Saturday, March 28, 2009

Leftie heaven

Eritrea is a lot in the Swedish news. Lots of journalists (most with left sympathies) and many thousands of others wants to free a man from an Eritrean prison were he is held without any accusations or trials. This I can, in a way, understand, some crusade to help out someone who apparently is wrongfully imprisoned, but still there are tens of thousands others sitting jailed all around the world for similar “crimes”. Why this one? And looking at Eritrea I’m having a hard time understanding why socialist would like to complain over that beautiful place. Only one party is allowed, freedom is none existent and government decides everything. Sounds like a perfect place to visit for study the joyfulness of socialism. In the past Swedish communists went behind the iron curtain to study (drink vodka rather) the bliss of left politics. I cannot see any reason why they shouldn’t do the same now. Eritrea also has a warmer weather then Sweden, so many of these journalists and many other socialists should instead jump onboard and attend seminars about how wonderful everything is when collectivism rules.


  1. You are a cynical bugger aren't you :)

  2. To Sam!

    The truth hurts my friend! What are this man doing in Eritrea??? He was an asylum seeker...

  3. Well,No crime to visit a home country after the political situation in the country is changed.So why not Dawit Issak visit his Eritrea?? What i truly don´t understand is how the Swidish mass media handling this issue.Why cant they manifest for peace and security for the whole region in the Horn of Africa.Why do´t they act againest Ethiopia for not binding to the Hagg International court final decision regarding the border issue between the two countries. That could even help DAWIT ISSAK to join his family. Political insecurity affects all of us this way or the other.How could the Swidis mass media is so square headed about this issue.Think twice...

  4. Bulling a swidish forien minister or a whole nation is what the mass media is doing right now.
    I don´t want to defend the forien minister because he´s reaction about the eploring of oil in Darfur by LUNDIN´S oil was very sad.I also don´t beliveve that he is intressted to play any role to settel the political problem in the region.