Saturday, March 28, 2009

Maybe there is hope for humankind yet...

I was outside, walking around, visiting some pubs and checking around, didn’t see anyone turning down the lights. So I though, I’m in Scotland, maybe they are a bit smarter around here but when I got home and started reading blogs and checking with my friends all over the world, not a single one had seen any kind of activity of people listing to the idiots. Only some public buildings and a couple of stupid companies had done anything to change their behavior this Saturday, showing their silliness. My little investigation is hardly something to really pay attention to in this regard and it is a Saturday after all, people might care about the environment, but they care a lot more about alcohol and getting laid. But still I choice to put some intellect behind this and call WWF’s stupidity for a big fiasco. Sometimes I wonder if there isn’t something more to humans except absurdity after all, but then again, tomorrow you will probably go back to preaching socialism and cry for more welfare. But sometimes you need to be happy for the smaller things and I feel in a good inebriated mood. Maybe you don’t want to kill the poor in the world after all. Thumbs up!

One country listens to WWF all the time

The hoax of man-made global warming

If you believe in this hoax you are an idiot. Since most of you out there are idiots most of you probably also believe in this crap. Me I have taken 2 showers today, now I’m going to turn on the washer and take another shower with the entire apartment lit up. Then I’m going to drink myself silly and laugh at all the idiots in this world who apparently wants to lower energy use and consequently kill all poor people

Here is a little remainder of how stupid Al Gore and all those environmentfascists are.

Why I am starting to believe

Something has been puzzling me for a very long time and during the last couple of days I have been pondering in this issue even more. The question is how come so many well educated and seemingly smart people keep saying and doing things they should be able to see is wrong? The answer when it comes to many politicians and when it comes to scientist and such who are very dependent on those politicians staying in power, is probably self perseverance. If they actually know it the truth, which I believe at least some of them do, they cannot proclaim it since that might mean they won’t be reelected and/or be despised within their own parties. And they surely cannot act upon it, which would really make them the villains according to the stupid general public. So many of those who actually know about all the stupidities going on will not speak up because they are afraid of their benefits and jobs. But almost all of them? There are very few voices of reason and intellect in the world, so where are all the others?

From these questions I have come to wonder if not some of those conspiracy theories that exists might have some truth to them. Most of them are made up of course. There are a lot of pot-heads and bitter people with no brains and little time on their hands (for some reason most theorists that see conspirators everywhere seem to be without a job…) that see something strange on a dollar bill or, during a high, noticed some strange lights and suddenly the government is out to get them. There are a lot of idiots on this planet believing in ghosts and communism, so for the most part it’s just lunacy. But still, I’m thinking there has to be something here. Some people blame some “illuminati” sect; others talk about the Bilderberg group, but there is hardly any evidence to any of it. Still I do think there is something going on here and there. Or am I wrong thinking there might be some enlighten people out there other then me and a couple of thousands others?

The fraudulent Lama spits in your face

Dalai Lama needs your support to gain excess to his former kingdom of despair. This deceitful man has pretty much everyone fooled but he is not hiding his true intentions. He wants to reinstate himself as dictator as it was before. Even if you don’t believe in reports about him consorting with former Nazis, resaving gifts from terrorist or taking millions from the CIA to build fighting guerillas. And even if you ignore the fact that this man still lives in high standards and openly argues that women are “unclean” and should not be allowed near holy shrines. And even if you ignore all that and many more stupidities this warmongering tiny fraud does, he has never hidden what his intention with Tibet is. He wants to reinstate himself as ruler, a dictator, as before, with monks and their oppressive regime as masters, just as before. He is traveling around the world selling his crap and you, the idiots, listen.

China should be thrown out of Tibet and their socialist regime should be condemned for pretty much everything it does, but don’t kid yourself. Dalai Lama is as ruthless, as deadly and as horrible as the Chinese. The brutality of the former Lama’s is legendary and torture of starving peasants was common occurrences. There are several witnesses about those atrocities that are not in the hands of the Chinese. There are traveling reports from merchants from India and several documented skulls that have been found mutilated from the Lama’s era.

Dalai Lama wants his palaces back, he wants his privileges back and he wants to reinstate the medieval government he loves so much. When this complete scam talks about what’s “best for his people” he is actually saying what’s best for him. If you don’t believe me, check it out for yourself. He has never hidden the fact that he wants to reinstate the priesthood and the older form of government. So when this bastard comes to your town and spits in your face with his stupidities, call him on it. Demonstrate and call him out for what he is and please throw some tomatoes at his ass.

Leftie heaven

Eritrea is a lot in the Swedish news. Lots of journalists (most with left sympathies) and many thousands of others wants to free a man from an Eritrean prison were he is held without any accusations or trials. This I can, in a way, understand, some crusade to help out someone who apparently is wrongfully imprisoned, but still there are tens of thousands others sitting jailed all around the world for similar “crimes”. Why this one? And looking at Eritrea I’m having a hard time understanding why socialist would like to complain over that beautiful place. Only one party is allowed, freedom is none existent and government decides everything. Sounds like a perfect place to visit for study the joyfulness of socialism. In the past Swedish communists went behind the iron curtain to study (drink vodka rather) the bliss of left politics. I cannot see any reason why they shouldn’t do the same now. Eritrea also has a warmer weather then Sweden, so many of these journalists and many other socialists should instead jump onboard and attend seminars about how wonderful everything is when collectivism rules.

When will they show the proof? – You are a killer!

I have never seen a proof of manmade global warming and I will never see one, because it’s a scam. I have sent emails to scientists and been to lectures and asked the same questions and got the same stupid answers.

What’s the proof of manmade global warming?

- The ice is melting and getting less everywhere
If that’s the case, which isn’t really proven either, so what? Antarctica has been completely without ice before and that will happen again.

- Polar Bears are dying
Exactly like 99% of all species that ever existed that are gone now. Why aren’t we crying over the mammoths?

- The temperature are raising
Well that’s not completely true, but even if, temperature changes happen all the time. Several ice ages and much warmer periods have come and gone and will continue to do so

- Our industries have change the levels of carbondioxid
Have they now? We know that the levels have both been a lot lower and a lot higher before in history. What happen before? Aliens?

- Hurricanes and other storms are more frequent today and stronger
No they are not. There is no data what so ever supporting this claim

- Al Gore says so
Al Gore’s stupidities have been debunked several times over. Hardly anything this idiot says is real or true.

But even if you happen to stumble upon something that seems real (let me know, I never found one) the complete stupidity of turning down the lights is so horrific that you should all be ashamed. It’s the same thing as saying you hate poor people and that you want them to die. Don’t believe me? What do you think is the main thing missing to lower poverty and starvation in the world? Yes, that’s right, more power! We need to increase energy usage, not lowering it. We need to get factories, cars and build roads all over the world to save people from misery. But you don’t want people to survive do you? You are indirectly arguing for killing millions of people, but you feel good about it don’t you? You are an idiot for believing in something that’s as real as unicorns but you are a low level ameba wanting people to die. So if you decide to turn down the lights today, take a look in the mirror and see the face of a stupid killer.