Saturday, January 9, 2010

Leaving the most murderess religion of all time

Apparently as many as a million Swedes are planning to leave the Christian church the coming decade. Good for them. Religion is one of the things, historically speaking, that is most likely to kill you and worst of all religions is Christianity. Let’s get these people to understand that the only entity worse, government, also should be left behind and maybe we can reach a better world in the future.

What a miss

Lefties cannot do anything right. First they destroy the Greek economy, then they do nothing to save their country and the little they do leads to protests and now a bomb that also missed.

A small (why not big?) bomb has exploded outside the Greek parliament. The blast blew out some of the parliament building's windows but no-one was injured in the attack, the whole thing is blamed on left-wing militant groups, that, as said, cannot even make a decent bomb.

Don’t these people use internet? Don’t they have libraries? One of the easiest things to do is to build a bomb, get it right will ya.

Problems when you’re a dictator

It is not easy being a tyrant, lots of decisions to be made, many people to murder, freedom loving people to lock up just to mention a few arduous tasks. The Venezuelan dictator Hugo Chavez isn’t an exception from this rule. Having ruined the country and facing 25% inflation, as well as reduced foreign earnings this fatty have now announced that the national currency will be devalued by at least 17%.

Where have we seen that before I wonder? Oh, just with pretty much every totalitarian country in the history of the world. Mugabe is probably the latest one doing the same thing.

Well, anyway, economic fears and some pesky people wanting democracy aren’t the dictator’s only worries. He’s also rattling his sword against his neighbors, probably setting up a situation for war as soon as all his socialist plans have failed. You can always count on those funny men to start a war when there’s no other way to go. And as if that wasn’t enough the ever expanding plumpiness that is Chaves now claims that a U.S. military plane entered Venezuelan airspace and was met by his military's F-16s, which escorted it out.

Oh no, that too? Poor sod.

But as any dictator he can relax with lots of food, dine and drink with some of his terrorist friends and send money to drug smugglers and warlords. No matter what, it is good to be king.