Monday, June 4, 2012

You are going to die! - part L

I almost committed suicide last night because I couldn´t stand it.

I seriously had the worst event of my life. Nothing comes even close. I once had a spinal tap and anyone that has had his/her doctor poke around for cerebrospinal fluid, know how painful that procedure is. But it’s really child’s play. Broken ribs? Pfff.. That’s not even worth mentioning. The only thing I can think of that comes remotely close was the heartache and pain that struck me once when the woman I used to love many years ago not only crushed my heart, but my spirit and body as well. Those of you out there having felt the excruciating pain of your love being crushed while your heart is getting squeezed to the size of a walnut by an evil soulless whore; you sort of know what I went through during the last 10 hours or so. Not really, but you at least have an inkling.

I have no idea whether CIA uses this in their tortures, but they, and anyone else wanting to find out everything someone knows - this is the way to do it. No one can stand this agonizing pain. No one can resist spilling their guts to get away from this. I would welcome waterboarding as a dear old friend if I could chose that instead.

I would have gladly handed over all that I own, cut off my hand and murdered my entire neighborhood without hesitation if I knew that would have stopped the pain.

And no, that is not a joke. 

The thing I am talking about is: 

Sunburn Itch !!!!!

Before you laugh, you should go and read this: NY Times

Or visit any number of sites where people are, just like me, considering both suicide and running with their head first into a brick wall. 

Thankfully it starting to subside enough for me to eat something and I even managed to get to work. And one good thing has come out of this; I now know that once I have survived this, I can survive anything; The Greatest Depression, war, famine and Al Fucking Gore, I can take it all now!

Bring it bitchez!