Sunday, June 7, 2009

15 men and a half socialist with a Bottle of Rum

Im up at 4am tomorrow for work, but I still think this is a day when I need to get drunk... Cheers!

The “right” is big losers

Seen to Sweden the “conservatives” are the big losers together with the last EU-election surprise Junilistan. Since ‘Junilistan’ stole some right-votes at the last election and since the conservatives have a higher degree of voters to Europe then many others and adding to this fact that they are also the main party in the Swedish government then everything is pointing that the numbers should be higher, but instead they are very very low. I would argue this is the worst election the Moderate party (“conservatives”) ever have done during my lifetime. Worse than 2002? Yes, if you compare what went on back then with a horrible Party leader and several scandals I would argue this is the case. And no, I have not forgotten the communists, they also made a horrible election but in their case it is more of back to normal.

In one year and a couple of months there is an election in Sweden and from these resultants we can draw some conclusions. First of all the economic crisis will continue and get worse, around the time for Sweden’s next election we will be in the middle of a depression. This will rearrange the political map of Sweden. Of course the pirates will have a much harder time getting into the Swedish parliament, but they might very well make it. We can also say - without a doubt - that the Swedish Democrats (SD), the left-wing semi-racist party, also will take places in the parliament next year. The Moderates will probably end up at the same result as back in 2002. I also predict that the positive trend for the Environmentalist party (The greens) will keep going, but I do not think the communist-tree hugger alliance will win a majority unless one or two of the center parties will lose all their seats. This will lead to uncertainty and week governments and this during a time when everything goes to hell. My birth nation goes towards a very interesting future…

The charade is over

You did not believe me or these guys when we warned years ago, you did not listen when the recession hit us and you are not listening today. If you never do, this will never end. It cannot end. While 98+% of the cornflake economists are saying the recession is over, things are going from really bad to horrific. While almost every politician is saying the crisis is halting, unemployment keeps going up and more bubbles are being created. While journalist stooges are writing crap about upturns and lights in the tunnel, trade keep falling and inflationary money keeps pouring into the system. While bankers and central banks are telling all of us to keep spending money we do not have, defaulting is increasing despite us having close to 0% interest rates! Can’t you see the writing on the wall? What does it take to get your synapses working?

Here are some people trying to tell you what is happening in America. The depression cannot be stopped anymore; it will hit us, but how severe and for how many years is decided by you, the people. When you realize who is at fault, what to do about it and you stop listening to the enemy class we can start turning things around. As it looks now we are so screwed that the “great depression” will seem like a dance to soft music.


Trillions of dollars have been printed, so far not really effected prices and interest rates, it takes a while, what do you think will be when that happens?

The Great Depression Again

Manufacturing is only about 7% of the US Economy... What do that tell you?

If you want to know what is going to happen in the near future, you only need to open up a history book and learn what the consequenses was the last time around, but bear in mind, this time the situation is worse...