Monday, October 26, 2009

The next terrorist attack

As I’ve said before, there is just a matter of time before the next, probably much more lethal terrorist attack, hits a western country and city. London is a very likely target, but with the war efforts in Afghanistan and Pakistan increasing further under the current warmonger at the white house, we cannot really rule out the US. Also, for an even greater effect and an easier target would be to attack one or two of the other fighting nations. An attack in Denmark or against Danish companies would, for instance, show a good point.

I can see four reasons for such a prediction.

Firstly the current relocation of millions of people in Pakistan and the constant dying of children and families at the hands of the US led coalition and the current economic debacle with millions of people starving all over the world tells me that such an attack isn’t far away.

Some believe such an attack would be a staged one, although not very probable, you cannot rule it out. But if so, it need to happen pretty soon because when the retail numbers during x-mas in the US ticks in and the commercial real-estate market start to collapse in the beginning of next year in addition to the stimulus money running out, the real economic meltdown is just around the corner. In effect, the same prediction about an eminent attack also applies if such a scenario unfolds.

Thirdly there has been a lot of talk throughout from Osama Bin Idiot and other buffoons. Threatening and beating their chests. With the exception for car bombings in Bagdad etc. there hasn’t really been anything of the sort. Maybe intelligence has stopped some maniacs that we don’t really know about, but still the constant posturing cannot only be for show. Something also needs to be done, otherwise it’s just rhetoric. Sooner or later even fanatics will grow tired of the lack of proper action. Alas, even here we come to the same conclusion; an attack cannot be far off.

Lastly the growing resentment towards our elected frauds, the emerging racist parties, a constant barrage of anti-Islam propaganda and the financial crisis put together will make people frantic and desperate. People without a job, with no prospect, without any real hope and seeing how banksters and the elitists in the western world are stealing money while people die by the millions in wars and by starvation, cannot be discarded. When people have nothing left to lose and see all this crazy stuff going on, someone(s) will snap. The only prediction so far I can honestly say I’ve been half wrong about is that the number of shootings haven’t picked up as much as I thought. But such events and more direct terrorist acts cannot be far away.

And when such an event takes place, the last remaining civil liberties we have left will be washed away, in essence terrorists will win two victories in one.

If I think like a terrorists coming from outside and trying to attack the US, for example, I would probably avoid the largest cities and the well guarded sites, I want a success. Consequently I would probably target a well populated area in the Midwest, and I would use some form of gas because that’s the easiest thing to work with.

A more supervillain approach, however, would be to blow up or induce a volcanic eruption on La Palma as seen below. I wonder why no Hollywood screen writer have picked up this catastrophe?


  1. while i don't agree on everything you write I find your blog tremedously refreshing from all the bullshit I'm constatly fed.

    I will try not to lick too much arse however. have you noticed what wrote about the "rape league"? seems like we, lo and behold, top it with a fair bit even. finaly best at something eh. I noticed it when I read something about our lovely queen preaching for the japanese, saying they should have better protection for their children and women. even when there goes 1 jap rape for every 100 swe, someone should've showed the statistic down her throat

  2. Yeah, I’ve noticed that. Also written about it on some occasion. The Japanese also have one of the lowest amounts of pedophiles, still they produce much of that porno material, mostly fake, of course, and most of it is anime, but that also says something.

    Well, although I accept praise, I’ve gotten a lot of that lately, most be doing something wrong. Usually I take “fuck u’s” and such as confirmation of me being right.