Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Buy Gold now

I have written so many times about gold at this point that it’s starting to get ridiculous. But as someone - in contrast to almost all others including gurus at certain banks - I actually predicted both the current start of the depression and the price of gold so do feel I once again need to say something on the subject. Gold is still a fantastic investment. I have seen people, others with brains, whom claim that gold will top around $5000 per ounce. I do not think it will reach that high, but with absolute certainty it will reach $2000 within a year or so which means over 100% profits if you buy now.

But I would not merely advice you to buy gold for economic profit, it is equally or even more important to part have a safe investment and part hold real value. Any kind of paper asset is too big of a risk. The stock markets will crumble and go way down in the near future (those are outrageously inflated at the moment), bonds are terrible on so many levels and currencies might be the biggest trap of them all. What we can be sure of is that oil prices will go up and since any kind of food commodities will become scarcer in the future those kinds of investments also hold value. But all things considered, gold and silver should be your main targets and you really should buy those now. There are some that argue that gold already have peaked, which is, of course, nonsense. When the dollar collapses and the next much bigger tsunami-wave of this depression hits us, gold will go through the roof. And to this we can also add the market manipulations that we can see from certain financial institutes that keeps the prices on gold and silver down. In reality Gold actually have a higher price at the moment.

This is certainly not the best advice I have or will give you all, the best is still to hoard dried up food packages, candles and guns, but in order to hold some true value in your hands that will always be of use you really should buy precious metals. If you had listen to me 10 years ago, you would have had 300% profits on gold by now, if you had listen 7 months ago when I started this blog you would have earned close to 30% on gold. And since I can prove I accurately have predicted almost every single thing with this depression so far, who are you going to listen to?

Get it together people; it is coming, just around the corner it lurks, the biggest depression and upheaval in human history. Please don’t own stocks or any other stupidity, buy Gold and do it now.


  1. So you really think things are going to get worse? I have to admit I've been looking at the housing situation and debt issues we are in as a nation and I am thinking that things could indeed get worse. Plus the Government's moves to encourage personal debt and increase their debt really doesn't help much.

    I think Silver has a really good chance of seeing some major profits. Gold too, though I think 5,000 is a bit much. I still expect to see it over 1000 this year in the next couple of months.

    Since this began in earnest last year when I began tracking the daily gold and silver prices with the widget ExactPrice ( http://www.learcapital.com/exactprice ) my feeling has been that come the last quarter of this year we will start to see inflationary teeth.

  2. Yes, I can say with absolute certainty it will get a lot worse in the US and UK which will have consequences pretty much everywhere. That we are going towards very large inflatory numbers and/or very high interest rates is also absolute certain. Most stock markets are overvalued and then we have the artificially low interest rates that are creating housing bubbles, among other things. The dollar is in deep deep trouble and I cannot see how that currency will not collapse completely. So the question is not IF it’s going to get worse, the questions are when the shit will really hit the fan, how much worse will it be, and how long will it last. Here I can be wrong since countries might start doing the right thing in the future, but I have very slim hope of that so it’s going to turn very ugly, in all likelihood it will make the Great depression look like nothing which in turn will bring forth many other fun things…