Tuesday, October 27, 2009

And prices are going up? How about that...

U.S. home prices appear have to scraped a bottom, with index showing three (four) consecutive months of gains this summer. Housing market analysts cited the federal government's $8,000 federal tax credit for first-time buyers as an important factor in the housing market's recovery of late. The credit applies to home sales that close Nov. 30 and is part of the $787-billion federal stimulus package enacted in February (This is likely to be expanded more months though).

This is, of course, reported as good news by media and pundits.

What I see is a dark mind numbing chasm of despair and just at the edge of it stands a tall building wherein all this fictitious cancerous pile of garbage is collected with all the people inside. It is also having a very scary tilt towards the abyss, just waiting for that small breeze to push it over.

Let’s see if I can get another one or two to understand something,

Firstly, the official US unemployment is 9.8% and rising. The real number is close to 19%. In fact there are as few people working today, as percentage of the potential working populace in America, as it was during what currently is known as the ‘Great Depression’. Got that?

And when we look at the housing market, as of today, the numbers are showing that there was 938 000 foreclosures during the 3Q 2009. Foreclosure notices were up 5 percent in the third quarter from the previous quarter, and up 23 percent from the same quarter a year ago, according to a report released by foreclosure tracking Web site RealtyTrac. This was the worst 3 months period since the - again currently named - ‘Great Depression’.

And prices are going up? How about that?

One reason for prices going up is the $8,000 federal tax credit for first-time buyers. Because this means something in this equation, it’s not a great amount of money, but it still makes a small difference that together with ridiculously low interest rates makes many people consider taking a loan, and many does. I couldn’t find any number showing how many of those people actually putting a cap on their loans, but you can be sure there aren’t many of them. In essence having loans they shouldn’t have with a volatile labor market with fabricated interest rates that must go up sooner rather than later.

Is this sinking in? Are you starting to get the picture?

Mind you, this is only looking at the housing and real-estate market in general. In this there is no reflection to a failing USD, there is no consideration to other debt accumulation or the retraction of the stimulus that’s comes down the road. No inflation, no derivatives, no commercial real-estate figures and no regard to a bloated stock market. I’ve even left out the very funny fact that lending companies are buying housing from each other or, even funnier, from themselves.

Only looking at these presented numbers, ask yourself; is it good or bad news that prices are going up? Do we really take such figures as signs of a recovery and add it to the pile of ‘green shoots’ we hear about all the time?

If I was an American, I would sell everything I have, move to cottage in the forest and start planting my own seeds with lots of guns and supplies stacked up. That’s how you should react to these numbers.

The clueless media is helping US citizens dig their own graves; I hope the American people remember that once the time comes for a reckoning of those responsible. But to my American readers I can comfort you with that the rest of us aren’t very far behind.

Sometimes I spoke myself.

Just revel in the recent news about a exposed terrorist cell aiming at Danish companies and then read this post from just a couple of days ago: apocalypse nowish

These were amateurish people though, not really the ones I was referring to, and media have an uncanny ability to blow things out of proportions, so I wouldn’t take this story all that serious.

The ideology of genocide

There is lot to be said about the environment movement and the complete lunacy of manmade global warming.

You can lift many facts like that 99.9% of all animals that ever lived on this planet is gone, poff, not here anymore, extinct. Why? Natural selection. Had nothing to do with cars or factories.

You can lift the fact that we know that the sun is almost the only thing affecting our climate. I say “almost” because volcanoes, cosmic rays, the oceans and the occasional comet have made and can make smaller changes. All of these things, even if we exclude the sun, have several hundred times more impact on the environment than mankind. This is proven facts; scientifically proven, statistically proven, tested over and over again, it’s the truth.

And in contrast to the manmade global warming scam, this is actually accepted by all scientists, this there is a consensus around. What they argue about is how miniscule humans’ impact is. Is it 0.0001% or is it 0.00001% or less? But…

…we could also mention that there isn’t one argument that holds, there isn’t a single shred of evidence supporting the alarmist’s theories. Not a single one. It does not exist. The very best they can say is that it’s probable to the degree of [some percentage] that man have a tiny diminutive little petite say in how the whether acts.

Have you ever seen a news article saying that it’s a 62% change that man is affecting climate to a degree of 0.00001%? That wouldn’t sell as many papers now would it?

I could go on and on, but what you really need to know is that this isn’t only about taxation or control, which is the true reason for the trickery; it will also have the most disastrous effects on many people’s lives.

Looking into the future there are literally millions, if not hundreds of millions, of lives at stake. Not only because of reduction of production, less trade or fewer jobs, but also because of the simplest of things like not having a stove to cook on, or not having a lamp people can sit under to study or work.

It is impossible, with today’s technology and for the foreseeable future, to keep hundreds of millions of people with jobs, with food, with water, with transport, with schools etc. without keeping up, or rather massively increase energy usage. And it needs to be the cheapest form of energy. What you need to know is that if we cut our emissions or energy usage, it means job losses, it means higher costs of living, higher production costs, transports becomes more expensive and so on.

Again, if this hoax is allowed to continue, we are condemning a vast number of people to certain death and hardship. And since it’s all based on a lie, you cannot call a person arguing for such madness for anything but evil. The true evil people are not the ones whom claim that manmade global warming is a fraud, which the elitists want you to believe. The truest form of evil is perpetrating a mass slaughter right now, and most of you are complacent. Don’t come dragging with that Treblinka-guard argument or that you were incapable of not seeing or understanding the facts. Only a drooling idiot with the IQ of a carrot sitting in a corner painting stick-figures on the wall can claim that. Not you.

Every time you argue for us to cut energy usage, you are actually arguing for the death of tens of thousands of people.

Every time someone claims they want to reduce emissions, close down factories, impose taxes on fabric-softener or any of the sort, they are actually saying they want to murder whole villages and knock off babies.

Yes, it’s it true. This is a fact.

I urge you to read the latest report from the UN on the subject (you can read about that in my earlier post and find links to it here). Now these people are the driving force behind this genocide, and this report is meant to sell you their murderess ways, but if you really read it its hilarious. They claim that a couple of hurricanes are proof of their theory. They claim that mud-slides prove that mankind is changing the environment. It’s so ludicrous, so out there, it’s like reading a very bad science fiction novel. Don’t check with me or with any of the tens of thousands of scientists that claim this is a hoax, read what the alarmists actually are writing and saying instead.

Nothing can convince you faster than how this fantastic make-believe world of maniacs is sold. This paper, that has to have originated in another dimension far, far away from any shred of sanity, should be read by everyone. Please check the map at pages (2-3) 8-9, its sooo funny!

And even if you are still convinced that this scam actually holds its ground despite not finding a single evidence to support that notion, what I’ve just told you, about killing people, is still there, still a fact. Are you prepared to sacrifice what in all likelihood is millions of people so you can save some Polar Bears? Take a long and hard look in the mirror before you answer that question.

More with the vaccine

The Swiney thingy again

Public support for the swine flu vaccine is evaporating by the day as the rationale for the vaccine appears increasingly ludicrous to anyone paying attention. Moms, nurses, day care workers and members of the general public are increasingly realizing that arguments for swine flu vaccination just don’t add up.

Of course, if things dramatically change, there could be increasingly strong reasons for considering a vaccine. If the H1N1 virus mutates into a virus with a very high fatality rate, something that cannot happen overnight, things might be different. If the vaccine were proven safe with adequate long-term testing, that would be something working in its favor. If the vaccines were scientifically shown to actually protect you from the virus, then that would be different, too. Some officials claim this to be true, that it is properly tested and that it do protect you. Searching the net and reading official statements, I can hardly agree with such claims.

The vaccines haven’t been properly tested. There’s no evidence demonstrating that it protect you from the swine flu at any higher levels. And the flu has such a low fatality rate, why does a vaccine matter in the first place?

And the even more reasonable question is if all this vaccination really is necessary?

To start with, swine flu is far milder than any seasonal flu, so the case for vaccinating millions of healthy adults against a disease that is no more unpleasant than a bad cold is highly questionable. I’ve had this flu, and so have many of the people I work with in Scotland. Only one out of many had symptoms enough to keep her in bed. The rest of us had a slight headache, felt a wee tired but other than that nothing. If we vaccinated ourselves for any disease of this magnitude, we would be needed to stick a needle in the arm each week.

There is a so so argument for vaccinating those at greater risk, such as those with lung, heart or kidney disease, those with suppressed immune systems, pregnant women and children under 5 — but only if the vaccine works, is safe and it is not rushed into people with allergies against eggs and such which may cause fatalities. Also, we do know that the immunisation offers no more than a modest benefit in the elderly; indeed, the effectiveness of the vaccine is known to decrease sharply after 70 years of age. Some argue this is because of natural protection, they’ve already had the flu a time or several times before, and apparently survived.

We already know of several cases of people dying from suspected vaccination causes. Some people show very strange affects from the vaccine, often enough, like in cases before; those effects can be shown in bodily motor functions and in a neurological way. Even though such people may be within the normal statistic, it still goes to show how dangers may exist.

To summarize, why take a risk, although a very slim one, with a vaccine that is not 100% properly tested and is not 100% protective, when we are facing a flu which is the mildest ever seen? The risk of dying from the Swine Flu if you are not among the risk-groups is about the same, slightly higher, as the chance of winning the lottery. I suggest you use the time you think you have left in this life and play the numbers instead of taking the vaccine. Not a single person, with the exception for a nurse I know, will take the vaccine. Why would you?

Lunatics convict complete morons for the crime of tricking idiots

A French court has convicted the Church of Scientology of fraud. The case came after complaints from two women, one of whom said she was pressured into paying more than 20,000 euros for expensive products. Alain Rosenberg, the group's head in France, was handed a two-year suspended jail sentence and fined 30,000 euros. France apparently regards Scientology as a sect, not a religion.

In other words, the French lunacy of their courts have convicted the most stupid religious belief ever existed for swindling some idiot members into buying stuff.

I don’t really know where to start.

Well, let’s start with the fact that scientology is a sect, just like the Catholic Church, Islam or any other religion. The mumbo jumbo is about the same, fooling people to give God(s) money that actually goes to priests and their lavish dinners with altar boys, or goes to paying off terrorists or whatever scheme they are up to, is also the same. However, Scientology takes it one step further. Any religion stands out as a beacon of sanity in comparison. In essence, the people with the most severe mental illnesses on this planet can be found within this sect.

Consequently, why would any court rule in favor of two idiotic females? Shouldn’t they be locked up in an asylum instead?

And since when did it become illegal to “pressure” or “trick” people to buy stuff? If that’s the case any advertising could be construed as being liable under the same law.

I don’t think my skills in the English language are enough to cover this madness with enough alternative words for “idiots”. Let’s just conclude that this is another example of how stupid people all over the world really are.

The cuckoo clubs

Since I started to really know anti-establishment groups and fridge elements from all over the world, those sorts of people have tried to get me into their warm embrace sending constant inventions to groups on Facebook, sending emails wanting me to participate in some rebellious sect, or yelling at me when I refuse to comply with crazy notions about aliens or 9/11.

I’ve been clear from the start, I believe in conveying the truth and consequently I write about and argue for proven facts. Sure I mix some over-the-top sentences and some predictions into the mix, but the basis for everything I believe in is reality.
This means I can watch “The fall of the Republic” by Alex Jones, agree with 95% of the content but still discard many claims of being too much or even idiotic. Such opinions don’t go well with the Alex Jones crowd.

I do believe in the New World Order conspiracy theorem, because most is factual, and even if there’s not always a planned plot behind it all, it doesn’t matter, the end result will be the same. I do not, however, buy moronic claims of reptilian beings living beneath the surface, Alien interventions or Owl Gods being prayed to by presidents. To be fair, those out there notions are discarded by most within this paradigm. However there is also a near to consensus that 9/11 was a staged in-house attack, planned by the CIA, Bilderberg or some other group. In addition we have the extermination thought whereas billions of people are scheduled for extinction by the elitists. Often things like Swine Flu and the vaccine are a part of such claims. I could go on, but it’s not necessary.

Although I would say it is proven that powerful men conspire to steal from us, to rule us and control us, it does not mean that such groups would risk their own lives to release diseases. And even if there are relevant questions to be asked about the 9/11 terrorist attacks, almost all of the facts and, even more importantly, common sense isn’t on the conspiracist’s side.

My main point, however, is that all these fractions of conspiracists, truthers, libertarians, anti-government and anarchists people are too much spread around. We have everyone from socialists to religious nuts living within a notion of a, or rather several, conspiracies. As a result there is a divided feeling about the whole thing that makes me think of the communists’ problem of past generations. The main reason why communists never really came to power in Sweden and other countries, and the main reason why they never been successful in any aspect, is that they have had so many groupings that fought each other that they forget to fight capitalism. Leninists against Maoists, Stalinism against Trotskistsm, socialists against communists, and many, many other infightings have gone on. The only difference really, is that lefties have a thirst for blood, not having any problems killing off people with the “wrong leftie view”.

I would urge all people to not only check what the government is doing or read about such things that may or may not be true, but also check their own preferences. If we don’t look after our own “maniacs”, others will do it for us and consequently label all of us with the same lunatic stamp. This is what the elite wants, so it wouldn’t surprise me if some of the conspiracies are created by government thugs spreading disinformation.

My other main point is the one I have been arguing for, namely that the far left and libertarians should come together in unison, at least temporarily. Unlike the popular leftie notion of everything being capitalism fault, and the libertarian opposite view, very little of that is actually true. We live with a middle-center policy that mixes socialism with some degree of market economy. We have restrictions on all levels, and those are growing, and it all is about power, greed and it is a kind of fascism that faces us. Mostly it’s not about right versus left; it’s about the people against the elitists.

In such a fight, libertarians have more to win together with socialists than with so called conservatives. And socialist, real ones that is, have more traits shared with libertarians then with social democrats.

The problem here is really afterwards, if we win, what then? As I’ve stated before, libertarians have very little against people living within the confines of socialism, as long as that is voluntary. If socialist could agree on this view, leaving an exist-possibility for all people if they don’t want socialism anymore, much could be won.

An example of this could be to cut Sweden in half, one half socialist, the other libertarian. Between the border is open, all people are free to move from one form of government to the other. Let the people choose. I’m not stupid, there are a lot of other problems and this is a very simplified example, but I do believe that in the fight against the banksters, the tricksters, and the elitists there is much to be won for libertarians and socialists to stand as one.