Monday, April 6, 2009

They are selling your future

One should never celebrate or make some kind of positive statement about any kind of politician or political party. Sooner or even sooner they will disappoint. I have been praising the right-centre government in Sweden for not wasting resources and of course they almost immediately announce extra billions on this or that.

First two positive things. One; they do not spend as much as the left would do. Second; this takes the edge of the last big “argument” the socialist has since this is the only thing they might gain momentum on; promising lots of billions they don’t have. I also have a slightly higher confidence in the current government’s ability to handle state finances. In other words, tactically speaking, this is a great move. The masterful tactician* and great politician* (*not a positive judgement) that Reinfeldt is, he knows this knocks the opposition for a second count. The socialists will of course claim this isn’t enough, but not with any credibility and without the lefties really explaining were all the extra billions comes from, this issue is pretty much dead.

But there it stops. This is stupid. The idiotic Swedish government is now, before the real crisis, wasting away reserves that will be needed and making more money available. All they need now is to print even more money and have some industry sector heading towards a big crisis and Sweden will end up beside UK and America in bad positioning. From now on (well pretty much already) all Sweden can do is borrow and once a government started to go down this road you can bet your life savings it will continue. And they will “need to” because as said, this is only the beginning. We have many years ahead of us with this recession and if (which it will) this recession goes over to be a full depression the game is over. The Swedish government is consequently selling out the country for some very expensive votes.

What they ought to be doing is to cut expenditures, a lot. There is several departments and governmental project that can be put to rest forever and there is still publicly own companies to sell, it might be at a low price, but it would be worth it. And let companies and banks fall, if they cannot make it, they shouldn’t. Higher unemployment and more people on social welfare at this stage might sound bad, but the alternative is worse. Also they should encourage higher interest rates (which hardly anyone else will agree with me on). This partly so people don’t spend their last savings and instead save more and partly for preventing any bubbles in the economy from growing. Lastly, IF they want to spend money, they should do it on cutting taxes or putting money on infrastructure and research, things that will come in handy if/when the crisis turns around.

We are going to have a crisis and it is going to last for a long while. And if I’m right, this will be really really bad before we might see the light. If the world’s economies don’t stop what they are doing, it might never end. People should demand a cut in expenditures from the government and local councils should be turning down this extra money, but intellect is a scarce commodity so I have no hope for that scenario.

Some great news

The United Kingdom’s public finances have deteriorated so much since November that the basic rate of income tax would need to rise by the equivalent of 8 percentage points to bring government borrowing back on track by 2015-16, the Institute for Fiscal Studies said on Monday. FT

Car sales in Britain have fallen by more than 200,000 in the first three months of the year, triggering fresh calls from the industry for a car scrappage scheme in this month's budget.

Somali pirates have seized a British-owned cargo ship and a Taiwanese ship, maritime officials say, after capturing three other vessels over the weekend.

Japan is to implement another fiscal stimulus plan of more than 10tn yen ($99bn; £66bn) to fight the recession. It comes on top of 12tn yen of stimulus spending that has already been agreed. The new sum amounts to more than 2% of the annual output of Japan's economy.

MUMBAI: India's iron ore exports in the just-ended 2008/09 year may have fallen 8 per cent and could fall a further 15-20 per cent in 2009/10, a senior official at Essel Mining & Industries Ltd said on Monday.

Religious conviction is a disease

As I have said before some silly people from the absurdity of the Muslim faith have managed to convince some Christian fools and people from other manure smelling religions to limit free speech so they don’t haft to listen to critics against their death-by-government policies. It is all madness of course, but so is religion, all of them. A cow holy? It’s ludicrous. We are all descendent from some galactic war and are infested with the “souls” of aliens? It is not even worth commenting on. A warmongering Dalai Lama speaking of peace and harmony? Pfff… A murderess hell bitch earns the name ‘Mother Teresa’ and the pope thinks that little girls should be punished for being molested when he is not preaching death to black people? Come on! Gods with arms everywhere or an everlasting roundabout of life and death? The stench of it is worse than the Gangues. Every priest, every nun, every Torah sniffing charlatan and every brainless Mullah should be trial and convicted of fraud and sentenced to an institution, for life. And why do so many religions have certain rules when it comes to food? Like it going to matter if you boil or fry the piggy or whether or not you pray before cutting the throat of a goat? To even think of something that stupid you need to have spent some serious time at a mental ward. And what the hell is it with those minaret phallus thingies!? For Allah’s sake!

And the real fun thing is; only one can be right! Only one of these hundreds of stupidities can have the “right” faith. How do they know which one? Maybe that religion has already died out? It is not like we have any proof or scientific evidence. We don’t even have a percentage list on which religion is the most likely one. It can be some obscurity in a jungle somewhere with 7 active followers that is the correct religion, wouldn’t that be very interesting? “You need to have faith and believe” a priest from one out of hundreds of Christian sects might answer while he’s doing an altar boy. “Only the holy war within will give you the answer” some Muslim fraud might mumble while he beat up his wife for showing one inch of her hairy leg. “If you believe in Jahve, no harm will come to you” says the rabbi idiot while he kills some children in a refugee camp.

Couldn’t we just put a priest from each religion in a pit and let them fight it out? With oiled in bodies they can do neck-swings and strangle each other until only one is remaining and then we decide that the one who is still standing is a murderer and execute him. We can put it on pay-per-view and have Las Vegas casinos do the gambling while we all sit at home with beer and a ham-sandwich watching some Shiite Imam break the neck of some Sunni Imam.

So freedom of free speech is going to be limited and of course there is another complete swindle that decides that, the UN. As the very center point of dictatorship and fraud the UN waste so much money on mad things each year that even the European parliament feels ashamed. This place were elected politicians and other criminals in desperate need of therapy comes to feast and pat each other’s back for killing more millions of people is now going to tell us that religions shouldn’t be ridiculed.

I’m a blasphemer all out and I challenge all the Gods of the entire history of mankind to smite me down while I have analsex, drink way too much, gobble on a hamburger with bacon and while breaking every other stupid rule. I have not murdered anyone yet though, I leave that to the Muslims, Jews, Christians, Hindu’s, Buddhists and all the other crappy stupid things out there. Idiots.