Monday, October 26, 2009

Good news

There is no secret that the relations between Venezuela and Columbia aren’t the one of bestest of pals. Venezuelan Dictator Hugo Chavez have been caught supplying both money and weapons to FARC, the leftist Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia, that has been blamed for numerous attacks and holds about 750 hostages. And the different anti-trading schemes from the totalitarian regime of Chavez haven’t made things easier. In addition to this we have the possibility of American military bases in Columbia and lots of other fun things going on.

We also know that Chavez wants FARC and ELA, the national Liberation Army, to be removed from the list of terrorist organizations. The dictator also has had meetings with the No. 2 chief of the ELN, Antonio Garcia.

So when a bunch of football players end up murdered by ELA, supposedly killed for not wanting to join their ranks, it cannot really reflect in a good way on the warmongering Chavez. And remember this is the guy that has a very itchy trigger finger. Among other things sending money and thugs to Honduras to help with the rebellion against the lawful government, helping his dictator wannabe buddy Zelaya.

Chavez hadn’t anything to do with these murders; however, the situation in the area cannot be calming down by this event either. Earlier Chavez could point at ELA and FARC, according to him anyway, also conduction raids into Venezuela, claiming this as proof that those terrorists aren’t “his people”.

In either case, there will be people putting some of the blame on the dictator and it will definitely be another piece of the puzzle that sooner or later will end up in a bloody conflict. In other words, this is happy news from a comedy standpoint and we will soon see a very amusing messy war in the region which will lead to higher oil prices and possibly another American intervention.

Interesting times indeed…

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