Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Breaking the law

While the Swedish government does almost the right thing when it comes to economy, they instead impose some of the most fascists laws that even seen daylight. People sharing information and downloading from Internet is going to get hunted by Gestapo-like dogs with the only agenda to save bad businesses that have done nothing to increase profitability since Internet come to use. But also the main problem is that government itself have created this “problem” by imposing ridicules taxes which makes products so expensive that people don’t want to buy them anymore. So when the governments together with bad businesses see ordinary people sharing files and information over the internet without paying taxes, they need to do something, so they make millions of people outlaws and now they are going to hunt them. And you don’t even need to have committed a crime; you only need to be a suspect to get frightening letters (the old way) and get your property confiscated. Apparently the Swedish government doesn’t feel like there are enough criminals and that the justice system shouldn’t spend their time on murderers or rapists.

I really hope most Swedish people break these laws and start doing it on a massive scale so we can see old people getting dragged from their homes for downloading Madonna songs and have youngsters growing up detesting “justice”. In the end that can actually work as a good way of convincing people how stupid central power really is and maybe, just maybe, it can be a new way for people to realize that the government (any of them) is an evil institution build solely on the notion of taking things at gunpoint. Me, I never break any laws, but I am however willing to become a rat and sneak around and point out people so these newly formed fascists thingies can do their business more effectively. And there should be rewards for helping with getting people “trialed”, huge rewards. I think that’s should be the next step, rewarding those turning in their neighbors. And I am hoping they use tax money doing so.

Let the bad seeds die

Bad companies that cannot survive on the market shouldn’t. If they fall, let them. If they fail, let them. General Motors have a negative equity around 86 billion’s and have been losing money for years. I’m surprised they lasted this long. It’s a bad company that’s going to cost the American taxpayers stupid amounts of borrowed and newly printed money, let them die and one shouldn’t even spend time thinking about it.

OECD – the absurdity club

I got a bit intrigued by OECD’s latest “revelations” and the absurdity of it so I took a closer look at this Klaus Schmidt-Hebbel figure and lord and behold; I found a small little article from The Observer with an interview and collected some good pieces from this OECD Chief Economist. If one didn’t know who this guy is, you might think it is Barack Obama or some social democrat speaking.

It is likely that recovery will be slower than in recent economic downturns, but the actual pace of recovery will depend largely on how quickly financial markets resume transactions and lending, even if that lending remains relatively restricted, at least compared with 2002-2007

Aha, so borrowing more money and spending them is the answer to this crisis? Together with more restrictions? I wonder what got us into this mess in the first place… And the American lending spree was "free" without restrictions and no government involvement? You can almost see this guy reading Kafka and Marx alone under a dim light rubbing his hands together.

Of course, this is the worst financial crisis in decades, but a repeat of the 1930s Great Depression is highly unlikely, thanks in large part to those massive rescue plans now in place.

Hum… I wonder what they did back in the 20’s and 30’s? oh, that’s right, they had several massive rescue plans.
President Hoover set up National Credit Corporation (NCC). This government agency aimed to induce banks to pool $500 million to help save failing financial institutions. That followed by Finance Corporation (RFC) which had the War Finance Corporation (WFC), a government bailout fund set up to allow the government to shore up banks and other financial interests during the First World War, as guiding star. Anything of this that sounds familiar?

Yet the precise timing and intensity of future recessions are impossible to predict. In this particular case, neither economists nor market participants, nor indeed governments foresaw a financial crisis of the type and magnitude we have now.

Then how come so many, myself included, did see this coming several years ago? There are those who have predicted this month per month. This a-hole is lying!

Many countries lacked comprehensive and unified regulation of financial conglomerates and their market instruments, while capital regulation and accounting rules exacerbated pro-cyclical bank leveraging and lending. (…)We require better regulation, not just more regulation.

In short, countries wasn’t socialistic enough and we should have a new Comintern vis-à-vis Stalin

This is the guy who is going to save us all and present his suggestion to the g20 meeting with all the thieves and robbers assembled? Holy Polar Bears! I want to be at that meeting. It’s going to be fantastically funny!

Best off Peter Schiff

I like this guy, he is saying about the same thing as me. But I do think he is too positive, at least when it comes to the rest of the world.

Fantastic news from OECD

”The world economy is in its deepest and most synchronised recession in our lifetime.” / OECD’s cheif economist. Klaus Schmidt-Hebbel

According to a resent report the world economy will shrink this year and continue to do so next year. This is fantastic (or at least very funny) news to those working at Sandvik or other companies dependent on trade and production. And so long all is well, you can almost feel some intellect streaming from these OECD guys. But then they start mumbling about lower inflation (they are talking about prices – of course) and they call for additional governmental spending and more stimulus packages. These are the people with some of this world’s brightest minds when it comes to economy? Let me just throw some Polar Bears at them and then continue quoting from this report.

The numbers and conclusions they are presenting at the coming g20 meeting are dependent on the financial crisis slowing down during 2009, which they do admit might not happen – one brain cell working again. Let me here just state that most people, including the so called “experts” have no clue how deep in dodo we really are.

There are a lot of other things in this report that goes in the same direction. They present some numbers and add some different “ifs” to them. Unemployment will increase (duh) and trade deficits will grow (duhuu). They also recommend some stuff which – of course not- don’t include stop printing money or stop the borrowing and spending carrousel or let bad businesses fall, but mainly the complete opposite. So it’s kind of a mixture of good and terrible things. One "good" thing is that they speak out against protectionism, which is the only thing missing in this mess (and that is starting to grow here and there). But the final touch might after all be the most fun one. In a state of madness these people with intellect barely above the earliest primates concludes and suggests that there most be a tighter control of the financial markets with even more rules. This is great stuff; I might actually get that apocalypse after all.

Now, let me tell you all what really is going to happen.

First of all this recession will sooner or later become a depression. Before I thought it might take a while, a couple of years or so, because all these stimulus and so forth might trick people and hold the charade running for a while longer. Also trade is still going pretty strong, its falling and protectionism is starting to show its ugly face, but it is still pretty well off. But now I’m not so sure it will take that long. As I said protectionism is raising and idiots everywhere is screaming ever louder for their “free stuff” so all we really need is a catalyst, the US dollar dropping like a stone (which will happen); another war or a couple of big companies going bankrupt and then we are off. And since several countries have their focus on services and big spending with borrowed and newly printed money and since we are – for the most part – pretty rich today, this will be a hilarious event that will keep spinning itself in a never ending spiral of stupidity. This might even get funnier than WW II.

Second; The United States and Britain will drop the hardest at the start, together with some South American and some Asian countries. Most of Europe are actually pretty well of, despite all the madness. - I actually need to throw a little bit of praise to my birth nation of Sweden. The centre-right government there is pretty tight with money and have so far not listen to much to all the screams and if they keep that up, it might work out decently, at least until the real fun starts. Because in the end, it comes, the fun thing that really is to blame for this mess and the person who should be ashamed: you! The stupid populace will demand more and more things, more government spending and more stupidities. There are already several demonstrations and such going on, this will just get worse and worse and this pressure will make politicians everywhere to do the complete opposite of what they ought to be doing so from this comes the second fall.

This far, I’m very certain am right, this is going to happen. I have been right so far and see no reason why I shouldn’t be right now. But what happens next?

It all depends. I believe there is about 50/50 chance that one or several of those hysterical petite men will rise to power. Probably of the pure socialist kind since most people seems to think that’s the answer. And IF this happens, oh boy, the pure joy on my face. A couple of new Stalin’s and Hitler’s added to this mess of despair and gargantuan unemployment with nuclear weapons available to everyone with money? Yes! And then all we need to do is waiting for some or several of these guys to press that button.

Above is a bit simplified of course, I’m not even mentioning oil prices, water shortages, inflation or going into details, but most of you wouldn’t understand it or you would just ignore it anyways, so you go on with your business now and I’ll see you later at a demonstration were you will help with making things worse. Fun fun fun..

Monday, March 30, 2009

Is it a golf ball? Is it a bird? No it is…

Why aren’t we getting rid of polar bears in the same fashion?

Aren’t we egging enough? – April fool?

Apparently eggs can kill you. Yes you heard me right. Eggs. From the makers of: “20 bags of crisps each day for 25 years might cause cancer” and the ever funnier: “If you smoke you might die” comes now the next startling revelation. One of Sweden’s biggest news papers, Svenska Dagbladet (SvD), has a huge article about eggs and it’s so hilarious. If you cannot understand Swedish, you might wanna learn to read this. I truly hope this is a april fool thingy, and not news. But if it is news, its even funnier!

Let me first throw in some quotes:

“Is eggs dangerous to your heart?” - This is the headline

And just below the headline, as sub-headline you can read:

“Eggs: An oval poisonous capsule that glues to your hearts vessels with cholesterol, or the perfect food that alone can give life. Our image of the eggs goes back and forth between death and a resurrection, precisely as Easter. The reality lies just in the middle.”

And these are just quotes from the article:

“The yellow center is measured according to the 12-grade Roche-scale, named after a big supplier of synthetic lutein. The Swedish standard-yellow has an “8” on a scale were 12 goes towards red.”

”generally speaking eggs are much healthier than lots of processed industrial food, even if average amount of eggs is the best way to go.”

Can you believe this? And after referring to several big studies on the subject (haha…) they start talking about which eggs to eat speaking chemical mumbo jumbo. And then they top it all off with some crazy things about eye sight and that you should eat spinach – with butter - instead. Oh, I really hope this is April fool thing, otherwise I know who should get fired. Either way, it is one of the most side-splitting things I have ever read. Great stuff!

Sexually abused?

A priest in Sweden has been accused of sexually taking advantage of a woman. She was 16 years old when they started to have sex and it apparently ended 6 years later. Before I write anything else; I have not met any of the involved and I have no idea what has been said or done in this case and I want to make this clear before I trash this woman and the news reporters, because if I’m wrong, I apologize in advance, which is something I never do otherwise.

What I’m getting at is that this woman was legal to have sex with (the legal age for consensual sex in Sweden is 15 years) and she apparently had sex with this man throughout the years and as far as I can see or read about it there is no force involved. But still she choice to press charges, why? You might claim that the priest took advantage of his position and lured this poor young woman to sex at the beginning, but that’s sounds more or less like bull to me. If this female can point out that she was deeply religious and this priest somehow used this as a way in (so to speak) okay, I might get it. But otherwise shout up and stop pressing charges against someone who made you happy. Yes, happy, no one can tell me that a young woman not being forced and staying with the same lover for 6 years doesn’t feel something good, emotionally and/or sexually. And if this is the case, what the hell is the news? Why are the journalists making this into a “religious thing” except for selling newspapers? He – the journalist – should go after the girl, but that’s not really PC now is it? If this is only a way to trash some poor priest it is the worst kind of journalism and I truly hope this reporter burn in the deepest corner of hell*. Journalist like that – no matter what is true in this case – are the worst bloody idiots around. And that girl, if she didn’t get abused or forced, she should burn right beside him.

*I’m not religious, but sometimes religions have the best punishments…

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Is anyone surprised?

As I predicted Wanja Lundby - Wedin got”acquitted” in the sense that she didn’t lie, she is just incompetent. Well “predicted” might be the wrong word for me to use, since Mona Sahlin, leader of the social democrats, said she supported her little union hooligan everyone with a brain already knew what was going to happen. A smelly fish like Sahlin would never support anything if she didn’t know the outcome. Which would make those checking this a bit shady around the edges, but who is surprised over that? And of course the blame is somewhere else. ‘Someone’ has tricked them, ‘someone’ has got more money then they should, ‘someone’ is lurking in the shadows and stalking Wanja and aren’t there a conspiracy here somewhere against this poor defenceless and clueless woman? This is nonsense. Either this man together with some elusive accomplice has committed a crime or the entire board together with Wanja is incompetent. To sit at a press conference and only attack ‘someone’ is just ridiculous. They are going to demand that the money bee reinstituted. Why? If Christer Elemhagen has committed a crime, drag the idiot to trial, if not, he has done nothing wrong. Should he turn down the money Wanja and Co throws at him? Who would?

So in either case; does this change anything for the incompetent Wanja? Not really, she has apparent flaws and her reputation is damaged. And then there are those other boards were she have made similar decisions, so how can she argue her hate now with any decent kind of credibility? The answer is she can’t, so the best thing she still can do is to resign and take her tarnished face of the air. That would show leadership and character. But this lady loves her millions and the brute power of her position and much more so than the union and its members. And this is of course great news for the parties in power and since the current Swedish government is slightly less socialistic then Wanja and her band of bandits one shouldn’t really complain.

Do you think cows are herbivores?

As I have said before, a friend of mine once told me that he thinks that cows in reality are Alien prisoners sent to earth as punishment getting eaten at McDonald’s. Not so hard to believe after this clip is it?

Toads getting what they deserve

Australians know how to make things happen. They don’t sit around waiting for some fuzzy climate change; instead they go out and kill some animals on their own. In the state of Queensland Australians have come together to “catch” poisonous cane toads. The toads have to be captured alive and unharmed, examined by experts, and then killed humanely. Apparently these toads was brought to Australia to kill and eat beetles, but have since then became a pestilence in their own right.

One Mr Knuth was quoted saying:
"This is an example of how the war against cane toads can be won"

Sounds like they are having fun don’t it? I hope they do some serious Foster’s before debarking on this tale of adventure. But in either case, this is both an example of humans playing God, throwing species from one continent to the other but it is also an example of what we can do about all the animals going berserk. In Australia they also have those horrific Kangaroos jumping around hurting people. I hope they take care of that problem soon to.

One killer on the go.

Racism and collectivism

There is no surprise that a political party existing on the foundation of ethnicity and malice towards immigrants do have some xenophobe’s among their ranks. But if you stop for a moment and really look around you will find that prejudice is a very common occurrence among a great number of groups. If you listen to the dialogue among construction workers or go out on the floor in some big plant, you will hear a lot of things that could be regarded as pure racism. So when some journalists make a “reviling” segment about a political party holding resentments against immigrants that’s hardly news and it will also not have the desired effect they are looking for. People will not stop voting for some brainless primates who make jokes about refugees just because some news reporter makes us all go; Duh!

What’s really missing in this equation is the real reason behind the collectivizing of humans and consequently the racism that comes with it. And the thing missing in the everyday analyze and among the journalists is the reason that’s spells; collectivism. Only the thought of collectivize some people together in a pile and naming them something and then contribute them with certain attributes can create something like racism. Well there is also the common idiot, but that’s mainly the same thing. In other words as soon as we start making something into us-against-them we can be creating resentments and in the end racism. We should stop putting one group against the other and regard ourselves as humans and individuals instead of making everything about adversaries. There are a lot of groups guilty of that thinking and some examples are feminists, socialists, religious groups and football teams. And there is no surprise that the most hideous regimes of all times have been arguing the us-against-them idiocy, because it works. You listen to it. You think is makes sense. And you are an idiot.

Another reason that fallows on the back on the first one is that our welfare system has led us to believe that there is a certain cake baked and this cake can only be divided in a certain amount of ways and to a certain amount of people. So when some outsider pops up, running from some war or oppression, we don’t really want to share. It’s ours. Why should some stranger with a silly name have a bite? Doesn’t seem fair.

And to this we add the fear. Old people that never have met a black person before suddenly wake up having black kids that looks like those thugs on TV standing at the street corner listening to strange music. A shop owner abruptly finding himself in the presence of a girl applying for a job wearing a burqha will have lots of things going thru his mind. And politicians and other officials react in a strange behavior, banning the use of national flags or telling us not to sing certain songs because it might be offensive against our new citizens. No one saying anything about it, because if you do, you are a racist. But inside many people resentment will have planted another seed.

Of course political parties will grow on this fear and collective thinking and of course people are going to vote for them. As long as the majority of people on this planet (yes, I’m collectivizing you all) believe in the notion of collectivism and the joyfulness of welfare, racism will exist and thrive.

Protectionism on the raise

We already know Obama is doing his best to increase protectionism despite his reassurance – as always he is lying. But in Florida they are taking this even further. Politicians and business leaders are urging people in Florida to spend their money on companies and products in and made in, that’s right, Florida.

From the Miami Herald
The retail federation's president, Rick McCallister, points out that 75 percent of Florida's gross domestic product is driven by consumer spending. He says the state can recover faster if Floridians spend closer to come.

Just a little bit more of this crap and there is hardly anything separating this recession from the one back in the 20’s. Well we are basically more screwed today, but that’s just semantics.

Another murderer we should wipe out

In North America, going about your business, you might be on the lookout for some grizzly or black bear, but in reality there is a much more sinister killer roaming those woods. Each year one apparent cutie causes more human fatalities then all the carnivores put together. And it does so by kamikaze attacks on unsuspecting and innocent humans and no small numbers either. 1,5 millions of these attacks each year causes countless suffering and staggering amounts of insurance payouts and around 130-140 people dies. Even if they don’t succeed in all these reoccurring attacks, mainly thanks to human ingenuity building better cars, the ‘Cervidae’ or Dear is still a very dangerous animal. This beast, fiendishly made popular by a cartoon, should not be underestimated and I cannot believe we have not yet devised a final solution for this menace.

And one for the maybe list
And here is another animal I’m contemplating what we should do with. Apparently Almiqui (Solenodon cubanus) is of Cuban origin so I’m feeling a bit suspicious towards its existence. Those communists have a way of twisting the truth. But if it truly does exist, we should kill it just to be on the safe side. Nothing that looks like this can be anything but evil.

What is your favorite apocalypse?

If you had the choice, what way would you like us humans to be rendered extinct?

1. Alien invasion
In a way my favorite scenario. I mean how amusing wouldn’t it be with us trying to save animals and the planet while we are waging some wars and killing ourselves with socialism and religions, and then comes some space ships and bombards us into oblivion. The funniest thing would be if we actually started to use our brains and lived in peace and harmony when those Aliens pop up. That would really crack me up.

2. Asteroid/Meteors and Comets
This is one of those things we know is going to happen. Sooner or later one big hunky rock will crash down on us with the force and size to make us all go byebye. It’s not a matter of “if”, it will happen. This together with some silly Hollywood movies makes this scenario kind of fun too. And the universe is a pretty large place, there can be many of these squishing things hurling towards us right now. Within the next 50 years or so we are defenseless against them. Maybe in the future we will be able to fend them off, but let’s hope a couple of rocks come before that.

3. Coronal Mass Ejection/ cosmic rays
This is also something that is going to happen. One day the sun will ejaculate a massive sun storm in our direction which would knock out anything electronic and might also cause severe weather changes. In an instant we would go back to the Stone Age with almost all money and all communication gone. And how would humans react to not having access to Facebook and free porn all the time? Riots would ensue, governments would fall, chaos would be the collective name for it. But the sun isn’t the only source. Cosmic rays from distance might do the same or worse to our planet. It might not completely wipe us out, but modern day man without electrical dildos and no refrigerators would have a very hard time surviving with massive weather changes and chaos everywhere.

4. By our own hand
This is by far the most amusing scenario and it is something that is feasible around now. This is what I’m ranting about in my semi-believable way. There is a big chance that today’s recession turn into a massive depression and in the wake of this there is also a probability that some tiny funny men will come to power, with the consent of a stupid populace, and with the immense destructive force of nuclear weapons that are pretty much available to everyone, it might turn ugly. I admit this is not very plausible and the risk is perhaps less than most others on this list, but the risk exists and I would truly love seeing this world being turned into a gaping crater by “peace loving” and “environmentally friendly” humans. This is a hilarious scenario, especially since so many of us can say: “I told u so” while the mushroom clouds do us in.

5. Environmental catastrophe
The enviro fascists and Al Gore is preaching this like it can happen tomorrow. And even if these knuckled heads is promoting a scam, it does not exclude a real possibility of worldwide changes in weather or a new ice age. Mainly it can happen from the other things on this list and the most feasible culprit is the sun. But nuclear winter around the globe, a comet crashing down or a complete reversal of the magnetic poles might also be the villains. With hardly any food, lots of rains without factories making umbrellas and with millions of refugees traveling around with temperatures being extremely high or extremely low this too might be the end of humanity.

I know there are other things like super volcanoes or magnetic fields that also might be apocalyptical, but I don’t wanna bore you with too much information. So please make your choice in the poll to your right and let’s see what you think is the greatest way of killing all humans.

Polar Bears should be put down

99,9% of all species that ever lived on this planet is dead, extinct, passé, gone in to the light, been turned into dust. Every year, month and week more animals die out. Nothing strange about it. Ever heard of Darwin? It might sound great to “save the whales” or to save those cuddly carnivores’ polar bears that will rip you to pieces if you come near one, but it’s just man’s idiotic way of playing God. Let ants, seagulls, palm trees or polar bears die out or live for themselves, whatever. Why do people care? And Polar Bears are actually doing great. The worldwide polar bear population is somewhere between 20,000 and 25,000 today a number that has either held steady over the last 20 years or has risen slightly. And that’s more than double the 8,000 to 10,000 that were living in the 1960s. And do you know what normally kills Polar Bears? Other Polar Bears. That’s right; those furry beasts often kill their own cubs and sometimes fight each others. And because cubs usually stay with their mothers for two and a half years, the most often a female is normally capable of having a litter is every three years. This is a very slow breeding rate.

I’m having a big trouble understanding why people care about one species or the other. Why aren’t you crying about Quagga’s, Mammuths or Dodo’s? Did they die out from man-made global warming? Or how about the dinosaurs? Was there some factories or cars that killed them? Or how about the hundreds of thousands of extinct species of fish or birds? Too bad the enviro nazis wasn’t around millions of years ago; maybe we could still see some of those. It is just complete madness to try to save animals all the time. And to blame humans for the natural order of this planet with constant changes of climate, temperature and weather is so profoundly stupid that you can hardly believe it. The biggest scam and biggest lie of all time is the complete absurdity of man-made global warming. There is not one single proof of this claim, not one. But there are hundreds of well established facts that contradict the enviro nazis and their idiotism. And they use Polar Bears as an alibi for their inapt thinking. A race that is growing in numbers and are in the way of humans. The way they always do it is; they show a falling ice sheat (which happen all the time) then they show you a cute cuddly bear (that actually wants to kill us) and then they tell some lies about global warming. It’s a marketing gimmick to get more government founding and your sympathies, nothing else. It’s a scam!

And what has Polar Bears done for humans? Nothing. Why keep some animal around that we can’t use? Maybe those furs can be good warm clothes, but otherwise they are just in the way. Like in Alaska were they, thanks to enviro nazis, can stop oil drilling or housing developments. Polar bears are also responsible for killing humans; actually they even actively hunt and kill us as the only animal (according to some; Tigers also actively hunt us) on the planet. And they are, let’s face it, pretty ugly. I mean, despite being kind of bear cuddly, their long noses and floppy swaging walk style is just horrible to watch. So if we are going to do something in the Polar Bear department, we should rather go out and kill them, not protect them. They are in the way and they are dangerous and there are lots of them. We shouldn’t wait for them to drop dead by themselves or by Mother Nature’s hand, let’s do it ourselves and in the real way, not the made up kind.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Maybe there is hope for humankind yet...

I was outside, walking around, visiting some pubs and checking around, didn’t see anyone turning down the lights. So I though, I’m in Scotland, maybe they are a bit smarter around here but when I got home and started reading blogs and checking with my friends all over the world, not a single one had seen any kind of activity of people listing to the idiots. Only some public buildings and a couple of stupid companies had done anything to change their behavior this Saturday, showing their silliness. My little investigation is hardly something to really pay attention to in this regard and it is a Saturday after all, people might care about the environment, but they care a lot more about alcohol and getting laid. But still I choice to put some intellect behind this and call WWF’s stupidity for a big fiasco. Sometimes I wonder if there isn’t something more to humans except absurdity after all, but then again, tomorrow you will probably go back to preaching socialism and cry for more welfare. But sometimes you need to be happy for the smaller things and I feel in a good inebriated mood. Maybe you don’t want to kill the poor in the world after all. Thumbs up!

One country listens to WWF all the time

The hoax of man-made global warming

If you believe in this hoax you are an idiot. Since most of you out there are idiots most of you probably also believe in this crap. Me I have taken 2 showers today, now I’m going to turn on the washer and take another shower with the entire apartment lit up. Then I’m going to drink myself silly and laugh at all the idiots in this world who apparently wants to lower energy use and consequently kill all poor people

Here is a little remainder of how stupid Al Gore and all those environmentfascists are.

Why I am starting to believe

Something has been puzzling me for a very long time and during the last couple of days I have been pondering in this issue even more. The question is how come so many well educated and seemingly smart people keep saying and doing things they should be able to see is wrong? The answer when it comes to many politicians and when it comes to scientist and such who are very dependent on those politicians staying in power, is probably self perseverance. If they actually know it the truth, which I believe at least some of them do, they cannot proclaim it since that might mean they won’t be reelected and/or be despised within their own parties. And they surely cannot act upon it, which would really make them the villains according to the stupid general public. So many of those who actually know about all the stupidities going on will not speak up because they are afraid of their benefits and jobs. But almost all of them? There are very few voices of reason and intellect in the world, so where are all the others?

From these questions I have come to wonder if not some of those conspiracy theories that exists might have some truth to them. Most of them are made up of course. There are a lot of pot-heads and bitter people with no brains and little time on their hands (for some reason most theorists that see conspirators everywhere seem to be without a job…) that see something strange on a dollar bill or, during a high, noticed some strange lights and suddenly the government is out to get them. There are a lot of idiots on this planet believing in ghosts and communism, so for the most part it’s just lunacy. But still, I’m thinking there has to be something here. Some people blame some “illuminati” sect; others talk about the Bilderberg group, but there is hardly any evidence to any of it. Still I do think there is something going on here and there. Or am I wrong thinking there might be some enlighten people out there other then me and a couple of thousands others?

The fraudulent Lama spits in your face

Dalai Lama needs your support to gain excess to his former kingdom of despair. This deceitful man has pretty much everyone fooled but he is not hiding his true intentions. He wants to reinstate himself as dictator as it was before. Even if you don’t believe in reports about him consorting with former Nazis, resaving gifts from terrorist or taking millions from the CIA to build fighting guerillas. And even if you ignore the fact that this man still lives in high standards and openly argues that women are “unclean” and should not be allowed near holy shrines. And even if you ignore all that and many more stupidities this warmongering tiny fraud does, he has never hidden what his intention with Tibet is. He wants to reinstate himself as ruler, a dictator, as before, with monks and their oppressive regime as masters, just as before. He is traveling around the world selling his crap and you, the idiots, listen.

China should be thrown out of Tibet and their socialist regime should be condemned for pretty much everything it does, but don’t kid yourself. Dalai Lama is as ruthless, as deadly and as horrible as the Chinese. The brutality of the former Lama’s is legendary and torture of starving peasants was common occurrences. There are several witnesses about those atrocities that are not in the hands of the Chinese. There are traveling reports from merchants from India and several documented skulls that have been found mutilated from the Lama’s era.

Dalai Lama wants his palaces back, he wants his privileges back and he wants to reinstate the medieval government he loves so much. When this complete scam talks about what’s “best for his people” he is actually saying what’s best for him. If you don’t believe me, check it out for yourself. He has never hidden the fact that he wants to reinstate the priesthood and the older form of government. So when this bastard comes to your town and spits in your face with his stupidities, call him on it. Demonstrate and call him out for what he is and please throw some tomatoes at his ass.

Leftie heaven

Eritrea is a lot in the Swedish news. Lots of journalists (most with left sympathies) and many thousands of others wants to free a man from an Eritrean prison were he is held without any accusations or trials. This I can, in a way, understand, some crusade to help out someone who apparently is wrongfully imprisoned, but still there are tens of thousands others sitting jailed all around the world for similar “crimes”. Why this one? And looking at Eritrea I’m having a hard time understanding why socialist would like to complain over that beautiful place. Only one party is allowed, freedom is none existent and government decides everything. Sounds like a perfect place to visit for study the joyfulness of socialism. In the past Swedish communists went behind the iron curtain to study (drink vodka rather) the bliss of left politics. I cannot see any reason why they shouldn’t do the same now. Eritrea also has a warmer weather then Sweden, so many of these journalists and many other socialists should instead jump onboard and attend seminars about how wonderful everything is when collectivism rules.

When will they show the proof? – You are a killer!

I have never seen a proof of manmade global warming and I will never see one, because it’s a scam. I have sent emails to scientists and been to lectures and asked the same questions and got the same stupid answers.

What’s the proof of manmade global warming?

- The ice is melting and getting less everywhere
If that’s the case, which isn’t really proven either, so what? Antarctica has been completely without ice before and that will happen again.

- Polar Bears are dying
Exactly like 99% of all species that ever existed that are gone now. Why aren’t we crying over the mammoths?

- The temperature are raising
Well that’s not completely true, but even if, temperature changes happen all the time. Several ice ages and much warmer periods have come and gone and will continue to do so

- Our industries have change the levels of carbondioxid
Have they now? We know that the levels have both been a lot lower and a lot higher before in history. What happen before? Aliens?

- Hurricanes and other storms are more frequent today and stronger
No they are not. There is no data what so ever supporting this claim

- Al Gore says so
Al Gore’s stupidities have been debunked several times over. Hardly anything this idiot says is real or true.

But even if you happen to stumble upon something that seems real (let me know, I never found one) the complete stupidity of turning down the lights is so horrific that you should all be ashamed. It’s the same thing as saying you hate poor people and that you want them to die. Don’t believe me? What do you think is the main thing missing to lower poverty and starvation in the world? Yes, that’s right, more power! We need to increase energy usage, not lowering it. We need to get factories, cars and build roads all over the world to save people from misery. But you don’t want people to survive do you? You are indirectly arguing for killing millions of people, but you feel good about it don’t you? You are an idiot for believing in something that’s as real as unicorns but you are a low level ameba wanting people to die. So if you decide to turn down the lights today, take a look in the mirror and see the face of a stupid killer.

Friday, March 27, 2009

When I was young…

… a great man was president in America and I dreamt of moving there. Today America has a socialist harlot at the helm and I dream of leaving this planet. Good then that we still have Internet to reminisce from. Bless us all. We are going to need it.

You are going to die! Part XIX

Oh, this is so terrible. Because this tale is horrific on so many levels. I’m going to reveal the most dreadful thing conceivable. Yes governments and religion have killed more people and yes there are more deadly things out there, but the potency of this thing goes beyond everything. I have mentioned this in passing before but it is now time to fully reveal the most elusive hurter of humankind throughout history. Electricity and water – well documented killer in their own right – roam free within this. Knifes, axes, scissors and other deadly weapons can be found everywhere. Some of the most deceitful traps like steps, bathtubs and toasters are common here. The thing I’m talking about is our own homes.

Did you know that a majority of all rapes, incest cases and assaults take place within the “comforts” of homes? And the staggering amount of accidents each day goes further than what you can imagine. And to this we can add all the millions of crimes that are planed and committed in houses and apartments all over the world. But somehow we still don’t connect the dots. How come the government isn’t doing anything about this travesty? Sure they tax it and sometimes they evict you and steal it, but still. They can ban harmless internet functions or outlaw self-protection, but the most horrifying and harmful thing known to mankind they pretty much leave be. All illegal drugs put together in regard to death toll and harmfulness doesn’t even come close, yet they outlaw drugs, but we still keep living at home! This inconsistency cannot be explained. Don’t elected officials care about their voters? Aren’t citizens important enough to be saved from the horrors of owning their homes? Everyone owning a home should get extra taxes and be regarded as rich. People should not be allowed to have to much money, otherwise they might buy a home! Actually it almost seems like the only ones that have thought this thru are the communists and Nazis since their policies very much revolve around tearing down or confiscating ownership. And this is really the answer. Governmental housings adapted to minimize damage complete with constant surveillance and guards at all times so we don’t hurt ourselves. This will also create countless jobs of “watchers” and “guards” all there to make sure we do not fall down the stairs or have inappropriate sex. Another solution, popular among environmentalists, is to sleep outdoors, beneath the sky and in the open air.

Whatever the solution might be it is time we stand up and told our governments that we are fed up with this constant fear. We need padded walls, softer steps and none electrical appliances that still work as good as the old ones. We need bathtubs you cannot fall down in and governments should see to it so that all the things we buy is already cut, sliced and ready to eat which means we can get rid of all the terrible tools of destructions we have at home. And we want monitoring God damn it! Why haven’t the politicians put in cameras in every home yet!? This is horrible. The only ones feeling safe are the homeless and we cannot keep it that way.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Hannan, ACTA and Internet

Do you know why politicians have a deep desire to rule over the Internet? Ever wondered why so many people in power including many journalists don’t take a stand against idiocies like ACTA? Are you still contemplating why governments want to tax, regulate and forbid the free airwaves?

This is snatched from MailOnline and its about Daniel Hannan, the MP that’s getting famous.
The politician himself has been taken by surprise at the attention it has received on the web, especially because he has made similar speeches in the past.
He says it proves how much the internet has revolutionised - and democratised - the news.
'The internet has changed politics - changed it utterly and forever,' he wrote yesterday.
'Twenty-four hours ago, I made a three-minute speech in the European Parliament, aimed at Gordon Brown. I tipped off the BBC and some of the newspaper correspondents but, unsurprisingly, they ignored me: I am, after all, simply a backbench MEP.
'When I woke up this morning, my phone was clogged with texts, my email inbox with messages. Overnight, the YouTube clip of my remarks had attracted over 36,000 hits. By today, it was the most watched video in Britain.
'How did it happen, in the absence of any media coverage? The answer is that political reporters no longer get to decide what's news.
'The days when a minister gave briefings to a dozen lobby correspondents, and thereby dictated the next day's headlines, are over. Now, a thousand bloggers decide for themselves what is interesting. If enough of them are tickled then, bingo, you're news.'

Another Hannan - not the famous one...

Some more great news from around the world

Kingfisher is to close a third of its B&Q stores in China after admitting expansion in the rapidly emerging country had been “too fast” and had left the do-it-yourself retailer with loss-making and oversized stores.

The index, compiled by the Italian economic research institute I.S.A.E., fell to 59.8 from 63.2 in February

n the two years 2009-10 and 2010-11, the government will probably have to raise £350bn That is more debt bequeathed to its successor than the total borrowed by successive rulers and governments of Britain between 1691 and 1997, the year Labour was elected.

Man Group, the world’s largest publicly-traded hedge fund manager, said fiscal year profit probably fell 43 per cent after a steep decline in assets under management.

The Irish Republic's economy has suffered its largest contraction in recent decades.

A hero kills masked hamburger mugger

John Landers, 45 did is duty when he shot and killed a masked robber trying to rob Burger King in Miami. Even though he managed to get shot himself and is still at the hospital, I truly solute this guy. I just wish everyone own and carried a gun and maybe robbers wouldn’t even consider their occupation. But of course most governments have conveniently outlawed that. Armed with a 9mm Glock 19 Mr. Landers is this week’s hero.

9mm Glock 19

We are so majestically screwed

This post is for those few out there that actually uses the brain. You might have stubble upon this blog entry in several ways, but if you don’t believe in freedom and personal choice you can stop reading now and leave this place.

The ones I’m addressing is the ones who knows what inflation is and constantly have that scream in the head over stupidities like Barack Obama or governmental bank- and company bailouts. To you who are feed up with the madness in the world and cannot believe there are such things as feminists and gun control. To all you out there that know the truth I say to you; give up! Stop trying to convince and help the idiots. Sell everything you have and move somewhere where you can be pretty anonymous and feel a bit “safer”. Actually the best thing we could do is to form a new or buy a new country and with nuclear weapons we should be able to keep the looters away. But that’s not really realistic.

The world is heading for a big recession (yes idiot, we are just getting started, stop reading and go away) and when that recession moves over to that appending depression nothing good can come out of it. This isn’t an Ayn Rand novel or some fairytale were people suddenly realize their faults and fess up, that’s never going to happen. The fascist cancer that rooted itself in the earliest man at the dawn of time cannot be cured by lectures or chemotherapy. There is no cure for the populism, opportunism and pure madness that runs in the veins of pretty much everyone on this planet. The sooner you become conscious of this the better you will feel. Just breathe and let go.

I know many of you still have faith in humanity and maybe even think that this crisis will be a lesson and that we might rebuild a better world afterwards. Many of you think that if you just convince enough people and argue your case, things will improve. In a way I admire that stamina and conviction and the patience you show towards the idiots. But every victory you might claim is a Pyrrhus one. Every time a government does the right thing, ten others do the opposite. And a government doing the right thing will most likely not get elected. Every time freedom is claimed there will be thousands of regulations and taxes destroying it. And when you actually manage to convince some people about the realities of this world, they forget it after a week; some might forget the same day. There is a reason why history always seems to repeat itself and there is a reason why people keep ending up as slaves. The reason is that people in general are morons. Can you really blame politicians and high ranking officials for taking advantage of the money and power they have been given by the people? Lefties always blame the market and the greed among the rich as soon as some recession or scandals hits the news. The right blames politicians and the government. In a way they are both right, but the main blame should be put on the shoulders of the people. If citizens actually contemplated things and used their grey matter we would never see death camps, starvation or wars.

The two main reasons why governments have been able to keep the charade up for so long and keep winning votes is that we keep inventing things to improve productivity and that people don’t know (or rather don’t want to know) what’s really going on. And they might actually be able to run the spectacle forever. Because who will the people blame for the recession and who will be the scapegoats? To what and to whom will they turn when the money is gone and unemployment is sky-high? Sure as hell will not be towards those who hold the answer. Again we will see some funny little charismatic man deliver solutions to the hysteria. And people will listen, because they are idiots. There are so many faults and stupidities I could point at, but you already know those. So if you still insist on sticking around and keep helping the idiots find a slightly better way, please, at least keep some emergency plan in the back of your head. Sooner or later, that might save your life. And if you figure out some great way to save ourselves or the world, please let me know.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The Obama Deception

This is very long and it’s filled with pretty stupid conspiracy theories, but it’s still great and also filled with frightening truths. Try to watch it and ignore the mumbo jumbo. Focus on the real things and the real decisions that are proven. If you do, this is great stuff.

Another Peter Schiff gem*

*Stole that topic from someone else

You are going to die! Part XVII

Suicide is great fun. I mean, there is countless ways to die and you can pick and choice whatever you like. So whenever you are sitting alone and have nothing to do, try figure out how you would like to leave this existence. Most people like to act in a way that gets them killed, not really intentionally, but they still do it. People all around are for some reason religious and are there a surer way then religion to get burned, excommunicated, start wars or in others ways create your demise? Maybe Government as a collective name for all rulers throughout history is an even surer way of getting killed. So voting, electing and demonstrating for government is another elusive way of getting yourself killed. But there are lots of other things that are much funnier if you want to die. People living on the hillside of an active volcano or insisting on going out on a boat trip with a hurricane at the horizon is great entertainment. People swimming in shark infested waters, climbing mountains or falling down in the shower is other interesting funnies to contemplate on.

But you might wanna leave out those apparent ones. It’s really not so fun taking your own life if millions of others have done the same thing. A shot in the head or turning on the gas seem a bit passé. Hanging has some funny attributes to it, especially if you dangle from the ceiling when the wife comes home or maybe you can hang from the flag post outside a childcare center? Oh, the look on some innocent preteens almost makes it worth it, doesn’t it? Then we have those jumpers. Never really got those. There is a risk you reconsider on the way down and who really wants to be turned into some gooey pile on a pavement? Maybe if you aim at some pedestrians or try to land on top of nice looking bimbo with huge knockers it would spice things up a bit, but otherwise a boring way to go. There are accounts of people tripping and landing in a puddle of water by the road and drowning or that tale of that famous daredevil that slipped on an orange and got an infection that killed him. But those are hard to plan and it takes the fun out of it you arrange such things. Alien invasions or comets crashing down are also achievements that are not really something you can plan. So what does that leave us? Lots of things! There is no end to how you might die! Smoking, drugs, alcohol, over eating, under eating, fires, AIDS, stepping in front of a car, snakes, crocodiles, falling asleep in a walk-in freezer, knifes, putting your head on a train-track, sticking a fork in the electrical outlet, hippos, airplane crash, doing the suffocation thing during sex, walking over a mine-field and thousands upon thousands of others. It’s really only your mind that sets the limit. Too bad most of you lack some interest in this topic and only want to go out to boring way with governments holding the rifle. Use your imagination for God’s sake! Suicide can be great fun and if you are going to leave us, do it in a fun way.

Weapons of mass collaboration

Many people, also in Sweden, have low confidence in politicians and the elite in power. And that’s a good sign, but what most of you don’t know is how close the power elite really are to each other. There are journalists sleeping with and getting married to politicians, you have CEO’s going to party’s with their union counterparts, you have marketing people switching between different political camps and you have elected officials that basically don’t interact with anyone else but other elected officials. In a small country like Sweden this is a problem in many ways and you do not need to be a conspiracy buff to figure out what happens when the same appointed people are sitting together in countless different boardrooms. Someone might argue that it’s because so few are interested in politics, but that’s just BS. You need to move up thru the jugend ranks and you need to grease, lick and sometimes lie your way there. All the way giving up any kind of decent ideology you might have had from the start. And the businesspeople are not much better, they want to keep their power, wealth and status and have no problem what so ever to hold hands with socialist or unions. They might say different things, they might act as they are enemies, but in reality they are a neatly packed little gang of thief’s and opportunists giving each other benefits and high salaries.

So it’s not very surprising that some union leaders get caught in the melted cheese or that executives end up doing this or that. They live in their own little world and you might think you know this and might even nod when you read this post, but in reality you have no idea. Basically imagine the worst crappy soap opera you know, take that times ten and maybe, just maybe, take away the murders, and you have what goes in among the power elite in Sweden.

Wanja Lundby-Wedin, politicians using government credit cards in strip clubs and high ranking people refusing to acknowledge taking part in certain decisions is only the symptom. The real sickness is the whole system. I know you are still going to vote for some of those out-of-touch-with-reality people as you always do and if you are a socialist you might argue that this is what happens with capitalism, but that’s the same thinking that got us those officials we have and the system that exists. The only way of getting rid of the corruption and power hungry elitists is to give the power to the people. If you can decide over you own life, then we are getting somewhere. As long as someone else gets your money and rule our lives, there will be no change. So if you really think, as I do, that we have a system that is wrong and elected politicians that doesn’t listen, you should argue for you. You should be your own king. You should decide what to buy, what to drink, were to live and what to do with your money. If you don’t think you should have these rights, then, by all means, keep doing what you always have done, vote for more government and give away your freedom. But then you should also not complain, you are mainly at fault for Wanja and the rest of the horde, don’t blame them; you gave them your power. Should they decline Godlike benefits and the power to dictate people’s life? Would you? So either argue and take back what is yours, or shut up and go back to voting and mumbling complaints like you always do.

United banana States

America have just let go of the slightly more clever chimpanzee who liked shiny things that throws bombs at people and instead got the Obaminator that likes bananas so much he’s going to form the United banana States – the place where inflation guides the way and the morally bankrupt rules over a duped populace.

What’s happening “over there” is something completely horrible. Maybe one of the most horrid events in history of men. This because the country of USA started out as and have, in several ways, been a beckon of freedom and democracy in the world. This is about to change. As I have written before Obama is planning to form what can only be described as his own private army. If you believe in this or not or if you have come to terms with the fact that many of Obama’s closest have been or are communists, doesn’t really matter, at least not in the short run. Because what’s really troublesome is the economics, or rather lack off. You cannot borrow money and print lots of them in order to spend, spend and spend. Not even government can do this in eternity, even if most politicians would like to. Especially you cannot do this when there is hardly anything backing you up. And what I’m talking about is savings and productivity. America have been living well over its actual standard and with government supported banks lowering interest rates people have spent pretty much all they have on things they cannot afford. And to this bubble we can add the coming currency crisis that will happen pretty soon. When that dollar fails and the manic spending fails there is nothing left but even more regulations and more government. And when people take to arms to defend their freedom, which many Americans will do, the government needs to crack down on this too. Basically Obamanomics is doing what my birth nation of Sweden did in almost a century, but this in a few years, months even. But also in a time where there is no financial back-up for it and with a pending depression lurking around the corner. This will be disastrous in oh so many ways and government knows only one way to react, with violence and more laws.

And Obama, the slick, well-oiled and evil man that he is keep spreading lies and continues to try to trick the populace with stupidities so severe you are wondering why he gets away with it. But the press don’t even comment on his speeches about that his parents, his mother, a white woman from Kansas, and his father, a black Muslim from Africa, had the courage to get married and have a child because of people did “march across a bridge” in Selma, Alabama. The problem with that description is that Barrack Obama, Jr. was born on August 4, 1961, while the first of three marches across that bridge in Selma didn’t occur until March 7, 1965, at least five years after Obama’s parents met. And there are many more of those lies that no one calls him on. But still, people trying to be something they are not or exaggerating themselves isn’t that big of a deal, sure he is the president with communist friends and is going on the biggest spending spree in history without any money, but okay. The worst part is that he lies about the economy. He’s seeing the light, we are already seeing improvements and if people are just patient, everything will be okay. This is by far the worst humbug in modern days of politics, at least among the “democratic” states. This is idiocy so severe that it will throw United States into poverty and despair. And with pretty much the same things going on in Britain and businesses going down all around the world, what do you think is going to happen? Will there be a happy ending?

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Brainless chimps falling for the scam

The monkeys of this world are “thinking” again. On Saturday it’s the WWF:s, manifestation Earth Hour and idiots all over the world will turn down the lights in a manifestation of incredible stupidity. This just to appease those back-to-nature freaks who think that turning down the worlds lights is a good idea. We should of course increase the energy usage in the world, not lowering it, but these mindless chimps would rather have people starving then a couple of lights being on too long.

And of course it is the scam of manmade global warming they are opposing. This crazy notion might actually be history’s biggest lunacy. Religions and socialism could be regarded as bigger idiocies, but those have some tricky things about them and you can almost get it why people get ripped off by “saving the poor”-crap and those promises of an afterlife. But this about manmade global warming is so absolutely crazy and the truth is right in front of everyone. The science isn’t hidden, the history of this planet is right there for everyone to see and there is not one single proof for what the chimps are saying. But still the morons buy it! If there ever was a clearer evidence for people being idiots I have never seen it.

I’m going to turn on everything in sight and crank heat and electricity up to maximum. Maybe I at least can compensate for some of those idiots out there that think they are helping the environment. The madness seems to never end. Were the hell is that apocalypse?

Do they play video games?

One after the other pops up saying they knew nothing about giving away tens of millions to Christer Elmehagens AMF-pension. Wanja Lundby-Lundin is not alone. So I’m starting to wonder what they do at those meetings and if everyone at that board are completely insane. Don’t they ask about decisions leading to these kinds of expenditures? Don’t they read what they decide about and/or read transcripts and go thru the meeting agenda? It’s not like it’s a couple of some bills for snacks and coffee we are talking about so some of these incompetent suckers need to be sleeping or playing games instead of actually paying attention. The power elite in Sweden don’t seem to care about “small” decisions that cost tens of millions. Not that this changes anything, Wanja Lundby-Lundin should resign. Hiring a CEO and knowing what he does, what he gets paid and if he is doing his job or not are among the most important decisions you can make at a board. And you need to know that complaining about high salaries when your are sitting at two different boards that has decided to pay out as high salary is incompetents at the very least. It’s the hypocrisy that’s showing and this from a lady earning millions each year herself. Why are people members of that union stupidity?

Great news from around the world

Per capita income rose slower than inflation in Florida last year, meaning the average person was effectively earning less, according to federal statistics released Tuesday.

Airline losses are expected to reach $4.7 billion in 2009

The Czech government loses a vote of confidence in parliament midway through the country's six-month EU presidency. Resign time.

According to Amnesty International (which normally shouldn’t be trusted though) the number of state executions almost doubled last year worldwide, with China accounting for nearly three-quarters of the total.

outsourcing firms in India are seeing a rapid decline in businesses. Mainly because of the US raising anti-outsourcing sentiments. (Obama is at the same time taking a stand against protectionism… )

chief executive Leif Johansson told Dow Jones Newswires that he believes that Sales of heavy trucks in Europe are set to drop 40 per cent in 2009

Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke says his hands were legally tied in dealing with AIG bonuses. Bernanke and Treasury's Timothy Geithner, testifying before a House panel, say new laws are needed on bankruptcies involving large financial institutions. (Maybe they can make use of Obamas new Jugend squads?)

Adcorp Australia Ltd net profit was down 21.1% to $1.5 million in the half-year to December 31, 2008, on revenue down 1% to $18.9 million.

Food prices have risen by between 10 and 111 per cent in the last three months in Kenya

Why should they let in a warmongering dictator wannabe?

I’m not really on the same side as South Africa, but I can in some way understand them. Why would they let Dalai lama come into their country? Dalai lama is a man that is running around crying about not being able to be dictator because someone else is. This infestation of a man – supported by Richard Gere – shouldn’t be encouraged, he should be in jail. Sure we should free Tibet from the Chinese idiots, but not for this dictator wannabe.

Horrible leadership Wanja

So many have already criticized Wanja Lundby-Wedin, among those me, for her idiotic attempt to shield her from critic coming at her from all directions and she is either incompetent or a liar. Most probably the later, yeah, let’s call her a liar. This lying little woman has now also proven she is a terrible leader and a very poor excuse for a role-model. Even IF (very big if) she somehow have some magical explanation for her stupidity, she is still dragging the union and the social democrats down with her but she is still not resigning.

The only reasonably thing to do is to step down, resign, and then take another lucrative job. If she gets acquitted, fine, she can walk around with a high nose. If not, she can say she did the right thing. And even more correct she would show leadership to step down. You do not drag others or your organization down with you. One of the most important parts of being a leader is to take responsibility also when the wind is blowing. You show the rest that this was me, my mistake, not anyone else’s and the Union can move on, dented, but moving. Now she is dragging them along with her and that’s inexcusable. As I said before, I rather see her confess she made that decision rather than hiding behind some BS story about not knowing something that is her damn job to know. And that’s bad enough, now this. Take your bags Wanja and move on. The union idiots can manage without you, but possibly not with you.

The toilet that God forgot – jobs worse than prostitution

As I said in the previous entry, I’m looking for jobs much worse than prostitution. And here is a tale about that thing you never ever want to see or even hear about.

Many years ago I was an active politician and one day we were going to have a meeting. I as chairman together with my trusty side-kick and vice chairman arrived early at our local hangout to put out snacks and prepare the meeting. I needed to go to the toilet but stopped in the doorway.

We hadn’t been at this place for a couple of weeks and I had forgotten that the toilet was broken, you couldn’t flush. But some smart kids had figured out that they could do their business anyways as long as they didn’t flush. So in a nice little pile to the top there were number ones and number two’s neatly packed together. And then some underage teen, that we had sold homebrewed vodka to, had puked all over the place and made an attempt to cover it up with more paper. Okay, it didn’t look to horrific and the smell wasn’t as bad as you might think but it was not pleasurable. So I thought, stupid as I am, that I’m going to be a man about this and try to clean it up. I went into the kitchen, got me rubber gloves and a couple of long thingies and a bucket. My blond little side-kick asked me what I was doing so I told her and went to work, well for about 4sec anyways. The moment I touched this pile that threatened to overwhelm the toilet it bursted into the most petrifying smells you can ever imagine. And the bundle of things in there started to come alive going around in a hypnotic circle of human waste and something else I can only describe as “otherworldly”. This is the only time in my life I ever felt religious. Because only something unholy made by nightmarish bests in the deepest caves of hell could have made that in front of me. The devil himself couldn’t have come up with something more disgusting. I throw myself out of there gasping for air, half hulking and very much panicked. That blond vice-chairwoman looked patronizing at me and pulled her hair back. She was going to show me how it is done. She had worked at an old folks home for years and had seen and picked it all up. She was cooler than me. And to be fair, she lasted longer than me, about 4-5sec longer. We then decided to make an executive decision; after all it was tax money. So we called in a guy to fix it for us and even if even he looked a bit puzzled and got a bit white around the edges, he did it fast and efficiently. And when I asked him if he ever seen anything like it, he said yes. I didn’t know then and I don’t know now if I should feel very impressed by this man or think he is a complete idiot. But one thing is for sure, a prostitute cannot have a worse job than him.

Fat people should be jailed – jobs worse than prostitution

I was visiting a blog-buddy and read her writings about prostitution (you should all go visit her by the way, on the top among the blogs - http://storminawineglass.blogspot.com/ - smart and funny lady). Her topic got me thinking about occupations and such what is much worse than being a prostitute. It was not very hard; there are hundreds of them, so I started thinking about what jobs I have had that might be considered worse. And I immediately thought about McDonald’s. Not that working there or at any other fast-food joint is so horrible in itself, no, the people who comes there to eat are. You have alcoholics, families and even politicians dropping by. And then of course there are fat people. Fat might be a bit loose term and I’m not talking about having a couple of extra kilos, that might actually even work out for the better. No, what I’m talking about is those obese blobby things that blot out the sun when they come within 100ft. People with that kind of fat that oozes over from the seat they are mainly sitting on over to the next one. People that just need a couple of drops of water to take a bath because their bodies fill out the rest. And what’s the worst thing they can be doing? That’s right, eating. When you see one of these creatures hovering over a table at McDonalds munching away on a pile of hamburgers you just want to slap them silly. But of course you cannot do that; the ripple effect might take out the entire restaurant. And do you know what’s even worse than seeing one of those horrifying whales snacking? Cleaning up the toilet after them!

I lasted about 4 months on McDonalds and the things I remember are: having a fight with an idiotic manager; smelling like a garbage-bag everyday; and those obese fatsos eating and then going to the toilet. Still having nightmares about that last one. Now, I have never been in the prostitution business, but as long as those hookers don’t get an obese blimp doing them while he’s eating a hamburger and then they need to clean up the toilet before they get paid, I seriously doubt their job is worse.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Smelly Populism but still great

The Swedish government has decided to stop all extra bonuses and flexible salary solutions for CEO’s and directors in public companies. Even if this is very much populism and a suggestion even Joe average will sneeze at, it’s a good one. First of all they lower the risk for the taxpayers with about 0,01%, not much, but every little thing one should be happy for. Second of all it will make it harder to recruit the very best, which is the most excellent thing ever. It might actually increase the risk for the taxpayers with lots more than the pay level lowered, but I still believe it’s a fantastic idea. Public companies should have the very bottom of the barrel and the biggest scumbags on the market running them. Because then people might discover that their tax money is at risk and might be more inclined to sell of one or two of these idiocies. Brilliant of the government. Increase the risk taking and maybe they can sell some companies, to bad those public companies will be worth less, but hey, I take what I can get. Good job, Go team!

Messed up bloggy paranoid thingy and porn

Is it just me or is this blogger thingy really messed up today? I smell a government conspiracy at work. Isn’t fun when you can always blame the government? Well they are at fault 97% of the times, so you can hardly go wrong.

Or is there some as-hole that have hacked my computer, or is it just this blog? Anyways, if it’s some of those governmental agencies having fun, give me phone call for god’s sake. If it’s some other person just after some fun to see who this idiot is, go nuts. Have nothing against being hacked, as long as nothing is destroyed or used for some evil purpose I later get blamed for. And I have some good porn’s to watch, please make yourself at home.

Probably just me being paranoid. But just because you’re paranoid, doesn’t mean they’re not after you...

Peter Schiff - The Crisis Just Begun

Why isn’t anyone listing to Peter this time? I know I’m saying the same damn thing, but I’m a footnote at best, this guy at least is pretty famous and he isn’t alone. But you won’t will ya? I know, you’re an idiot, but if you have the time, listen a little bit at least.

Another leftie caught in a puddle of ooze

From: www.timesonline.co.uk
Questions hung over the future of Lord Myners, the City Minister, last night after it emerged that he helped to set up a business in the tax haven of Bermuda. The minister, who has already been severely criticised for allowing Sir Fred Goodwin, the former RBS chief executive, to leave his job with a £16.9 million pension pot, helped in 2002 to set up Aspen Insurance Holdings, a company based in Bermuda that avoids more than £100 million a year in British taxes.

Gordon Brown, who appointed Lord Myners last October, has declared his intention to clamp down on tax havens, saying this month that the world has “no place” for them.
Lord Myners, who is responsible for the Government’s handling of the banking crisis and who helped the Prime Minister last year to launch a high-profile investigation into tax havens, earned close to £200,000 in one year as chairman of Aspen, a property and crisis reinsurance company. He received a £50,000 farewell bonus when he left the job in 2007.

Not that it really matters that much who’s in charge, politicians will always end up in trouble like this, no matter what political home they have. But these left-winged colonostrophy bags seem always to be the worst ones, don’t they? But you still keep voting for them. Go team!

Fess Up Wanja

Wanja Lundby-Wedin, the head of the union organizations (LO) in Sweden and active social democrat has really stepped in it and she is rubbing her foot in it and I almost expect her to start rolling around in it. And how smelly it is. This little lady who commands millions of – more or less forced - members and is head of the socialist manure that has ruled Sweden for almost 100 years now have been furious in the media over bonuses and high salaries to executives and bank managers. Oh, she has complained in all directions while she herself is collecting 400 000+ a year from useless boards plus salary 700 000+ and on top of that Godlike benefits. But it’s the “rich” and the “wealthy” (not her) who should be blamed, which is the usual Marxist crap she and her headless followers chuck out now and again. So now when it’s become public that she sits at the board of directors of one company that’s has given away 30 millions in pensions to a former CEO, she claims to have not been aware of it. She has been duped, tricked, fooled, been brought behind the curtain, been bamboozled and swindled and she was utterly unknowing of this horrible thingy. According to some media she was attending the very meeting when this pension thingy was decided. But even if she didn’t the payout is visible in the public books and records, but she knew noooothing. Shouldn’t a powerful and, apparently, low paid lady like this at least take the time to read what has happen at each meeting? Or why not hire one extra headless goon that can read it for her? And I most ask myself whether or not her confessions of being incompetent isn’t really worse than paying out a hefty sum to an retired CEO. I mean, I would actually prefer someone who made that decision rather than someone who apparently doesn’t do her job at all and have no clue what’s going on around her.

At the same time we learn about Margot Wallström, also social democrat, who apparently collects the nice little sum of 21 million from the European Union to add to her salary of about 3 million a year. And what have she done for productivity and prosperity? That’s right, nothing! At least many of those CEO’s and directors have and/or will contribute to society; a politician does nothing but cost money.

I actually have nothing against people making a lot of money. If they earn billions or get entire companies in presents I don’t care at all, as long as its private business. But what I do care about is spineless chickens like Wanja Lundby-Wedin rather wanting to be incompetent than to fess up. And the morality of these women complaining about directors while they live like queens themselves (on mainly tax money!) is just appalling. Let’s make them take an oil bath and then dip them in chicken feathers and send them on a road trip around Sweden in the back of a roofless truck. I heard it still snowing here and there, might do these lefties some good living in the real world for a change.