Friday, September 18, 2009

I’m dancing in the rain...

Since first taking a no-protectionism vow at a summit meeting last November, the world's 20 major economies have been responsible for as many as 121 "blatantly protectionist" measures, with 134 more in the pipeline, the organization Global Trade Alert states.

"The real economy may now be shrinking at a slower rate, and a recovery may be in view, but unemployment will continue to rise for some time to come. Pressures to protect jobs at home will grow and governments will find these pressures difficult to resist," said the new report.

This is what I have been saying all along. Just look at any trade number. The Baltic dry cargo index is way downstairs, and every country handing out reports is saying both export and import is going down. And it is bound to get worse the more time that passes, just as during the great depression (soon to be renamed to the “Minor one”) such actions will slow the potential economic recovery and worsen the situation.

Oh, what a glorious feeeeeeling…

And from all over it’s streaming in demands and prayers to these übermench with the hope of them granting some of these wishes. They need to save the economy, protect the environment, hand out fuzzy slippers and do lots of stuff.

I am so looking forward to this next G20 meeting where our enemies - again! - will reassure us that they want free trade, and that more stimulation is needed to save us all.

… I am haaappy again…

Avril Lavigne single

Yes, it seems to be true, at least according to the tabloids. I have spent all morning dissecting this, making lots of notes, roaming the net in a never ending search to see if I could ever stand a change now when that idiot is out of the way. This is very interesting and I think I need to get the group together so we can compare notes.

In the meanwhile millions of people across the globe are starving and the depression keeps going, but Pffffffff… who cares? Celebrities are dying and breaking up, that’s [much] more important.

Monaco cave in to the fascists

Monaco is to be removed from an OECD "grey list" when it signs a fresh round of international tax agreements on Monday. The principality is set to sign deals with 12 countries including the US, Belgium and France.

The agreement follows a resolution at the G20 meeting in April that threatened action against 45 territories with regimes considered to ease tax evasion. The OECD defines countries with less than 12 agreements to exchange tax information as non-compliant.

Soon there will be no good places left in the world. Where is that Alien Invasion? We need it.

The true story of our approaching doom – Part III

We have looked at how the stage has been set by our enemies in part I, we learned how our banking and finance system works and how money and interest rates are being used to create this scheme in part II, now let’s look at what really happened this time around.

I say “this time around” because similar events have lead to crises before, and will again and again and again; it cannot stop until we end this horrible system.

Our enemies want us to believe the following three things:

1) Too few regulations caused greedy people to take advantage of the system. Often enough Bernard Madoff is portrayed as a shining example of greed, too much capitalism and few regulations.

2) It was the free market that collapsed and we had a credit-crunch with too little money being available within the system.

3) Lehman Brothers collapsing was the real start of the down going spiral.

The answer our elitists then hand us is that we need more regulations, more government, and lots of more credit available. We also need to have more world wide solutions with maybe global taxation on financial flow, a world currency and much more cooperation between countries.

All of this is lies. It’s the continuation of the same scams that lead us into this mess in the first place. It’s a smoke-screen behind closed curtains hidden within a mirage filled with mirrors and magic tricks. The ringmasters of our impending doom is trying to fool us again in order to press that 2by4 further up our collective arses before the shit truly hits the fan.

While pundit-tricksters and fraudulent banksters is feeding us these lies, lazy journalists either sit around on their fat behinds translating fictive reports or are actively participating in the giant cover-up by only printing the fabrications and ignoring the real facts. Elected criminals only care about their own re-election and to show how they “do stuff”, not really caring what they do, the important part is to show us, the voters, that they react. “Oh, that’s horrible – I propose this law!” – is solemnly proclaimed in different ways over and over again. And they have tons of money, the printing press have never worked harder, so stimulus all around!
In the real world, this crisis was created a long time ago. Further down you can watch another example of how and why, but in order to make a long story short, what you need to know is the three actual facts:

1) We had too many regulations, too many hinders, and Madoff is a small time crock in comparison with many of those true master-criminals still roaming free within our financial system.

2) It was over excessive intrusions of government and central banks that created this mess. It’s not only the government entities of Fanny May and Freddie Mac that’s helped out with the madness; there are a lot of government intrusions creating problems. And we have too much money in the system; the present of cheap credit is what got us into this crisis, so we don’t need more.

3) Lehman was not the first or the last financial institute going down, and they are only a small symptom, like a spot among many. Consequently Lehman Brothers going out of business was neither the start of the crisis nor what made it worse. That’s a complete lie.

Although, to a certain extent, we can sum up the cause of our current economic crisis in one word — GREED. Over the years, mortgage lenders were happy to lend money to people who couldn’t afford their mortgages, even if this is most obvious in the US, the same goes on pretty much everywhere. But they did it anyway because there was nothing to lose and a lot to gain. These lenders were able to charge higher interest rates and make more money on sub-prime loans. If the borrowers default, they simply seized the house and put it back on the market. On top of that, they were able to pass the risk off to mortgage insurer or package these mortgages as mortgage-backed securities. Easy money!

The whole thing was one big scheme. Everything was great when houses were selling like hot cakes and their values go up every month. Lenders made it easier to borrow money, and the higher demand drove up house values. Higher house values means that lenders could lend out even bigger mortgages, and it also gave lenders some protection against foreclosures. All of this translates into more money for the lenders, insurers, and investors.

Unfortunately, many borrowers got slammed when their adjustable mortgage finally adjusted. When too many of them couldn’t afford to make their payments, it causes these lenders to suffer from liquidity issue and to sit on more foreclosures than they could sell.

But now all is fine right? Those banks have cleansed those toxic assets and wannabe defaults? Right? Wrong. Almost all of them are still in the system; in fact there are more of them. And looking at UK and US banks, they are mainly selling these houses to, tada! Themselves! I have already covered most of this scam in other posts, just keep in mind that nothing has changed, the problem is still there, now inflated through even more government intervention and lots and lots of more fiat money.

But before all this happen people in the western world have been producing less and less while consuming more and more. Worst of all places is the US of A where over 70% of the economy is consumerism, and how do Americans (and many others) pay for this consumption? By borrowing. Not only direct borrowing via the consumer or companies, but also making the best use of the USD. As the world reserve currency the federal reserve have been able to print lots of money and the US government have been able to issue more bonds than otherwise would be possible. All this goes on while the government keeps expanding and more and more regulations come into being. Lefties often argue the opposite, which just goes to show you how deluded those people are.

Basically, the crisis was created by government, worsen by bankers and now they are doing everything all over again. During the last crisis when the bubble burst, they inflated the bubble again to avoid a real downfall, now we see the aftermath of those actions. Now they have done it again, the same damn thing. But this time around it’s much much worse. The bubbles, the inflated madness and all the things that has been down and will be done is creating the worst disaster ever known to man.

Please watch this movie:

Another central bank idiot

Karolina Ekholm, Deputy Governor of the Swedish central bank had some comments to make today at a little meeting. This hellish female was quoted saying, among other stupidities, that inflation is going to be negative during 2009. She has been an accomplish in creating inflation, so of course she doesn’t want you to know about this little scheme, or she does not know a single thing what she is talking about. Either way this is an outlandish lie, or she is so bent behind a wagon that she actually believe that a couple of hundreds of billions of newly printed notes thrown into the system have no effect whatsoever. Take your pick really, a lying bitch or an incompetent maniac, hard to tell what’s worse.

She said: “Nevertheless, the situation looks brighter today than it did a couple of months ago”

No, it doesn’t. It looks a lot worse. Just because there are a temporarily halt in the down-going spiral, seen to equities and certain areas of the economy, is not the same thing as things are looking brighter. She would know this if she actually understood economics.

Then she continues with the interest rate crap those central bank people are hell-bent to spread around. She voted for keeping the interest rate down around zero, which makes her automatically malevolent. Destroying the economy is her goal, and she and the other monkeys are doing a good job at it.

Another hilarious quote:
“The development of the krona has been stronger than we expected. Just as it is difficult to explain the earlier weakening of the krona in terms of developments in the Swedish economy, it is difficult to explain the recent appreciation in the krona”

No, it’s not. It’s very easy. Firstly, any currency is measured against other currencies. This means that the “value” can be going up; when in reality it’s going down because other currencies are worse off. Secondly, and this she should know, the central bank and government securities are the things that control the value of the currency. She is one of those that decide whether or not the currency should gain or lose in value. If she doesn’t get that, she is the wrong person at this job. There is a lagging effect how the inflation or deflation of the currency becomes to be obvious, but that too she should know.

Then she goes on and on about smoke and mirrors theories mixed with lots of irrelevant statements about her being thrown straight into the fire getting appointed just a tad over a half a year ago. Oh, I have a fire for you; or rather the Swedish people will have a big bon-fire to throw you in once they figure out how evil you really are.

The wickedness really shines when she said:
“Let me conclude by saying that it appears that the fiscal policy and monetary policy stimulation measures that are being implemented throughout the world are beginning to have the desired effects.”


“The desired effect”, please remember that statement when you purchasing power is diminished into nothing and the defaulting levels drives families all across the land to live on garbage.

I cannot believe we have a central bank in the first place, and even less so how you idiots out there let such horrible people do these things to you.

Interest rates should be a lot higher today, there should be no extra credit whatsoever created out of thin air, and there should be no central bank. As long as this womanly demon and her chronically immoral buddies get to dictate our lives, we are screwed.