Tuesday, February 3, 2009

You are going to die! Part III

As most people know, even if they try to avoid the subject, all humans will die eventually. It might be sooner for some and later for some poor ones, but the involuntary fact of death is a reality. This fact sparks a lot of tension in a lot of people and I believe that this is one of the main reasons why people tend to listen to religious salesmen throughout our history. Sometimes these, very unscrupulous, marketers, of different religious views, have sold the notion of a never ending wheel of life and death and sometimes they sell ideas of heaven, several virgins waiting on the other side or some other ridiculous claim that seem to convince people that “You will not die!”. Some deceitful priests have sold the idea of absolution, others tell you if you just give up your life, you will be a martyr and live forever! Give us your money, your life and your precious time and you will find God/Nirvana (or something else that sounds good). If you only pray to God before you kill those bastards - that believe in the same God, but with slightly different way – you will win! Historically speaking, religion is the main cause of death among humans, even greater than the Black Death or communism. So it is still kind of surprising that people despite this fact, tend to lean towards religion to solve their fear of death. To me, one of the easiest ways to commit one’s self to termination is to be religious.

Another way to “avoid” death is to get rid of all those annoying things around that might cause harm. Drugs are one such thing. Despite being very harmless, even if you put all drugs together in one pile, in regard to other things like traffic, alcohol or socialism, drugs are regarded as something that carries the contamination of death. A stoner, or worse, a heroin addict is among the worse things most people can see walking down the street. Hundreds of cars, each weighing tons, speeding past, do nothing to frighten. The government can force people to do military service and/or attack someone that might have another religion or does not force people to enlist, but that’s hardly scary. People can swallow delicious baked goods with the fat just pouring down without blinking. But if you put someone with a needle in their arm (or the idea that they just done that) on the street, the heart immediately start raising, people look for the police, start calculating their chances to change street and things like; “my last will and testament” or; “Help I’m going to die” rushes through the mind. This is also very strange indeed.

But the strangest thing about humans is that they never think about the most terrible and horrifying place/thing there is in our lives. This thing is the main cause of accidents; if you are going to be raped, this is most likely the place. And if you are going to die (at least in a western society) this is the most likely place it will happen. Even if most governments tax you for it, they have not outlawed it! You can still, with no regard for anyone’s safety, be here, use its tools and sleep here like there is no tomorrow! This thing/place also contains the worse kinds of weapons and generally has lots of water (another huge cause of death) and electrical appliances that might decapitate or in other ways hurt you badly. Families break up here; incest happens here and all along politicians looks the other way. Awful schemes are plotted here and most terrorists and even the awful drug addicts usually have it, and still it is legal! If you are so bloody scared of dying and if you really want the government to help you survive and keep you safe from harm, then it is time to really wake up and demand to outlaw, banish and clear your homes! Every house, cabin, apartment or bungalow is a deathtrap! If you need some consistency in your fears and if you really want the government to help you with regulations and legal mumbo jumbo, you should demand that the home is a thing of the past. Please heed my warning and outlaw homes now!

Were to run?

The world is running out of places to go for those who seek personal freedom and equal rights. Even though the US has been deteriorating over the last century, it was still filled with the notion of the American dream. With the last presidents overspending and constant warmongering and the new socialist one that’s more or less unthinkable. Hong Kong is under Chinese rule and most African states are either too close to communism or in a state of civil war. South America is a terrible place with new socialist leader’s popping up everywhere and Europe is a cesspool of idiocy.

So where do you go?

Is there any Island anywhere that can be considered maybe? Can some Alien craft please pick me up and take me away from this stupid rock. You can do experiments on me with my consent!