Wednesday, June 17, 2009

The raping of America

President and destroyer Barack Obama continues on his road to obliterate everything that made America great. It isn’t enough annihilating what is left of the economy, appointing Tzars to control citizens while his mad government is socializing banks and corporations, no, now he goes after the financial market. In true socialist fashion more regulations and more restrictions are going to be created to stop “a culture of irresponsibility”. Of course this scumbag don’t mentioning anything about the government restrictions, the governmental banks and the utter madness of printing and borrowing shit loads of money that created the crisis.

I do not know why Americans even keep the constitution anymore, it is totally pointless.

And that this left wing maniac refuses to take a stand on the Iran issue is no surprise.

No wonder FEMA is stacking up millions of coffins and Obama youth camps keeps growing. This is going to end so badly and be so horrifying that it boggles even my imagination.

Good bye US and say hello to socialism and civil war.

Don’t stop the signal!

Within the borders of one of this planet most oppressive regimes where pretty much everything is run by the power elite, people are demonstrating their frustration and anger despite risking imprisonment, torture and death. Earlier this year we saw similar things in Moldova. Even in China smaller rebellion ignites now and then but in western countries we have became so lazy and comfortable and most people don’t even seem to care when liberties are taken away.

I do not care about Mir Hossein Mousavi that seems to be as bad as the tiny smurf Ahmadinejad, but the Iranian people are reacting to what seemingly is a large injustice. Why don’t we do the same? The only ones taking to the street in Europe and America are unions and socialists wanting more of the same oppression while the silent majority sits at home worrying if they can download porn without getting fines. The enemy class - that created the current recession - keep making things worse and imposing restrictions and laws that are destroying the last remaining foundation of democracy and the people does nothing. When deficits keep growing out of control and the printing presses are creating even more problems, you, the idiots, keep munching away at that “free” buffet of social welfare you have become so attached to. All across the world governments urge people to spend money on things they in reality cannot afford with money that do not exist. When did we become so indolent that we stopped caring about freedom and democracy?

In the western world - a couple of hundred years ago - we learned what creates prosperity and makes people free. An entire nation was formed under those premises; the United States. But somewhere along the way we forgot what the founding fathers of America and other movements around the globe actually fought and died for. Even while fighting National Socialism and communism the very foundations grumbled. Now and again a regime or a leader pulled the brakes but inevitably we keep going for that cliff. Taxes keep growing, laws and restrictions are pilling up, big governments increasing their power even into our bedrooms. Hand in hand; big business, journalists, governments and all their support troops have created a situation where everything from birth until death is under bureaucratic scrutiny. And we have done nothing to stop it. On the contrary, people vote for more of the same stupidities.

The enemy class is spreading this fascist cancer by outlawing, banning or imposed control on the last free bastion; the Internet. Under the disguise of protecting people from terrorists and child pornography law-abiding citizens are being monitored, recorded and jailed for using the right of free expression. And if anyone still questions why Internet is so important and why government's never should be able to prohibit it; look at what the Iranian regime does the outmost to have power over. What is the Chinese government trying to completely control? For the same reason, although more subtle, the western governments are trying to do the same. It is no coincident that anonym’s bloggers get “outed” by mainstream media; it’s no coincident that the corporate elite and politicians wants to tell you what is correct about information. It is not about your wellbeing, it is all about control. Within seconds a story can reach billions of homes through cables and wires outside the confinement of the old media and out of control of elected thugs in suits. Of course those in charge want to stop and control this nuisance. Why does anyone believe anything else?

The Piratebay, several bloggers and in-house Iranian opposition is spreading news, pictures and movies from inside the totalitarian Iranian state at a speed and in a non censorship way that no journalist or bureaucrat can. How long do you think this will last? ACTA, IPRED and all the rest of the tumors spreading throughout the body of freedom is only the start. They are already talking about enhancing and expanding those first laws since technology and certain pesky “old laws” are in the way. They will not stop with banning porn, stopping you from downloading information or hindering us from exchanging software. The only answer, the only means of action and the only way governments knows how to solve a “problem” is with more regulations and more restrictions.

We have given away most of our freedom and the word ‘democracy’ has become a positive attribute only attached to the name of political parties. Soon, when the wave of depression grows, those last standing pillars of freedom will be torn down. Before this happens government’s wants control over all free media. Don’t let them! Start a revolution, send viruses into every government computer, don’t vote for those as-holes again and stand up against the enemy class. Never let them stop the signal, in fact, don’t even let them try.