Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Pirates in the UK



The Pirate Party UK are proud to announce that they have completed the Electoral Commission's party registration process, and are now officially recognised as a British political party.

The Pirate Party UK is are now accepting memberships, and will be fielding candidates in the next General Election.

The party will campaign on a platform of copyright and patent reform, setting limits on surveillance of the public and increasing our freedom of speech.

The Party wants to legalise non-commercial filesharing, reduce the term of copyright from the current life plus 70 years, and abolish patents on drugs.
Pirate Party leader Andrew Robinson says "The Pirate Party offers an alternative to the last century's struggles between political left and political right. When a government plans to brand 7 million British filesharers as criminals, to profile every citizen, to track our movements, register every email we send and every website we visit, and to carry on allowing big business to lock up life saving drugs and environmentally beneficial technologies under an ever-growing mountain of patents, Britain desperately needs a party that fights back. We know these laws can be hanged, must be changed and will be changed."

Notes for Editors:

The Pirate Party UK is the sister party to well established Pirate Parties in Sweden and Germany. In the last European elections, Swedish voters elected the first Pirate Party MEP. The German Pirate Party has an MP in the Bundestag and is an officially recognized party eligible for state funding.
Pirate parties also exist, or are in the process of formation in Argentina, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Bulgaria, Canada, Denmark, Finland, France, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Lithuania, Luxembourg , The Netherlands, New Zealand, orway, Peru, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Russia, Serbia, South Africa, Spain, Switzerland, Ukraine and The United States.

The ”green shoots” about to turn into tears

What people need to realize is what’s really going on out in the real world. I have written a lot about America and Sweden lately but there are many other hilarious things to keep track of.

About 6 months ago I urge you all to keep a close eye on China because I knew that fictive growth in that country sooner or later would spill over and come crashing down. Today the Telegraph has an excellent article on this topic saying, among other things, that the giant Ponzi scheme is risking to break down in the near future. What people do not realize is that China has growing GDP because of two things. The first being the massive trade surplus that accounts for 40% of the economy, the second is the credit expansion and massive injection of founds from state companies. Even if things like typhoons will help to boost the GDP numbers it isn’t enough with falling trade numbers and the fact that the Chinese need to pull back a lot of the credits in the system. Worse still is that most of those credits have ended up in equity markets which have increased the Shanghai index that is up 80% this year. In other words the Chinese stock market is in the same state as the American (and most others) and thrives upon fictive numbers that sooner or later will come crashing down. In the Telegraph article, quoting a leading financial consultant, he is saying that Chinese Equities are overvalued by 50% to 100%. I actually think this is an underestimate and that the percentage is even higher. To this we need to add that China is the main reason why the dollar hasn’t collapsed yet, buying massive amounts of US treasuries and in doing so helping the Obamination with his scheme. Although China is putting large sums to pretty good use, improving communications and investing in production capacity, which will help them out in the future, things look very grim and with the knowledge that several Chinese provinces are close to regular rebellions we have a fine little mess that will help the depressional tsunami-wave along in a nice way.

Eastern Europe has been in big trouble longer than most of the Western counterparts with mainly the Baltic States and the Balkan showing horrible numbers. In Hungary this has lead to very shady characters gaining power and the same goes for Ukraine. Now Russia is also showing massive contractions in the economy dropping almost 11% during the second quarter (9% during the first). What you need to know is that Russia has not been throwing the same massive stimulus packages into the economy like the US or China which means their economy is showing more real numbers. I do expect that the Russian leaders will do what Russian leaders always have done - increase their power to crack down on any hints of uprisings and demonstrations. However, this time around it might actually not work. The Russian people have, for the first time in history, tasted some level of freedom and I hardly see tens of millions of people bend over and take it like before.

In Africa the looming famine catastrophe is getting more imminent. In Kenya the government estimates that at least 10 million Kenyans - one third of the population - is in need of food aid. Similar numbers can be shown for several other countries in the region and this will sooner or later tip over to utter starvation because when the worldwide depression keeps rolling along aid and trade from other countries will diminish and most of the African countries are not equipped to handle such an situation. I have earlier predicted that millions of people will starve to death in western and southern Africa in the near future and I see no reason to alter that forecast.

These are just three other situations you need to keep an eye on, there are many others. All I’m waiting for now is that main trigger(s). With an absolute certainty the dollar will default and in most likelihood collapse, we have way overpriced equity markets all around the globe and the housing market in the US has yet to bottom out. In the wake of companies going bankrupt and fictively low interest rates commercial real-estate might very well also go down very soon. But the main trigger(s) might very well be another war in the Middle East or another very large company like GE or Microsoft to show high loses, so look for those kinds of signs.

All mentioned (and many more) can be linked together so when you see or read some cornflake economist or your politician stating that unemployment isn’t dropping as fast anymore, some companies are starting to show profits or that the stock market is recuperating or whatever bamboozle they are trying to sell, don’t listen. The main scam they are trying to advertise right now is that GDP is not dropping as fast or even going up - this is total madness. GDP can be improved by digging holes in the ground and filling them back up again over and over; only an insane person can regard GDP as a good measure of the economy. The only thing that has been done with all those stimulus’s and bail-outs is to temporary, and fictively “halt” the decline. Under the surface, just like a tsunami in the middle of the ocean cannot really be detected, the depression is gaining momentum now fuelled by inflation and souring debts along with way overvalued stock markets. When that tsunami hits the shoreline and all those sand-castles come crumbling down, don’t be surprised. There is enough information out there and if you are not prepared for it you deserve whatever you get.

Rapist fun

Apparently a man in southern Sweden tricked a woman to his apartment and raped her. The female in question tried to convince the man to, at least, put on a condom, and he probably should have listen since the woman had HIV. Besides a year or so inside one of Sweden’s resorts this rapists now also await his physicians’ verdict.

This is hilarious stuff and even if I feel sad for the woman I do hope she is rubbing her hands together going “Muhahaha…” whenever she gets the chance.

And strangely enough I have not heard or read anything about some government official claiming the victim should have warned the rapist. It is probably against the law not to do so. And it would not surprise me even a wee bit if the rapist ass-hole files a law-suit not matter if he gets infected or not. It was a traumatic experience for the poor sod I’m sure…

Buy Gold now

I have written so many times about gold at this point that it’s starting to get ridiculous. But as someone - in contrast to almost all others including gurus at certain banks - I actually predicted both the current start of the depression and the price of gold so do feel I once again need to say something on the subject. Gold is still a fantastic investment. I have seen people, others with brains, whom claim that gold will top around $5000 per ounce. I do not think it will reach that high, but with absolute certainty it will reach $2000 within a year or so which means over 100% profits if you buy now.

But I would not merely advice you to buy gold for economic profit, it is equally or even more important to part have a safe investment and part hold real value. Any kind of paper asset is too big of a risk. The stock markets will crumble and go way down in the near future (those are outrageously inflated at the moment), bonds are terrible on so many levels and currencies might be the biggest trap of them all. What we can be sure of is that oil prices will go up and since any kind of food commodities will become scarcer in the future those kinds of investments also hold value. But all things considered, gold and silver should be your main targets and you really should buy those now. There are some that argue that gold already have peaked, which is, of course, nonsense. When the dollar collapses and the next much bigger tsunami-wave of this depression hits us, gold will go through the roof. And to this we can also add the market manipulations that we can see from certain financial institutes that keeps the prices on gold and silver down. In reality Gold actually have a higher price at the moment.

This is certainly not the best advice I have or will give you all, the best is still to hoard dried up food packages, candles and guns, but in order to hold some true value in your hands that will always be of use you really should buy precious metals. If you had listen to me 10 years ago, you would have had 300% profits on gold by now, if you had listen 7 months ago when I started this blog you would have earned close to 30% on gold. And since I can prove I accurately have predicted almost every single thing with this depression so far, who are you going to listen to?

Get it together people; it is coming, just around the corner it lurks, the biggest depression and upheaval in human history. Please don’t own stocks or any other stupidity, buy Gold and do it now.