Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Sort of seeing the end is nigh is not the same thing as understanding the Greatest Depression

Am enjoying the decline with popcorn and vodka. You?

First of all you should all be aware that the Greatest Depression is unavoidable at this point. There´s no turning back, there´s no way out and there´s no way of turning things around before we had this inescapable fact hit us in the face and had this Tsunami-wave of complete and utter disaster destroy our way of life. Only then, only after this can we go back to any sense of normality.

Meanwhile our soul-sucking masters are trying their very best to convince both you (the sheople) and themselves that we can turn this around. Most of these four-winged evil entities actually believe they can fix it and most sheople also seem to think it can be done.

Another trillion printed and financial markets will be fine. Another regulation and the real-estate market will pick up speed again. Only one bail-out more sent to the black hole that is Greece and the Greek government will be saved from horrible unarmed people getting clobbered by the police, and then Greeks will sing happy tunes together with their bestest friends from Turkey and the sun will become a cheese factory and Obama will stop spending money on the military.

Apparently this is what most of you believe, or at least a version of it.

Journalist for example are funny this way. I don´t know if you´ve noticed it but I see more and more articles coming out showing horrible U.S. statistics (up ´til now kept from public knowledge). I read papers and they are actually talking about “the depression” and referring to one or two of the many problems facing us.

However they are not really showing the basic math and worse: they are not saying what needs to be said and they are missing the real issue.

The real issue is of course that the Greatest Depression is here. Been here all along. They´ve only managed to, temporarily, paper it over with cheap credits and borrowed and printed money which has created a giant swindle of such proportions it dwarfs anything except for the two biggest lies of all time: religion and Manmade Global Warming.

“The Great Recession” as many refer to the 2007-2009 economic downturn, never went away, it’s still here, hidden away under the surface. What should have become a Depression of about the same level as in the 1930´s, but only during a couple of years and then we would have bounced back again. Instead of letting markets and capitalism automatically purge and correct a fraudulent system, instead of that alternative The Powers That Be went forth on epic printing-machine adventures. Eagerly applauded by (and threatened by) big banks our Great Leaders did the complete opposite of what should have been done.
Since this part Keynesian and part GramscoFabianNazi way of handling the economy never worked before, never can work - not even in a fantasy world in a galaxy far, far away - it of course didn´t work this time either.

This is pretty much where we are today.

Their way of “saving us” have failed.

Most of their schemes to keep the economy (*cough*...big banks... *cough, cough*) above the surface have run out of steam. Propped up markets, fuelled by ridiculously cheap credits, have already peaked. There´s no other way to go except for down – and now our situation is much, much worse than it was 4 years ago.

Of course certain markets, manipulated as they are, will continue to go up slightly or do the occasional jump upwards because, for example, hard working Europeans are forced to bail out lazy sickly PIGS. But that’s just a mirage. A temporarily blimp of insanity.

Another thing you should know, read about and understand (and I cannot stress this idiocy enough) is the scam of GDP. GDP is the magic trick they use to sell you the false notion that the economy is in the black when, in actuality, screaming read numbers are choking us to death at this very moment.

You need to understand that GDP can be fine, in the positive and showing great progress and YOU AND THE COUNTRY CAN STILL be GETTING POORER! Also, the opposite is true: GDP can be going down and it can be a good thing.

You never heard that one before have you? And if you have a government funded degree in finance and/or are currently working within the field of finance or economics you´re probably shaking your head right now because in the mainstream world of cornflake-economy GDP is what matters.

So another thing you need to understand is that GDP is, at its core, a zero sum game. This is especially, and always, true for politicians. Raise taxes or lower taxes, it doesn’t matter, in the short run, for GDP - the number will stay the same. ANY sort of bail-out, extra “created” government jobs or any sort of “stimulus” cannot never ever never ever not in any way effect GDP. It is an mathematical impossibility!

The ONLY way politicians can impact GDP - as if it’s a magic trick - is if they borrow from outside the country, borrow on the future and/or print money and spend it. Again it’s a short-term bump upwards, but the idea is that such “investments” will get the wheels rolling again and lure markets that things are picking up speed and so people (you and I) start to borrow, spend and produce at the same or at a higher level than before.

This is a trickery tried so many times before. It has never worked, it cannot work, but they still try it and you idiots let them.

Again, this is pretty much where we are today.

On a unprecedented magnitude they printed trillions, borrowed more trillions, they mortgaged you, your kids and your grandkids future and they did so on the notion that GDP needed to be kept up and “the too big to fails” needed to be saved. It didn´t work, it cannot work, it has never worked. They still did it, and you let them.

And that last part is actually all you need to know during the coming decades of despair, wars and famine. YOU LET THEM DO THIS TO YOU AND TO YOUR KIDS AND TO EVERYONE ELSE! YOU ARE AT FAULT!

Yes, you should be out knocking off politicians, stringing up banksters and practise knife-throwing at Journalists, but in the end, when it’s all said and done, you cannot blame anyone else but the person looking back at you through the mirror.

You are all idiots and the coming years you´re going to pay for it.

Buckle up and prepare, it’s going to be a hell of a ride.