Saturday, March 28, 2009

Why I am starting to believe

Something has been puzzling me for a very long time and during the last couple of days I have been pondering in this issue even more. The question is how come so many well educated and seemingly smart people keep saying and doing things they should be able to see is wrong? The answer when it comes to many politicians and when it comes to scientist and such who are very dependent on those politicians staying in power, is probably self perseverance. If they actually know it the truth, which I believe at least some of them do, they cannot proclaim it since that might mean they won’t be reelected and/or be despised within their own parties. And they surely cannot act upon it, which would really make them the villains according to the stupid general public. So many of those who actually know about all the stupidities going on will not speak up because they are afraid of their benefits and jobs. But almost all of them? There are very few voices of reason and intellect in the world, so where are all the others?

From these questions I have come to wonder if not some of those conspiracy theories that exists might have some truth to them. Most of them are made up of course. There are a lot of pot-heads and bitter people with no brains and little time on their hands (for some reason most theorists that see conspirators everywhere seem to be without a job…) that see something strange on a dollar bill or, during a high, noticed some strange lights and suddenly the government is out to get them. There are a lot of idiots on this planet believing in ghosts and communism, so for the most part it’s just lunacy. But still, I’m thinking there has to be something here. Some people blame some “illuminati” sect; others talk about the Bilderberg group, but there is hardly any evidence to any of it. Still I do think there is something going on here and there. Or am I wrong thinking there might be some enlighten people out there other then me and a couple of thousands others?

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