Sunday, April 11, 2010

And so the Euro died...

Please Germany, help us!

I wrote a post a couple of days ago entitled The death of Greece – will the Euro follow? and in it I argued, as I’ve been doing for a decade now, that bailing out a membership state (in this case Greece) would be the coup de grâce of the Euro.

Of course the masters of our faith didn’t wait long to break their own set of rules and make statements contrary to the treaty they all signed - together with a €30 billion add-on to the fire of doom down by the Aegean.

The slick, olive-oiled Greeks waited for about… 75min, before a senior official told reporters that;

"40 billions (including IMF) for 2010 is part of a bigger amount for the three-year period. A logical amount for the three-year period would be double than 40 billion,"

I am watching for the time, day and date for when the rest of the shitty economies around the Mediterranean call for aid. The smart thing to do is to be first, so I expect it to take no more than weeks. My money is on Portugal because they are already pulling the screws and taking austerity measures, and I expect that Italians and Spaniards will hold out as long as possible.

Well, we also have countries tightly linked to the Euro such as Bulgaria or Lithuania that surely want some cash, but I suspect these bailouts are aimed at saving the Euro, not the countries themselves, so tough luck for those fucks.

Save Capitalism thinks that Germany will chose to leave the Euro if we go down this path, and I consider that to be a real possibility, but I think that long before that happens the cries from the other PIIGS will echo into any survivors history books. Also I expect the money printing to pick up speed pure Zimbabwe-style. This summer will be one of riots and political turmoil, but that’s just the prelude, it can only get worse.

The markets will of course like this move, and despite Russian built planes crashing with lots of Poles onboard and really horrific numbers spat out from the US I expect a pretty steady market tomorrow.

However, that calm is hiding what comes next.

How many billions/trillions of Euro will be needed now when the floodgates have opened? Shall we guess about €500 billion the coming year? And remember, these are bottomless pits. Not a single one of these countries will ever get their numbers in order. Never gonna happen.

And Germany cannot bear this burden alone, that’s impossible and the other countries with pretty good fiscal policies like Sweden and Denmark are too small, and Sweden isn’t even in the Euro. Maybe France can help out a little, but they have their pension debt to worry about.

How long can this last now when the Euro is doomed to fail?

If this was normal times I would probably argue they could keep it up for several years, maybe even a decade or two. However there’s nothing ‘normal’ about propped up markets, trillions in newly printed notes floating around, maddening low interest rates and asylum-style Debt Mountains. Add in the world-wide derivatives scam and so much more of absolutely insane schemes everywhere and I would be very surprise if even Greece will receive this first batch before all hell breaks loose.

Another Sunday rambling

While pouring myself glass after glass of vodka last night and playing the original Colonial Conquest game I sort of started to reminisce about a long forgotten youth.

The question I started to ask myself was whether or not it was better being young and oblivious.

In a way I need to say yes.

Well, I don’t miss the Swedish school system and its sole purpose of spitting out mindless robots, and I don’t miss fondling in the dark after underage breasts (really, I don’t).

However there are two things about being young that I sort of miss.

First, in relation to my current situation, I miss having a proper liver and a youthful body that after a week of hardcore partying had no problem continuing for yet another week. Pulling one all-nighter when barely having the stamina to survive the following day (today) isn’t the same thing.

Secondly it is hard not to acknowledge how much better it is to not know how beyond repair and how really screwed up this world is. This is also the reason why I still haven’t entirely given up on you sheople out there because I get it. Seeing and understanding the real world isn’t a good thing, it doesn’t give you pleasure or release. On the contrary. If you don’t want to live in fear and sadness or walk around within a cloud of cynical apathy, the best thing you can do is to ignore reality and never, never go out and look for the truth.

I think people have a built-in safety mechanism that automatically responds to any distress in our surroundings with the ‘that will never happen here / to me’ and, the ever so funny; ‘those people are nuts’. This kind of automated reaction may be good for a person in the short run, might even be great (especially since that pesky reality is kept at a distance). But it also leads to certain problems.

Because when government are seeking henchmen for their righteous army or looking for silent consent it has no problem getting just that.

What did you say? Jews getting transported on trains to death factories? No, that would never happen, if anyone says that they are nuts.

But we don’t need to Godwin ourselves to find examples of the same phenomenon.

The scientists at the UN and our government say they need to tax our cars? Maybe that’s the right thing to do then... Those nuts claiming my money only goes down the drain for no reason whatsoever are only conspiracists…

People are dying in a foreign land from starvation and wars? Those Africans/Muslims/Asians/[insert] people have brought it on themselves. That will never happen here.

I could go on for a long time, but I think you get the idea.

This is why it is so easy for them to con you with false flag attacks, and why it is so easy to get your money to fund new schemes. You’re giving them a free ride, and you are the one paying for it – all for the sake of ignoring and hiding from reality.

And we all know what the price is for going against the stream. You’ll become a nut, an outcast, and the best epithet you will ever receive is “he walks his own way”.

Do you know who the really great leaders of men have been making a mark on history? It has been the ones “going their own way”.

Want to be a hero or be remembered? Start to think, see reality and go your own fucking way.

Most of you won’t do this of course. Maybe no-one will.

Instead you will listen and comply like the good little sheep the powers want you to be.

Don’t speak on the phone while driving, don’t drink, don’t smoke, and don’t eat fat, suger, candy, meat or a million other things. Any drug, flue, dog, wolf, or too many mini pizzas will kill you. Stay away from cell-phones, computers, TV’s, Radios, microwaves, and all other things generating electrical fields, they may kill you. Don’t swim after eating; don’t eat fifty-five eggs each morning because it increases your chance of getting cancer by 0.01%. Sunrays are dangerous, cold is dangerous, wind, rainfall, storms and landslides are dangerous. And out there, around you, there are pedophiles, terrorists and drug dealers hiding behind every bush. All men are rapists and all Muslims want you dead.

This is what they are selling you, and this is what you are buying. FEAR.

Fear of seeing reality, fear of going outside the norm, fear of standing up for yourself.

You are afraid of knowing, and I do understand, I get it. As I said, this is one thing about being young I miss. Being innocent and oblivious was, and for most of you out there it still is blissful.

I’ll give you a way out, a way you won’t be so afraid and become able to face reality; see the fun in it!

People are living on volcanoes and get surprised when lava flows into their living room. People go swimming with sharks and get taken aback when one arm is missing. Millions are starving to death or dying from wars right now. There are millions unemployed while your government is building monuments over themselves or bombing Afghan villages. While they demand that you pay taxes, they fly around in private jets, are drinking champagne and telling you want to do, and this on your tab, with your money!

This is funny shit!

It is time to wake up people. You cannot watch the idiot box anymore and let them dupe you into seeing things that aren’t there.

Consider this; 50y ago in a western household a family could survive on one salary. Sure they didn’t have the same level of technology, but they survived, many even thrived, and most didn’t have debt coming out of their ears despite owning a house and a couple of cars.

Today we need at least two salaries in a household to get by, and this with a higher level of technology and much higher productivity. Why do you think that is? Have you ever asked that question?

We should be able to live on half of one salary today compared to 50 years ago; instead it is the other way around. HAVE YOU WONDERED WHY THIS IS?

For many years - in my opinion since the dawn of agriculture - we have had the means and wealth to feed, clothe and equip every single person on this planet. Several times over. Still a billion people are starving, and even in the ‘modern’ developed countries there’s massive unemployment and misery. HAVE YOU EVER WONDERED WHY THIS IS?

What I am is a believer in capitalism, which has NOTHING to do with today’s societies.

You see I like tobacco, I like to drink, I like to fornicate (with the right person on my terms) and I like being my own man making my own decisions. This has nothing or very little to do with money. If you think so they have fooled you from the start.

Capitalism isn’t about money or wealth, that’s a lie being told to you from rich and powerful people in order to fool you into believing someone else have stolen your wealth. Well, someone has, but it isn’t any capitalist system.

I have never own a car, never. I’ve not own a TV in 11 years, and I’m a very unwilling participant of the x-mas hype. In fact I cannot remember the last time I bought a x-mas gift. I’ve never cared about money or status other than a way to pay for the next drink. And I have never borrowed money to spend it.

I don’t believe there’s a life after this one, consequently I recon I’ll better do the best I can with what I got during my 80 or so years on this planet. This is what made me into a true believer of capitalism – made me an advocate of life.

Because to truly have a chance to make the best out of your life you need to be ‘allowed’ to. Capitalism lets you, as the only system, it lets you be you.

Can you see why all of our enemies hate capitalism?

They have told you that only rich white folks in suits working on Wall Street are capitalists. Everything on this planet that we think is horrible (that is not blamed on manmade global warming) is blamed on capitalism.

Have you checked the facts? Do you know why they say that? USA of today is closer to Soviet communism than capitalism, but still America is said to be the Mecca of capitalism and the evil empire of greed.

Can you mention a single thing that’s not regulated, taxed, restricted or outlawed? I can’t, not in any country.

To live in a world so restricted is horrifying (and it is anti-capitalist) - if we cannot enjoy things, what’s the point?

I’m no anarchist, that’s not what capitalism is. There are laws and regulations but very constricted as capitalism is built on the premise that you can do whatever you want until you encounter another individual that has the same right.

Within a capitalist society you would be able to run down the street naked while smoking a cigar and then turn into a ‘Fatty Joe’s place’ for a juicy beef and a glass of vodka. Then you can take a man home to sadomize, and then marry him without worrying about licenses or laws. During the daytime you can work as a stock broker or prostitute and the money you earn is yours, no-one else’s. No taxes. When you go shopping at the supermarket there would be shelves of cocaine, guns, alcohol and porn to chose from. And no-one would force you to do military service or steal people’s money to buy weapons of war and then wage wars.

The very few politicians that would exist in a capitalist state would have so few tasks to do and earn so little money that they would be both bored and pretty broke.

Do you see why the elitists hate capitalism?

Capitalism is about being proud of who you are and make the best of what you got. Capitalism is to be free from the starting point. If you want to be something, learn something or do something, that’s your own path - no-one else’s. You are your own king, you decide over your body, money and soul. You would decide where to work, how to live and what color your house would have. The only thing that would restrict your actions and choices is the free will and equal rights of other men.

No wonder the righteous know-it-all people and morally ‘superior’ thugs that run our lives today hate capitalism.

Throughout history, with no exception, the best and the brightest societies have embraced some or much of what is the capitalist ideal. And, again with no exception, when they failed and crumbled they’ve instead embraced restriction, control, government intervention and statism.

This is also what is going on today. Capitalism (or at least half of capitalism) built our modern societies, created our wealth and made us leave poverty behind. Humanity’s best century of all time, the 19th century, created so much momentum and lifted so many people from dirt poverty to prosperity that we still live on momentum today.

This has gradually changed. They are still keeping some level of market economy around, they are not stupid, they know what creates value. But the interventions, the regulations, the laws and the imposed planning of our lives and economic system have halted our progress, and in many cases even turned it around.

They say we need bailouts, stimulus, lower interest rates and more regulations to curve the problems of our financial system. The fact that bailouts, stimulus, low interest rates and regulations are what caused the problems in the first place is totally ignored.

They are trying to fix regulatory statism with more of the same. Hilarious isn’t it?

This is why it’s going to crash again, and this time it won’t take 6 years like the last bubble, no it is about to burst at any moment. No doubt they will blame greed, capitalism, Jews, Muslims or some other scapegoat, just as they always have. Will you buy it this time too? Probably. Being afraid and ignoring reality you sheople out there will eat it up.

Funny enough, this time around, with a situation far, far worse than the minor depression in the 30’s, the hysterical problems will be massive and so the hysterical solutions put forward by hysterical men will most likely be worse then back then. And remember what we have today they didn’t have back then; weapons of mass destruction…

Very entertaining times ahead...