Thursday, May 7, 2009

Things are really looking up – don’t you think?

The state of California needs to come up with $23 billion to get through the year. The state money might be completely gone in just a couple of months. The earlier plan was to keep the state solvent well into next year, but it was quickly knocked out of balance by the deteriorating economy.

CBS first-quarter revenue falls 13% as the ad slump takes a toll on the company, whose properties include the CBS network, radio stations and billboards. reported a first-quarter net loss of $55.3 million, or 8 cents a share. That compared with net income of $244.3 million, or 36 cents, for the same period last year.

In New Zealand, the jobless rate had climbed to a six-year high and continues to climb

Royal Bank of Scotland fell to a small first-quarter loss after bad debts quadrupled and it took another 2.1 billion pound writedown on risky assets. Britain's second biggest by market value, now 70 percent owned by the government, reported a first-quarter loss of 44 million pounds, compared with a 479 million pound profit a year ago.

US Treasury yields soared on Thursday after a 30-year government bond auction saw poor demand, highlighting the balancing act facing central banks seeking to keep interest rates low while selling record amounts of debt.

American International Group reported a $4.35bn net loss in the first quarter, reflecting continuing markdowns of the value of credit insurance sold by its financial products unit.

Taiwan’s exports fell by more than expected last month, Exports in April fell 34 per cent from a year ago to $14.9bn, the eighth consecutive month of decline and steeper than the 28.2 per cent consensus forecast of economists.

Mexico going to introduce a wide-ranging tax reform, possibly as early as next year, that would increase taxes and allow the government to abandon its strict spending limitations during difficult times. In other words, cutting spenditures is not really the way to go for these a-holes either. Just keep spending and everything will be fine…

Toyota, the worlds largest car manufacturer have announce a loss of $8bn for the past quarter and they expect the losses to continue at least during this year.

hunting season on Economists

As I have said before, mainstream economists are intentionally ruining the world. If you know anything about economy and inflation you also know that every single thing central banks are doing and every single thing those so called “experts” are saying is the complete opposite of what is true and the complete opposite of what they ought to be doing and saying. I knew most of you out there are complete morons, but somehow I forgot that there is one set of people even more stupid than any other group; economists.

I don’t know how many times during how many years I have issued warnings about those economic policies that are regarded as “normal”, but it is a lot. And it is hard to keep track of how many times I have said something and it has been spot on like I’m a true oracle. As mentioned I have very low regard for any of you complete and utter maniacs. Still somehow I keep getting surprised how one stupidity always can be triumphed by another. In the footsteps of the Weimar republic the European Central Bank (ECB) are now applying the same monitory policies that brought out Hitler. Apparently it isn’t enough that the US and Great Britain is printing monopoly money at an unprecedented speed. It isn’t enough that IMF is demanding newly pressed useless bills. It isn’t enough that anyone, anywhere, at any time in history, always, without exception, have failed with this policy, they are still going to do it; printing money.

If printing money was the answer to any economic problem, countries finances would always be way on the plus-side.

This is complete madness. I have gone from thinking this will be bad, to very bad and now I’m actually starting to believe my own persona and thinking this might be the end. Never before in history have so many had so few to thank for so much fucking up. The evilness these people are performing right now is equivalent to the Gulags, to the holocaust and to the inquisition. This is not an exaggeration. Countless millions of people are going to die in Africa and elsewhere from these policies and the “brains” behind this lunacy, economists, should be convicted as history’s worst murderers. And this is only the prolog. What do you think is going to happen when chaos reign supreme and the worst economic disaster in our entire history is hitting us?

This cannot be stated and said enough. Please, if you survive this horrendous disaster that is coming, do as follows:

If you happen to bump into any of these mainstream economic as-holes during your long walks to find food in the future, please let a sign clearly point out for the rest of us where we can stop to piss and dance…

And please, start buying dried-up food packages, batteries, guns or whatever else you might need. There isn’t that much time left. Make plans. If I’m wrong, not only will I eat this lap-top I’m writing on, you can also stuff it to me and tell me how stupid I was. But if I’m right, this advice can actually save your life. Please listen. Please hear my warning. We are heading for a fall and if you do not act now or very soon it might be too late.

The flu poll

what will kill us by the millions next time?

Since we all know that everything dangerous and horrific comes from things that have animal names, I thought it time to have a little opinion thingy again. Those deadliest of all diseases; Bird-flu and the main assassin of humans; Swine-flue, have been roaming the world killing everything in sight, but it is time to clear our heads and prepare for the next one. Talking to a working buddy he suggested that the next one will be something like Alligator-flu or maybe Tyrannosaurs-flu, striking fear even by its name. I’m not inclined to agree with this. I think it will be something completely opposite. The cuddliest and friendliest of all creatures as a bearer of a killer-plague would strike fear in even the hardest of football hooligans. Just think about it; Koala-flu! How horrific wouldn’t that be? Or kitten-flu!? If the cutest little thing can conjure up a virus capable of slaughtering millions of babies and strike fear in the hearts of every man, how safe are we then? We might even die some day!

This my four main choices for our appending doom:

1 Bunny-flu

This has nothing to do with playboy. Instead a virus having this animal attached to it would be the cause of the ultimate decline in carrot sales. The word ‘bunny’ would be transformed into a profanity hurled at any politician raising taxes or be a curse word used to describe anything murderess. Might even leave a mark in the law? “The Bunny crime” – when a young girl in pigtails poisons her elderly lover.

2. Polar Bear flu

Environmentalists would love this name and if I were to put money on one of these suggestions, this would be it. Nature strikes back! Sure those carnivorous Polar-Bears we should exterminate are not really that cute. But they are fluffy and cuddly. Let’s face it, who wouldn’t wanna have one of these at home that you can curl up in and just feel warm and fuzzy? And as implied, this would have a double effect. Not only are these creatures really fuzzy wuzzy, they also – with their increasing numbers – stand for extinction by man-made global warming! I mean, come on, does it get better than that? Journalists would sell papers like never before.

3. Cutest ever thingy - flu

I have no idea what this is, but I think I never seen anything so endearing and cute. AWWWWW! It is so adorable you feel an uncontrollable urge to protect it and save it from everything in this world. To hold this in your arms and feel its tiny heart beating would be a religious experience. This of course means this is one of the most evil kingpins ever seen. We should exterminate them immediately before these horrendous things throws its virus infested claws into our helpless bodies and turns all of us into decaying corpses.

4. Puppy-flu

Also known as the Doggy-flu (not to be confused with doggy- style), this disease would change the world forever. Since man started to intrigue how to best steal the neighbors crops this fantastic animal have followed us willingly and been one of the best companions we could ever wish for. How many of us haven’t felt a friendship and close bound with one of these animals even matching that you feel towards a child or a close relative? This is truly one of my worst nightmares; waking up in a world where cute puppies and dogs (that are everywhere!) is knocking us of one by one at a speed not even matched by communist regimes. There is not much in this world that really frightens me, but this is absolutely one of them.