruction or whatever else the warmongers conjure up in order to slaughter people.

Here´s a suggestion; Let’s put all world leaders in a cage and have them throw feces at each other. Would solve all our problems monkey style.