Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Brainless chimps falling for the scam

The monkeys of this world are “thinking” again. On Saturday it’s the WWF:s, manifestation Earth Hour and idiots all over the world will turn down the lights in a manifestation of incredible stupidity. This just to appease those back-to-nature freaks who think that turning down the worlds lights is a good idea. We should of course increase the energy usage in the world, not lowering it, but these mindless chimps would rather have people starving then a couple of lights being on too long.

And of course it is the scam of manmade global warming they are opposing. This crazy notion might actually be history’s biggest lunacy. Religions and socialism could be regarded as bigger idiocies, but those have some tricky things about them and you can almost get it why people get ripped off by “saving the poor”-crap and those promises of an afterlife. But this about manmade global warming is so absolutely crazy and the truth is right in front of everyone. The science isn’t hidden, the history of this planet is right there for everyone to see and there is not one single proof for what the chimps are saying. But still the morons buy it! If there ever was a clearer evidence for people being idiots I have never seen it.

I’m going to turn on everything in sight and crank heat and electricity up to maximum. Maybe I at least can compensate for some of those idiots out there that think they are helping the environment. The madness seems to never end. Were the hell is that apocalypse?

Do they play video games?

One after the other pops up saying they knew nothing about giving away tens of millions to Christer Elmehagens AMF-pension. Wanja Lundby-Lundin is not alone. So I’m starting to wonder what they do at those meetings and if everyone at that board are completely insane. Don’t they ask about decisions leading to these kinds of expenditures? Don’t they read what they decide about and/or read transcripts and go thru the meeting agenda? It’s not like it’s a couple of some bills for snacks and coffee we are talking about so some of these incompetent suckers need to be sleeping or playing games instead of actually paying attention. The power elite in Sweden don’t seem to care about “small” decisions that cost tens of millions. Not that this changes anything, Wanja Lundby-Lundin should resign. Hiring a CEO and knowing what he does, what he gets paid and if he is doing his job or not are among the most important decisions you can make at a board. And you need to know that complaining about high salaries when your are sitting at two different boards that has decided to pay out as high salary is incompetents at the very least. It’s the hypocrisy that’s showing and this from a lady earning millions each year herself. Why are people members of that union stupidity?

Great news from around the world

Per capita income rose slower than inflation in Florida last year, meaning the average person was effectively earning less, according to federal statistics released Tuesday.

Airline losses are expected to reach $4.7 billion in 2009

The Czech government loses a vote of confidence in parliament midway through the country's six-month EU presidency. Resign time.

According to Amnesty International (which normally shouldn’t be trusted though) the number of state executions almost doubled last year worldwide, with China accounting for nearly three-quarters of the total.

outsourcing firms in India are seeing a rapid decline in businesses. Mainly because of the US raising anti-outsourcing sentiments. (Obama is at the same time taking a stand against protectionism… )

chief executive Leif Johansson told Dow Jones Newswires that he believes that Sales of heavy trucks in Europe are set to drop 40 per cent in 2009

Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke says his hands were legally tied in dealing with AIG bonuses. Bernanke and Treasury's Timothy Geithner, testifying before a House panel, say new laws are needed on bankruptcies involving large financial institutions. (Maybe they can make use of Obamas new Jugend squads?)

Adcorp Australia Ltd net profit was down 21.1% to $1.5 million in the half-year to December 31, 2008, on revenue down 1% to $18.9 million.

Food prices have risen by between 10 and 111 per cent in the last three months in Kenya

Why should they let in a warmongering dictator wannabe?

I’m not really on the same side as South Africa, but I can in some way understand them. Why would they let Dalai lama come into their country? Dalai lama is a man that is running around crying about not being able to be dictator because someone else is. This infestation of a man – supported by Richard Gere – shouldn’t be encouraged, he should be in jail. Sure we should free Tibet from the Chinese idiots, but not for this dictator wannabe.

Horrible leadership Wanja

So many have already criticized Wanja Lundby-Wedin, among those me, for her idiotic attempt to shield her from critic coming at her from all directions and she is either incompetent or a liar. Most probably the later, yeah, let’s call her a liar. This lying little woman has now also proven she is a terrible leader and a very poor excuse for a role-model. Even IF (very big if) she somehow have some magical explanation for her stupidity, she is still dragging the union and the social democrats down with her but she is still not resigning.

The only reasonably thing to do is to step down, resign, and then take another lucrative job. If she gets acquitted, fine, she can walk around with a high nose. If not, she can say she did the right thing. And even more correct she would show leadership to step down. You do not drag others or your organization down with you. One of the most important parts of being a leader is to take responsibility also when the wind is blowing. You show the rest that this was me, my mistake, not anyone else’s and the Union can move on, dented, but moving. Now she is dragging them along with her and that’s inexcusable. As I said before, I rather see her confess she made that decision rather than hiding behind some BS story about not knowing something that is her damn job to know. And that’s bad enough, now this. Take your bags Wanja and move on. The union idiots can manage without you, but possibly not with you.

The toilet that God forgot – jobs worse than prostitution

As I said in the previous entry, I’m looking for jobs much worse than prostitution. And here is a tale about that thing you never ever want to see or even hear about.

Many years ago I was an active politician and one day we were going to have a meeting. I as chairman together with my trusty side-kick and vice chairman arrived early at our local hangout to put out snacks and prepare the meeting. I needed to go to the toilet but stopped in the doorway.

We hadn’t been at this place for a couple of weeks and I had forgotten that the toilet was broken, you couldn’t flush. But some smart kids had figured out that they could do their business anyways as long as they didn’t flush. So in a nice little pile to the top there were number ones and number two’s neatly packed together. And then some underage teen, that we had sold homebrewed vodka to, had puked all over the place and made an attempt to cover it up with more paper. Okay, it didn’t look to horrific and the smell wasn’t as bad as you might think but it was not pleasurable. So I thought, stupid as I am, that I’m going to be a man about this and try to clean it up. I went into the kitchen, got me rubber gloves and a couple of long thingies and a bucket. My blond little side-kick asked me what I was doing so I told her and went to work, well for about 4sec anyways. The moment I touched this pile that threatened to overwhelm the toilet it bursted into the most petrifying smells you can ever imagine. And the bundle of things in there started to come alive going around in a hypnotic circle of human waste and something else I can only describe as “otherworldly”. This is the only time in my life I ever felt religious. Because only something unholy made by nightmarish bests in the deepest caves of hell could have made that in front of me. The devil himself couldn’t have come up with something more disgusting. I throw myself out of there gasping for air, half hulking and very much panicked. That blond vice-chairwoman looked patronizing at me and pulled her hair back. She was going to show me how it is done. She had worked at an old folks home for years and had seen and picked it all up. She was cooler than me. And to be fair, she lasted longer than me, about 4-5sec longer. We then decided to make an executive decision; after all it was tax money. So we called in a guy to fix it for us and even if even he looked a bit puzzled and got a bit white around the edges, he did it fast and efficiently. And when I asked him if he ever seen anything like it, he said yes. I didn’t know then and I don’t know now if I should feel very impressed by this man or think he is a complete idiot. But one thing is for sure, a prostitute cannot have a worse job than him.

Fat people should be jailed – jobs worse than prostitution

I was visiting a blog-buddy and read her writings about prostitution (you should all go visit her by the way, on the top among the blogs - http://storminawineglass.blogspot.com/ - smart and funny lady). Her topic got me thinking about occupations and such what is much worse than being a prostitute. It was not very hard; there are hundreds of them, so I started thinking about what jobs I have had that might be considered worse. And I immediately thought about McDonald’s. Not that working there or at any other fast-food joint is so horrible in itself, no, the people who comes there to eat are. You have alcoholics, families and even politicians dropping by. And then of course there are fat people. Fat might be a bit loose term and I’m not talking about having a couple of extra kilos, that might actually even work out for the better. No, what I’m talking about is those obese blobby things that blot out the sun when they come within 100ft. People with that kind of fat that oozes over from the seat they are mainly sitting on over to the next one. People that just need a couple of drops of water to take a bath because their bodies fill out the rest. And what’s the worst thing they can be doing? That’s right, eating. When you see one of these creatures hovering over a table at McDonalds munching away on a pile of hamburgers you just want to slap them silly. But of course you cannot do that; the ripple effect might take out the entire restaurant. And do you know what’s even worse than seeing one of those horrifying whales snacking? Cleaning up the toilet after them!

I lasted about 4 months on McDonalds and the things I remember are: having a fight with an idiotic manager; smelling like a garbage-bag everyday; and those obese fatsos eating and then going to the toilet. Still having nightmares about that last one. Now, I have never been in the prostitution business, but as long as those hookers don’t get an obese blimp doing them while he’s eating a hamburger and then they need to clean up the toilet before they get paid, I seriously doubt their job is worse.