Thursday, November 5, 2009

Going postal

Maj. Nidal Malik Hasan, 39, an army psychiatrist who was about to be deployed to Iraq armed himself with two guns and opened fire, killing 12 people and injuring 31 others. Leaving the victims aside for a moment, do you know what kind of weapons normally can be carried at a US military base? Nothing. That’s right; the rules for carrying weapons on an Army post are standard throughout all bases. The only personnel allowed to openly display weapons on the base are military police.

If the victims in this case had been carrying, you can be sure that more people would be alive today. Consequently gun-restriction has once again had a success, but that’s not how the righteous enemies of the people will see this, oh no, on the contrary. In their minds this is another reason for restricting self-defense.

The Obamination commented these events as: "horrific outburst of violence" and promised justice. Maybe the warmongering president that have, just days ago, signed the biggest spending bill on an American war machine since WW II, are ignoring his own murders? The pick-pocket in Chief should stand trial right alongside Mr Hasan, and they should both be hanged for basically the same crime, although Hasan is the lesser of two evils.

Another fun consequence of this comes from Mr Hasan being Muslim and, according to some suspect sources, had been writing positive things about suicide bombers. This will no doubt be used as an additional reason to bomb more people of the same faith as well as induce further antagonism.

To some degree you can understand people, and possibly Hasan, for giving credit to terrorism and suicide bombers. It’s hard not to when American soldiers involved in illegal wars are murdering millions of Muslims. There are excuses for both the Iraqi and Afghani conflict, some are valid, most of them, however, are not. The only thing really going for the war efforts is the abolishment of certain totalitarian elements, but since the US is rapidly becoming an authoritarian society and almost every other reason for these wars are invalid, some “terrorist”-acts can be defended. However, it wouldn’t really surprise me if those claims of pro-terrorism in Hasan’s case are made up stories to explain this crime. Maybe they will find other connections to “terrorism” like him subscribing to NRA-newsletters or voting for Ron Paul. And as US officials already said long before this, military personnel cannot really be trusted.

As I’ve said before on many occasions, events like these are very likely to repeat themselves the more our economies fall into the abyss of statism. I must say am a bit amazed that there hasn’t been more shootings already, however, when people have lost it all, have nothing left to lose, they will lose it. ‘Going postal’ will soon be a common occurrence, and again we can say thanks to the elitists that brought us this nightmarish world.

Another shooting, finally…

I was almost starting to think I’d lost my magic touch of predictions, but suddenly I noticed that another mass-shooting had taken place. This time in Texas and as usual we don’t really know if its unemployment, spirits of the dead or too tight shoes that got this maniac going. However, this is not the first, and certainly not the last. There will be lots of more of these as our economies deteriorate. Much better indication of how our countries are doing than any central banksters stupidities.

No doubt this is another reason for the righteous to argue for abolishment of self-defense, and no doubt will the elitists take this, and other similar events, as a good reason to control the populace. And maybe, just maybe, they will use this as an excuse to monitor and lock up current or soon leaving military personnel… they are crazy folks you know, the US government have already told us so, and why would they lie?

No matter what you believe in, the elitist’s point of view that no one should be able to protect themselves or the reasonable one of obvious human rights, you will be seeing lots more of this. And am not talking about gun-toting loonies or, as media wants you to think, American cities, no, this will happen near you, in your town, in your school, and be carried out by ordinary citizens and this very soon.

Don’t believe me? Well, that’s your problem. As usual I not only hold the prediction, I also know the solution. But you are too busy being a good little sheople, so go play with the other idiots and wait for the maniacs to kill you; I see no reason why you should deserve less.

The fraud continues II

I was just about to write something about this from the U.S. Department of Labor, but since the Market Ticker and the Swedish economists Stefan Karlsson already covered it, I refer you to those people instead. And they do have a slightly higher status than obnoxious little me.

To sum it up shortly, this is another falsified “green shoot” our enemies tries to sell with cake and balloons, while in reality the report is bad news. I don’t know how many of these I’ve debunked so far, but it’s starting to reach ridiculous levels. They are lying to you!! Openly!! Intentionally!! All designed to get you to spend what little money you have left.

Visit Market Ticker here

Stefan Karlsson here

America is in the beginning of the Greatest Depression, and UK isn’t far behind, the only questions are how badly other countries will falter and whether or not we get rebellions or if we will let our enemies continue with the charade.

The fraud continues

US of A is in deep deep trouble. If you haven’t figured that out yet, all you really need to read this story about how the former bankrupt institution of Fannie Mae now want to allow thousands of borrowers on the verge of foreclosure to have the option of renting their homes from Fannie Mae, under a policy announced Thursday 5th of November.

For those of us who know that Fannie, alongside Freddie Mac, that has a similar scheme, is highly responsible for the mess in the American economy, this is like handing over your keys to the robber that just emptied your apartment and then rent your own furniture and your own home that the robber just stolen from you.

Who said government was the solution to any problem?

At the same time as FBI locks up some insider traders the real criminals, the biggest robbers in the history of mankind, roam free still. And one of the main reasons for those illicit people not going to jail and instead handed more billions, namely Franny and Freddie, is allowed to continue the scam.

Even if this scheme may not work as well as the enemies of the people want, it’s still a very good sign how the economy really is doing. Why would something like this even be needed if those “green shoots” was real?

MEPs resigned

Two of the Conservative Party's top MEPs have resigned over Cameron's decision not to hold a referendum on the Lisbon Treaty.

Dan Hannan has resigned from the frontbenches of the European Parliament and Roger Helmer resigned today with immediate effect as Conservative spokesman on employment in the European Parliament.

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More "green shoots"

Yeah, things are looking up in America, don't you think?

First two parts:

The never ending story of pigs

Ah, finally media is catching on. As clearly stated in documents from the International Flu Conference held in US earlier this year and as anyone with the slightest knowledge how the elitists work already knows, there is only a question of time before quarantines are imposed, children are stopped from going to school and/or we get a separation of some sorts between the not yet infected and the ones that already had this mild cold.

However, the facts are still ignored: Fat people are less likely to suffer, the young are not particularly exposed, the swine flu is a very mild disease, and the death-rate is ridiculously low. All of this is facts, but media seem to claim the opposite. Maybe they get these facts later on as well as the “secret” plan of quarantines and such?

On a related note my sister and a couple of friends of mine got papers home yesterday that in a very imposing manor state that a their kids have a scheduled appointment for vaccination and they should be there on such and such time. The letter didn’t seem to offer any choice on the matter, so I’m going to repeat myself. Anyone that comes near me or mine with any form of forced inoculation better prepare to die. This is a limit I will not let anyone cross. I don’t care if it’s the police, a doctor or the freaking king himself, I’ll kill you. And no, this is not a joke.

As people with half a brain already know, it’s much better to have this mild flu instead of taking the vaccine, and since the death-rate is so low any shot is very unnecessary. To refuse the injection is to think of your fellow man and future outbreaks, not to speak of the potential hazards of the content. I’ve no problem taking a vaccine or medicine if it’s the proper solution and it’s really needed to protect myself from a dangerous disease, in this case it’s not needed. And no matter what claim the main benefactors of this scam, the pharmaceutical companies, have the vaccine has not been properly tested. Their own documents state the fact.

Pravda - the truthful paper

Again we can read a good truthful article in Pravda, this time about EU. The world has turned upside down and the old powers that be are relinquishing their power to their old enemies as well as up and comers.

Article Here

Hemorrhoid inflammation

The central bank chieftain of Sweden, Stefan Ingves said today: “Money policies are not designed for regulating housing prices” And then he also claimed he didn’t see any problems with climbing housing and real-estate prices.

In essence folks, what this sycophant is really saying is that you better bit down on the pillow and take it because he haven’t the slightest idea how to relate to or fix the problem. And this is supposed to be our head-economists? How did he get this job? By having the magical power of gagless fellatio?

There is another explanation that is a tad more rational – he knows what he’s doing and wants to cover up the transference of wealth from ordinary citizens to the rich and powerful. But we don’t believe he can be that sinister, do we? He only wants what is good for us, right?

Sometimes I hope that this is some sort of a joke, and that a couple of comedians pops up and says “The Central bank people only ‘air quote’ works here” and then they smile and we all know it was a giant hoax of prolonged April fools. However, I also find the situation amazingly entertaining even if it isn’t a practical joke. Here you have a financial crisis, created by banksters, politicians and other stand-up tricksters. Then they turn it all around, handing out trillions to the very same people that created the mess, all the while they claim to be looking out for the little guy. Unemployment goes up, wealth evaporates and we produce less and less, but it’s all good, because people are borrowing and spending, among other things on housing. And ridiculously low interest rates, bail-outs to banks and more newly printed money in the system have, so Ingves says, nothing to do with housing prices.

If you really believe in this scam, you deserve any additional anal cavity prodding cometh your way in the future.

Push comes to shove, you’re all gonna get screwed over by bankers, lawyers, politicians and big business who don’t give a rat’s ass about anything but your disposable incomes. And on the top of this stage telling joke after joke is the central bank, in reality looking after their banking buddies. In this world all that matters (officially) is GDP numbers, which any low-level flunky can fix into the positive with a couple of pen-strokes. Unofficially, however, what really matters is to keep the scam rolling another some odd years. They know they are creating a bubble, they know all of these scams are bad for the economy, they know that the financial outlook is shaky. They still do it, because they can save their friends and maybe, just maybe, the wheels start turning again and all that debt and all the problems they have created can be swept under the carpet, again. At least until the next crash.

The ones getting screwed are working people, the low, middle and most of the upper class. Some of you see this and call it capitalism. Others claim it to be socialism. Neither of these epithets is correct. It’s the system you see, the greedy and power-hungry can take advantage of it. They know how to twirl the knobs and how to circle around the laws and they are all in cahoots. Not always intentionally, it’s not always a conspiracy; it’s just how the world works with our current system.

In affect they take advantage of the socialist experimentation on one side, and the so so free market on the other. They can do this because the market (capitalism) is overregulated and cannot fix itself and because the obstacles (socialism) can be exploited. So they are very happy playing us against each other and keep this mixed system wherein big business, politicians and banksters sleep together in a big bed filled with tax money.

With everything going on the world in regards to internet, our civil liberties and the continuation of the swindle mentioned above, the only really good epithet is ‘statism’, or the more sinister sounding ‘fascism’. The only things missing to take that final step into totalitarianism is the Great Leader and some additional laws, laws that are well on their way.

We have a collective rear-end infection and this swollen hemorrhoid isn’t capitalism, nor is it communism. It’s them, the elitists, the enemy class. But you, as voter, have also your part in this. You wanted it, you voted for it, and when you should know how things really work, you still relax in front of a reality-show eating processed food.

Ingves are an idiot, or an malicious con-artists, but the real morons are you, the voters, the sheople.