Saturday, June 26, 2010

More things that didn’t happen

As we all know societies with straight gun-control were only the police are supposed to be armed no-one ever gets shot. This is certainly true for Sweden were two people didn’t get gunned down last night in Malmö and last night a young man didn’t get his home perforated by several armed assailant in a suburb to Stockholm.

Nope, that never happened.

And of course the police aren’t looking for the armed robbers that performed a heist recently. Nope, no such thing.

We can also be reasonably sure that such none-events are usually, but not always, carried out by armed immigrants disillusioned by government policies. Writing such things automatically labels one as a racist so just in case that epithet isn’t thrown at me; it is usually a black/Hispanic/Arabic young man caught in some drug mafia because politicians think that drugs should be illegal while people demand lots of drugs and he’s is tired of being pushed around and getting called “weak” by authorities that are working under the assumption that they can ease his anger by throwing ‘free stuff’ at him.

While the police beat him up well-spoken elected frauds are telling him they are his friends and will increase his welfare check if he votes correctly.

But that scenario didn’t happen either and such people don’t exist. Nope, nothing to see here folks. Move along.

Some people are doing something

The reoccurring and close to traditional protests at G-20/G-8 meetings, latest seen in Toronto, is mostly a lefty idiocy. There are anarchist thugs, inbreed communists and your average run of the mill socialist assholes. Generally speaking the ones hurling bottles at the police, torching cars and screaming intellectual sentences like “uff, uff” or “ugha ugha” are rather part of the problem and all they are really doing is worsening the situation.

Still, I cannot help feeling slightly sympathetic. They are doing something. Reacting.

I have hardly anything in common with these idiots. They want more of the same socialism that brought us the problems in the first place, they want closed markets, they want to put an end to the last tiny remanence of capitalism we have and they destroy private property to get their voices out. Nothing of this speaks to me. I once argued that the best thing we could do is to put tanks on the streets and run them all over, to a large degree I still think that.

Still, I cannot help applauding most of their actions.

While our saviors and benefactors in very expensive suits dine and feast after debating how much more Keynesianism they will throw into the financial fierily Armageddon they have created, the black hooded lefties are fighting the hired guns of the police to bring attention to want is really going on. And what are you doing?

The elected frauds and pranksters you have elected are, together with big banks and certain shadowy groups, robbing us blind right now and they have been doing so for many decades. And what are you doing to stop it? Voting for the same again? Sitting at home and maybe, perhaps complaining at the dinner table? Nothing at all?

Have you ever wondered; if all political sides are against deficits, WHY do we have deficits? If all politicians are against inflation and high taxes, WHY do we have inflation and high taxes? If all politicians want full employment and want to help the poor, WHY do we have high unemployment and so many poor people?

Consider this; 50y ago in a western household a family could survive on one salary. Sure they didn’t have the same level of technology, but they survived, many even thrived, and most didn’t have debt coming out of their ears despite owning a house and a couple of cars. Today we need at least two salaries in a household to get by, and this with a higher level of technology and much higher productivity. Why do you think that is? Have you ever asked that question?

We should be able to live on half of one salary today compared to 50 years ago; instead it is the other way around. HAVE YOU WONDERED WHY THIS IS?

For many years - in my opinion since the dawn of agriculture - we have had the means and wealth to feed, clothe and equip every single person on this planet. Several times over. Still a billion people are starving, and even in the ‘modern’ developed countries there’s massive unemployment and misery. HAVE YOU EVER WONDERED WHY THIS IS?

Our Integrity is gone, completely. CCTV cameras are popping up everywhere; internet is roamed by supercomputers and thousands of faceless bureaucrats looking for a way to lock you up. There’s not a single country on this planet that allows citizens to have basic human rights. Most of us (all) are controlled, monitored, checked, bullied, watched, inspected, spied upon, directed, numbered, regulated, enrolled, indoctrinated, preached at, controlled, estimated, valued, censured and commanded from the cradle to the grave. And the funny thing is; we are ourselves paying for this pleasure!

The developed world's economic policy has of late been dominated by the revival of the old insane idea that vast amounts of public spending could prevent deflation, cure a recession, and ignite a new era of government-led prosperity. That this notion is a mathematical impossibility and lacking all forms of logical and intellectual reasoning has been ignored. Even funnier, you have all voted for it, wanting it, rooting for it. And the stone throwing lefties at these summits should be happy - it’s basically their ideas.

Something is seriously wrong with the world and the best indication of this is how good ordinary people are sitting at home getting raped, pillaged and robbed with a smile on their faces while the ones that should be happy are out destroying cars.

Our puppet masters and the ones you’ve been voting for are setting up the biggest crash and the largest tsunami wave of financial disaster ever seen by mankind. The, in comparison, miniscule depression of the 30’s will seem like walk in the park. You thought that the crisis was over didn’t you? Think again. It never left. It has been here all the time, just under the surface bubbling away, gaining momentum. At these G-20 meetings they are discussing how to save their own asses, how to avoid getting stringed up in lampposts in the near future. Because when you ordinary folks finally snap - and you will - one of the first targets for your anger will be the soul-sucking ghouls of politics and they know it.

The socialist hooded thugs have only gone apeshit before you will, sadly for the wrong reasons, but nevertheless they are doing what we all should be doing and what we will be doing soon. Very soon.

So, with that sure as hell prediction in mind is it then any wonder that a small portion of me roots for a gang of leftie misfits throwing bottles?

Home alone?

As a sexy young thing all alone in a dark house with a murderess stranger with a knife on his way in - there’s nothing to do but to get raped, mutilated and killed. Right?