Sunday, October 4, 2009

This should settle things

I’m not really that concern over mercury or other lethal substances that’s in the vaccine, nor am I that concern over statistics showing the dangers of taking this untested Swine Flu shot. And, as stated before, I will kill anyone trying to assassinate me by forcing me to take this vaccination, but I wasn’t really worried until I stumbled upon this video.

Freddy Krueger with a very scary hand-puppet dancing to horrid song?

If you had any doubt before, watch this and you’ll never let any scaremongering official near you with a needle ever again.

World Bank need bail-out

Apparently the funny con artists at the World Bank are starting to run out of founds.

The Bank, whose official job it is to support low-income countries, has had to hand out so much cash in the wake of the financial crisis that its resources could run dry within 12 months. Well, isn’t that special?

The World Bank is a place that has a very unsavory reputation among us that actually use brain-cells. There are immoral liaisons going on there, and it seems that the further this crisis goes, the more stupid things they do. Throwing money to dictators, market manipulations and encouraging their agenda isn’t really enough, oh no, there are a lot of other fingers being pulled.

“By the middle of next year we will face serious constraints,” said its president Robert Zoellick, as he launched a major campaign to persuade rich nations to pour more money into the Washington-based institution.

Oh, who could have ever predicted this..? Excuse me while I kiss the sky and sing a little… zippedidoda, zippediday, my oh my what a wonderful day

Move along. Nothing to see here

One of the main arguments being heard from the passive sheople having nothing against big brother and elected drugged uncles to spy on us is that they have nothing to hide. This is also one of the main arguments from the elitists wanting to sneak and peak into everything we do. If you have nothing to hide, why would any police care about what's in your computer?

But as usual, it’s; do as I say, not; do as I do.

Apparently the massive screw ups during the Tsunami catastrophe where so severe that even the current Swedish government wants to hide the former leftie government’s mistakes. The tapes containing lots of information about this is going to be hidden away for 70years, and even the basic laws of Sweden (not really constitutional, but as close to it as we have) is said to be changed, all in order to never let the public know what is on those tapes.

Or is there some other plot they don’t want us to find out?

In any case, isn’t it fun when the government can do monumentally wrong, but no one should know about it, but a kid chatting with some Russian friend or a old lady looking for information about Hitler, that’s something the entire justice system should know about? The elitists always crack me up, don’t you find this hilarious?
Let’s cover up and never speak of those dead idiots ever again. If you don’t like it, don’t go on vacation.

Happy birthday to you! Happy Birthday to you! Happy birthday dear dead ones, happy birthday tooooo you…

Time to start the worrying?

All throughout this Swine flu thingy has been completely blown out of proportions; the only thing media, WHO and other fraudulent creations have been doing is trying to scare us, sometimes blatantly lying to our faces. However, I have noticed more and more papers and journalists saying that the spread is going down, the disease isn’t so dangerous and that maybe we shouldn’t worry so much.

This is, of course, the most anxious news so far.

When our enemies are saying that there is no danger and no cause for alarm, that’s when I start to worry. Besides, the flu-season has really just started, and there is always a reason to have some more strain let loose.