Saturday, March 28, 2009

The fraudulent Lama spits in your face

Dalai Lama needs your support to gain excess to his former kingdom of despair. This deceitful man has pretty much everyone fooled but he is not hiding his true intentions. He wants to reinstate himself as dictator as it was before. Even if you don’t believe in reports about him consorting with former Nazis, resaving gifts from terrorist or taking millions from the CIA to build fighting guerillas. And even if you ignore the fact that this man still lives in high standards and openly argues that women are “unclean” and should not be allowed near holy shrines. And even if you ignore all that and many more stupidities this warmongering tiny fraud does, he has never hidden what his intention with Tibet is. He wants to reinstate himself as ruler, a dictator, as before, with monks and their oppressive regime as masters, just as before. He is traveling around the world selling his crap and you, the idiots, listen.

China should be thrown out of Tibet and their socialist regime should be condemned for pretty much everything it does, but don’t kid yourself. Dalai Lama is as ruthless, as deadly and as horrible as the Chinese. The brutality of the former Lama’s is legendary and torture of starving peasants was common occurrences. There are several witnesses about those atrocities that are not in the hands of the Chinese. There are traveling reports from merchants from India and several documented skulls that have been found mutilated from the Lama’s era.

Dalai Lama wants his palaces back, he wants his privileges back and he wants to reinstate the medieval government he loves so much. When this complete scam talks about what’s “best for his people” he is actually saying what’s best for him. If you don’t believe me, check it out for yourself. He has never hidden the fact that he wants to reinstate the priesthood and the older form of government. So when this bastard comes to your town and spits in your face with his stupidities, call him on it. Demonstrate and call him out for what he is and please throw some tomatoes at his ass.


  1. Is this a bad attempt at irony? Careful, some ignorant fool might not get that.

  2. No my little unaware friend. This is the truth. Thought that was clear, but maybe your name is Richard and you are a bamboozled ex actor?