Thursday, September 16, 2010

Gold again

Do you own some of this?

One reoccurring topic on this blog has been about the element that holds the atomic number of 79. Not because I like "shining dawn" or because that it has been, and still is, a good investment. It’s not even about the market manipulations that are very obvious when it comes to precious metals.

Gold is fun to write about because every single so called “expert” out there has been wrong for the last 15 years, and they continue to be wrong. Oh, did I say “wrong”? I actually mean they have been so off the mark that all of them should have been shot by now. And the fun thing is that you don’t even need to know anything about finance or gold to know that the “experts” are idiots. All you really need is a brain.

Gold has recently hit new heights. Again. And again the so called “experts” thinks that it’s a rally, or gold is overvalued, or that it has now peaked.

As said; idiots.

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Just to give some of the many times I’ve pointed out how fantastic buy gold is. And it still is.

There is one other reason to keep an eye on gold prices – inflation. Throughout history the one single constant that has never failed as a sign of bad times up ahead is the rise of gold in price compared to other goods. Whenever gold surges like has for a long time now and in particular the latest year or two, you can be almost 100% sure that inflation is running amok and/or something really bad is about to happen.

You see inflation isn’t visible at first. It takes time for it to trickle through the system. Also those who get inflated money first are the winners and they want as big and as many winnings they can get before letting us normal suckers crash and burn.

Please bear in mind that what I am talking about is INFLATION, not higher prices. The rich and powerful, your government and pretty much every lowlife amoeba handing out financial advice want you to believe that higher prices are equal to inflation. It isn’t. It is not even close. And even if it was prices can be manipulated via taxation, political decisions or any number of ways.

Some out there think we’re heading for a deflationary depression. Maybe so, but the real danger isn’t deflation if we think of it as “lower prices and no cash in the system”, the danger comes from the printing press. Every country on this planet has been printing money in such amounts that we could probably fill the Mediterranean with money by now. They do this in order to “avoid the depression”, which is funny, not ha-ha funny, rather lavaflow-into-your-bedroom kind of funny.

As you can see in above posts I wrote that I think gold will peak around $2300/ounce. And I still believe that, but that’s without taking into account currency manipulations. You see all of them, every government out there; have been doing the same thing. That’s why no currencies have defaulted and crashed yet. They have tricked you. Currencies that, in comparison with other currencies, should burn in hell by now are still “alive” partly because of this scam and partly because of other scams.

In real terms gold will probably peak around that prediction of mine, but against the USD the 10 000 mark isn’t farfetched to imagine.

I would like you all to start writing down the names of the people arguing against buying gold. They are either complete morons or they lying to you. Either way, they should be on your hitlist cometh the greatest depression in human history. Soon our world will be in flames, both figuratively and literarily. Anti-gold idiots should be stringed up alongside politicians, banksters, journalists and others from the enemy class. So please take notes.