Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Another murderer has arrived

Sometimes one wonders what governments are doing. Apparently Sweden doesn’t have enough elected politicians and other criminals, now they are importing from prisons in other countries as well. Annika Östberg is a lady that helped out murdering two people in California 1981 and have until now been imprisoned “over there”. Now she has been transported to Sweden to serve the rest of her punishment, which could be as little as a couple of months. I don’t get it. Why should the Swedish taxpayers suddenly pay for living quarters and, in all probability, welfare for this killer? Sure, this lady might feel better and after a couple of decades in prisons one might even feel she has done her time, but still there is no real logic. But on the other hand, those politicians that sprung her are doing worse crimes every day and they get paid for it with money they steal from their victims. In that perspective it isn’t so bad to have another killer joining in the fun. So even if she should have been left to rot on the other side of the Atlantic, welcome home Annika!

Heroes in Moldova!

Students in Moldova have attacked the country's parliament. The stupid leader President Vladimir Voronin, has called for an end to the "destabilization” while no Moldavian radio or TV stations are broadcasting the events in true socialist spirit.

This is how it is done. It doesn’t matter if the election was rigged as these heroes claim or if it was “fair” as observers say. Socialists should be overthrown directly no matter what.

Great stuff and I’m putting a big hero status on these brave youngsters. This together with the fact that certain states/cities in America are starting to print their own money gives a little hope to the world and I can for once be a little optimistic.