Sunday, August 26, 2012

Three fingers

Just needed to throw in a little advertising and announce that after seeing the absolutely magnificent “The hunger Games” 6 times in less than a week, I will also go to the movies to watch it again. Great movie in all sense of the word and since Hollywood rarely make anything good that is beautiful, splendid entertaining and a great cinematic experience it should be rewarded with a spot here as well.

 The movie also show what is perhaps the most optimistic alternative of our near future - if we are lucky enough and we´re extremely hopeful, this movie may show what can be the worst our kids and grandkids will experience.

If you haven´t seen The Hunger Games, you should. Great acting (Jennifer Lawrence is absolutely brilliant), great scenery, and for once a movie almost equal to the book it originated from.

I give the movie a 9 out of 10. The reason it does not get a higher score is partly because of the lack of better and more stuff i.e. it seems the budget was minimal for the movie and it sometimes shows - and partly because it does not show enough of the misery and pain and blood to make you really react as I guess they did intend for us to react - it´s still sort of cute and cuddly and not showing us the feeling of dread as it should do or as is only implied.

I am also slightly afraid that they will either not live up to the hype for the sequels and/or instead make it too bloody and/or too much Hollywood next time... but lets see.

Also, as a final note, this is the only time I´ve seen three fingers used in a more positive way then seen in my usual… more… stimulating… choice of vids…